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  1. The Carrot of Promotion
  2. ????Is it suspicious????
  3. Suggestions, advice, please 'n' thanks
  4. Breakroom Bandits
  5. Secret shopper survery co-worker received
  6. The Eyeglasses (prank)
  7. Good idea to reapply or not?
  8. I almost hung up on a phone interview...
  9. New job *sigh*
  10. Hit six months!
  11. Well, crap ...
  12. My boss hates me
  13. [HUMOR] Pokemon moves as workplace aids!
  14. Manager Quit
  15. I'm putting in for a transfer
  16. Changes for the Frone End staff at work
  17. On time is so rare
  18. The Fates were with me ... (kinda long)
  19. Yay! I got a Jerb offer!
  20. The new job so far.
  21. Don't poop where you drink. Or swim. Or fish.
  22. She's GONE!
  23. Company tries to avoid "do you work here?"
  24. So...I had a major psych event at work and I want life to be over
  25. Gonna bomb the drinks counter ...
  26. This had to be intentional...
  27. Rites of Passage
  28. Workplace is getting crankier ...
  29. So Frustrated!
  30. *sigh*
  31. First Day at Temp Job, with Muffins!
  32. Working at the front-end
  33. Where Do I Go for Lunch?
  34. Cashiers: how would you deal with these customers?
  35. Make up your mind ...
  36. Some relief in sight ...
  37. Stupid Shipping Gang
  38. You did ... what?!
  39. They're going to have to start putting more money in the collection plate on Sundays!
  40. New Jorb
  41. Current fundraising drive
  42. I really hated this ...
  43. A Spate of Old Ladies Dying
  44. Well ... that settles THAT
  45. Customer complaint
  46. First day of our end-of-the-line sales ...
  47. I am not privy to that information
  48. Fini
  49. This week at work
  50. Does this happen to anyone else?
  51. Being nice to cashiers
  52. The saga of shutting down ...
  53. Hmmm ...
  54. This is why I haven't posted in so long.
  55. Asking "DUH Question"
  56. Signs of the times
  58. I'm not your F**king Mommy!
  59. I FINALLY Quit
  60. Booked off sick today
  61. I know how you feel, Ashley.
  62. Crunchy crunchy....Wherein the CEO gets involved....
  63. I really need to stay away from the scary stuff on YouTube
  64. Gritting my teeth over this phrase ...
  65. Sexual Harassment Training
  66. Customer was mad that I was not at my register
  67. More Laa-De-Dodge dealing- how not to write a gripe
  68. Wheee! A day off!
  69. Winter is coming
  70. IRL Reactions to your work horror stories?
  71. Rearranging the deck chairs
  73. Steerike three for the legal field
  74. REAL job ads...
  75. Anybody know anything about a program called Paychequer?
  76. I Want Out!!
  77. (longish) Pro tips from your friendly neighborhood editor...
  78. I should feel guilty...
  79. The seasonal lifestyle
  80. Backhanded compliments when you don't get a job
  81. Id love to help you, can I buy a vowel?
  82. Why do those who apologize never need to?
  83. Welp, didn't escape the layoffs this time
  84. An interesting turnaround
  85. ALL OF IT got thrown out?!
  86. Halloween costumes
  87. And the most expensive food item we carry is...
  88. Three hours I'll never get back
  89. Where in we fulfill a most unusual request
  90. What a cluster...a story and a request for advice.
  91. I think that may be a bit much...
  92. Ah, the stresses of moving house
  93. I'm not yet certifiable, alas
  94. ..and here's your sign
  95. *thud*
  96. This bodes well for the holidays....
  97. I hate when I have to complain
  98. Well, that made my day
  99. Survey results
  100. My new job nearly kills me and other
  101. Thoughts on this ... ?
  102. Update regarding university I used to work at
  103. Good intentions thwarted ...
  104. 'Scuse me while I jump out a window ...
