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  1. Gee, thanks for telling us...
  2. Short one
  3. P***ing into the wind
  4. What the eff is going on here ... LONG
  5. Dodging the issue ...
  6. Gaaah!!
  7. No plants allowed!
  8. It finally happened....
  9. I finally got the Best Boss Everô
  10. A couple of bits and pieces ...
  11. Send booze, stat!
  12. The man from Ecuador....
  13. Waltzing Matilda, again
  14. so this guy punched me outside of work....
  15. Two quirky incidents and one Hell in the Lumber Department story
  16. Hot Mic Moments
  17. My Hero
  18. "Other duties as assigned" this ain't...
  19. Tipping and card machines.
  20. I'm not even supposed to be here today
  21. Here's why you need to remember that not everywhere has "tap" ...
  22. Dude, where's my couch?
  23. All by myself
  24. Um ... thanks ...
  25. We don't need no stinkin' security ...
  26. Well that was a waste of my time
  27. I declare...BANKRUPTCY!!!
  28. Instead of "Eye of the Tiger" ...
  29. How to make friends and influence customers ... to go elsewhere (kinda long)
  30. Is the writing already on the wall?
  31. Dear FELLOW CANADIAN customers ...
  32. Go suck a wet one Murphy...
  33. How much did you pay for this bright idea...?
  34. Training WTF
  35. Three good reasons to NOT go back into sales
  36. Dear Last Week's Customer: I like you better
  37. C'mon, buddy, it's just standard Canadian funny money ...
  38. Bagger Unexpectedly Quit
  39. Two Banks Become One
  40. Can you please not put that there ... ugh, too late!
  41. #$%@@% sales tax forms.
  42. Fails all around
  43. Advice for dealing with a bully at work
  44. I don't think I want any details, thanks ...
  45. Collecting on Bad Debts
  46. But, isn't that illegal?
  47. nearly perfect boss has one flaw.
  48. SNAFU ... even more than usual (kinda long)
  49. Compromising bathroom privacy
  50. Can we PLEASE all get on the same page??
  51. Coworker is Retiring [cheer emoji]
  52. HOW much??
  53. Why do tech companies give "assessments"...
  54. Um ... really?
  55. The Easter Bunny in disguise
  56. The Check that Was Cashed Twice
  57. When the waste product starts hitting the air circulation device ...
  58. Project Killer 101:
  59. I need a disguise ... (long)
  60. How to give an employment counsellor heart failure ...
  61. Today's crises ...
  62. Crossing my fingers ...
  63. I stopped a scam today
  64. Vacation
  65. Who are you??
  66. Coupon WTF
  67. We're getting a new Branch Manager and I'm stressing out
  68. Another one bites the dust
  69. What do they know that I don't ...
  70. Did you even read my resume, or listen to a word I said?
  71. Smartass Coworker
  72. Work
  73. Running out of co-workers
  74. So I may have served a corpse today....
  75. Application advice: Criminal History
  76. Poor old George...
  77. Totally a WTF day
  78. Random assorted tales from the place of health
  79. Colour me shocked
  80. Update from The Clusterfuck
  81. Epic shoplifter bust
  82. Some guys have all the luck
  83. Non scio ...
  84. A customer is amazed
  85. when we refuse a delivery, we mean it
  86. Oh, the things I may miss ...
  87. Cable Company Gets A Taste of Its Own Medicine?
  88. You know your restaurant is getting a bad review when...
  89. First day at my new job
  90. Yes, we have no bananas ... because ONE customer bought 'em all
  91. The curtain has fallen on my days as a call center peon
  92. Home made package box
  93. Not going to ask, not going to ask ...
  94. what I wish I could tell customers
  95. Need help dealing with a co-worker
  96. It's your gift to give but...
  97. Training customers
  98. Was nice while it lasted......not really, though
  99. Vent and advice needed
  100. My last show with Mom
  101. Evaluations being done on a daily basis at work
  102. Anyone here work in a job where there is a conveyor belt?
  103. Is there a professional way to say....
  104. Round and round and round we ... aw, fuck it
  105. Hubby and the lottery tickets
  106. Bits and pieces
  107. I will try to understand you if you are trying to be understood
  108. That moment when ...
  109. Worst manager ever
  110. Back to reality, *sigh* ...
  111. Inconsistent evaluations done by front-end supervisors and managers
  112. I walked out today, hurray for me!!!
  113. First day officially on the sales floor
  114. What do you call a store with no staff?
  115. Nobody told me a pool noodle was required equipment ...
  116. Tales from Corporate: The Tale of the Holographic Scratches
  117. Cute kids and not-cute adults
  118. A secret giveaway, apparently ...
  119. Bits and pieces from Labour Day
  120. Please, sir, DO NOT bring your own bags in my line ...
  121. Interesting request today
  122. Totally blanking on why I'm there ...
  123. Gonna be some sweet sounds coming down on the night shift
  124. We're getting old data from aggregator
  125. The Avocado Curse
  126. And just like that, gone!
  127. This is why I don't share
  128. Am I imagining this?
  129. Elections Canada: they remembered me!
  130. I think I'll ask for a commission ...
  131. It's been a long time
  132. I don't know how to respond, Ma'am.
  133. Bad ID Photo Grand Prize Contender
  134. Will I Escape the Back Room?
  135. licence plate? We don't need no stinking lic plate.
  136. Current employer is not financially stable; need advice
  137. The Turkening has begun
  138. Soooo
  139. How to get a job...
  140. That's ... probably why your cards have been declined
  141. So there was a drug bust in our parking lot tonight.
  142. Okay, who's hexing me ...
  143. Wherein concussions and upstairsí poor decorating choices donít mix.
  144. Open Enrollment
  145. And the Scanning Position goes to . . .
  146. I think we've got this backwards ....
  147. How to lose a retail customer
  148. Dammit
  149. Some People have More Money than Sense
  150. Prize day
  151. So I can't wrap skis....
  152. Gravekeeper!!! *shakes fist*
  153. Question regarding impromtu "training"
  154. Er ... that wasn't what I meant ...
  155. So customers have finally gotten sensible?
  156. Alexander Graham Bell, we curse you ...
  157. Your donation is not in excellent condition...
  158. The Cremains Nobody Wanted
  159. Shouldn't she have told us she died?
  160. Maybe I should just stop taking breaks ...
  161. Did Gravekeeper's customers go to college?
  162. My office is still being treated like the unwanted stepchild
  163. Say what??
  164. Devilishly amusing
  165. Of course I can be trusted to stack the DVDs...
  166. Wait'll I get out the abacus, lady ...
  167. Club Drawing CF
  168. And this, friends, is another reason I never had kids
  169. Here, let me show you a somewhat different use for a plastic bag ...
  170. Well, that drama is over.
  171. Oops ...
  172. Getting it off my chest...former job rant!
  173. A Customer Died At The Store Today
  174. The Coronavirus Panic Thread
  175. I have the right to a break god damn it!
  176. The Squatter
  177. Deduct Closing Costs on Taxes?
  178. CF surrounding COVID-19 SBA loans
  179. What 'demographic' are you talking about ...
  180. I think my horoscope may be warning me...
  181. Age is catching up to me ....
  182. We don't taaaaalk anymore ...
  183. Thank goodness I have tomorrow off
  184. Front End Manager Killed
  185. Thank you, Captain Obvious
  186. daily meetings, or how does my bf get anything done
  187. Back in fast food
  188. The Lemon Needs to Apologize
  189. Shit went sideways last night.
  190. Need to vent about my current job
  191. Have you got a cloning machine in the back?