  105. Forced charitable giving
  106. Simmer down there...
  107. Don't bring me into this!
  108. Grrrr ...
  109. You want to hire a WHAT?
  110. Neutered Gingerbread
  111. Daylight Savings Grievance
  112. Update on former employer as well as the client
  113. I'm thinking this does not bode well ...
  114. MONDAYS!!!!!!!!
  115. Stop paying me so much!!
  116. Survey complaint about e commerce staff at work
  117. This week I learned something ...
  118. Never again do I offer to run an errand for a coworker ...
  119. Customer told me that management Can program the credit card reader to Not require a
  120. WTSF ...
  121. FML
  122. You know you hate your job ...
  123. Oh please PLEASE fire me in the next 12 hours ...
  124. I Am So Done
  125. There is enough entertainment in the bathroom cubicle...
  126. Do Vanishing Spells work on people? Asking for a friend ...
  127. Just needed to vent
  128. Latest gambit by The Mothership ...
  129. Good Thing I Looked At My Phone
  130. A day at The Mothership ...
  131. Fun with nurses
  132. Donation drive vent
  133. That was certainly bold...
  134. How cute were the fire fighters who came to inspect the office today?
  135. Nervous about this, has anyone done it?
  136. Ran my mouth
  137. Waddya think ... ?
  138. Someone pre-authorise my funeral
  139. Hell has frozen over ...
  140. My company is getting ruthless
  141. What it takes to Blacklist a customer at the large Corp Pizza chains
  142. Clearly I'm not used to compliments...
  143. Of lynched bears and other decoration disasters.
  144. Maybe our building needs cooking classes...
  145. Not sure how she thought this would work...
  146. I don't think Eric Burton's mom made these...
  147. I know I sometimes talk about trying to get fired
  148. What Do You Want?!
  149. Holy Shit!
  150. Earbuds
  151. Kroger wants cashiers to scan 30 items per minute
  152. Time isn't important here
  153. Deep Thoughts with Dark Corner DSS (plus bonus dumpster diving!)
  154. The joy of donations
  155. Customer wanted me to tell the customer in front of her to pay
  156. Well, that was ... an experience
  157. Pick a lawyer, any lawyer ...
  158. Posted out of boredom
  159. A week into my new job!
  160. Should I bother applying again?
  161. I knew this was gonna happen evetually...
  162. Well, it is yellow
  163. This is why I keep my stuff in the warehouse...
  164. The water is off!!
  165. Don't lose your issued keys
  166. So Frustrating
  167. Old company truck
  168. Goodbye Big Green Cab Co? (long and wordy)
  169. You're building a sex cage aren't you?
  170. I am the angel of death.The time of purification is at hand.
  171. End of the line, all out!!
  172. That's not how you're /supposed/ to answer the phone
  173. Guest Care/Customer Service associate continued to tell me to go faster
  174. Being let go...
  175. That's not as easy as you think...
  176. I think Doctor Who is shopping for us...
  177. ...and it was only a nightmare
  178. Call centers: questions you can't answer
  179. So an inspection means some people might not get to eat lunch?
  180. Is that a premature introduction or...?
  181. Camera woes
  182. Unpaid internships
  183. Store Closing
  184. Another job on the horizon
  185. Books are funny business
  186. That's not how any of this works...
  187. Some good work news, for once.
  188. A Soundheim Musical in the Making
  189. Customer wanted me to clean off the belt before unloading her groceries
  190. OK ... maybe you ARE supposed to pester potential employers?
  191. Camping out in the office
  192. Not to self: in future, let them fire you
  193. A definite lack of info here ...
  194. Co-worker blew his second chance...not good
  195. Stop this unhappy carousel; I want to get off.
  196. Dammit Groot
  197. Speaking of over-packaging ...
  198. Hey, a nice work story for a change
  199. Sometimes they threaten, but this guy actually did it!
  200. Hey, Argabarga!
  201. Fun with names
  202. Weird names....
  203. Usual closing phrase was probably unnecessary ...
  204. What's up with this?!
  205. Asshole kicked to the curb
  206. The Unemployment Counselor DOESN'T GET IT (a rant)
  207. Well ... I tried ...
  208. Why does everyone at work think I subside off chocolate alone?
  209. Goofus and Gallant: Workplace Edition
  210. This is who you hired?
  211. Changes are coming...
  212. We don't need no stinkin' task list...
  213. Front end staff at Kroger needs help with new supervisor/manager trainee
  214. Hmmm ...
  215. More hours? Yes, please!
  216. The bookstore might be closing; the signs
  217. I hate it when I really can't help.
  218. Can I clone me??
  219. Remember when I said I was disrespected?
  220. Preparing my Exit
  221. Emergency Travel Sucks
  222. The curse of the neverending surveys
  223. Goodbye, Yeller Cab
  224. This should be interesting...
  225. Sad to see a customer going senile
  226. Husband has a job after being fired end of July
  227. Freedom from Quality!
  228. I took a dying man's car today
  229. Aaaawkward ...
  230. Unwelcome Guest at Work
  231. Surprising Convention Benefits!
  232. Guess my cover is holding ...
  233. New Manager at the Helm
  234. Another Unwelcome Guest at Work and Home
  235. One thing I really miss about retail
  236. Close call on the commute
  237. You know you work in billing when....
  238. Is this a bad sign ...
  239. So you've now convinced me to NEVER donate to you ...
  240. That doesn't seem to be working too well ...
  241. Mother of all screw-ups
  242. So our money has started going for a trip...
  243. What is this, high school?
  244. Busted! (Or: In Which I May Have Destroyed a Marriage)
  245. And then there were three...
  246. How do you not know where your own damn building is?!?!?!
  247. Am I justified in being none too happy with this ...
  248. This will lose us some customers
  249. OH CRAP!!!!
  250. Active Shooter Drill