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  1. im quitting over new store policy and so are others
  2. Something to tell my grandchildren
  3. new department
  4. The Big Day
  5. I want to help the union get us a better contract, how do I do so?
  6. Shhh its a secret!
  7. Who Messed Up the Register System?
  8. Our own little world?
  9. 20 accident free days
  10. I still have 30 minutes on shift!
  11. IDEAS Needed... please.
  12. A regular call...
  13. So I rang in sick
  14. Crazy man/terrorist
  15. Getting Fired deathwish?
  16. New job title: Pee Pee!
  17. It's amazing what you can find on the computers at work...
  18. If it doesn't work then...
  19. I almost had a heart attack today!
  20. cust. in store a long time
  21. Little notes for the CSM
  22. Prank phone calls upcoming!
  23. Oh the Joy, subtitled upcoming stories for sure
  24. Callbacks
  25. Outdated equipment
  26. Go away, I don't need you to help me bag
  27. Vindication, but about 3 months too late to save me
  28. the countdown has begun
  29. SC Classes
  30. Budging in line
  31. First paycheck!
  32. Hilary has no job...
  33. New manager accuses me of stealing!
  34. Burger Monarchy
  35. If OSHA only knew...........
  36. "I need a MALE associate for customer carry out"
  37. Is it just me? [long]
  38. My name is MINE, no-one else's
  39. Don't eat it!
  40. Stupid Awards
  41. How would you deal with this?
  42. Somebody set up us the bomb!
  43. Ouch
  44. Short- Possibly Entertaining
  45. To all the delivery truckers out there...
  46. Tension Headaches SUCK!
  47. Trade Show Follies
  48. Let's see how YOU like it
  49. Fun with phones
  50. Those are pepperoncinis.
  51. Everybody a supervisor
  52. He'll never be able to live this one down.
  53. Why do people expect my kind of store to be different?
  54. No vaction. :(
  55. I.P. Freleigh's vendor vexation!
  56. an IM exchange today with a coworker...
  57. Asparagus: Health Hazard
  58. Am I insane?
  59. By his toes, I say.
  61. Advice Please! Stinky Boss
  62. Saw this thread about the silly things co-workers say but can't find it *sobs*
  63. The dreadful looming specter of tourist season
  64. Mail.
  65. New rules at work = turning us into salespeople.
  66. The Horse Lady
  67. Story from the mist of time...and paint.
  68. I'm more excited than an eight-year-old with a puppy!!!
  69. April Fools Tom-Foolery
  70. Talking to customers outside of work
  71. Haven't even returned to work and the shit is already hitting the fan
  72. 15 for 4
  73. I'm almost free!!!!!
  74. My fears are confirmed...(Rant)
  75. So..the last few days have sucked something hard...
  76. Selective illiteracy
  77. Telling on myself
  78. Well, that experiment failed...
  79. Jobless in MD
  80. Them's some funny voices!
  81. Harassment and legal repercussions
  82. Working in a male-dominated workplace isn't always fun
  83. Charity Events
  84. Oh so happy!
  85. Here we go again! Oh, and hello!
  86. How are we expected to do anything?
  87. Just a quick question?
  88. Taking a stand or cutting my own throat?
  89. Breakin' Into the Book Biz
  90. Crunching Ice!
  91. Anatomy of a Carry Out
  92. What part of "No Reorder" does the DC not understand?!
  93. The Money Order/Moneygram Machine
  94. Good news, they think I can lurn stuf
  95. Interview!
  96. Wish me Luck!
  97. An experiment at work
  98. Marketing - names?
  99. People will steal anything that isn't nailed down!
  100. New Job and My Feet Are Killing Me!
  101. To Quit or Not to Quit
  102. Shipper Reciever Stories
  103. Rumors are for high schoolers
  104. Suckish day...
  105. Good LORD! /Tomorrow/ is supposed to be Bad Luck Day...
  106. Three possible jobs
  107. a quandry
  108. I'm going to make a giant neon sign
  109. What do you do at work when there's nothing to do?
  110. Job Applicants
  111. I was so evil at work today.....
  112. A Matter of Opinion
  113. Funny Names You've Ecountered
  114. This is the weekend from Hades
  115. Plant Day 2007
  116. It's a trade off, really.
  117. Slightly hit on by a customer... slightly
  118. I broke my leg!
  119. The most asked question this weekend
  120. I'm so sorry brain... let me take you to where the stupidity can't hurt you...
  121. came across an unusual item
  122. The dust doesn't taste that good...
  123. What co-worker would you like to clean biohazard waste besides Stock/Maintenance?
  124. Poll--Monitering
  125. Two new managers today
  126. The question managers always ask
  127. New Cash registers!
  128. Reminiscing
  129. Noises
  130. Filling out applications
  131. Lottery Machine Went Down
  132. Knightmare in White Satin
  133. Scaring coworkers
  134. Yuck and weird
  135. Work-related query for those in Canadalandia
  136. Covering shifts
  137. *Throws Temper Tantrum* (ranty)
  138. You need me to take what?
  139. Is this Slightly Presumptuous or just Simply Helpful?
  140. I believe you have my stapler...
  141. Technical Problems
  142. Couples at work...*rant*
  143. Hair
  144. HUGE store transfers...
  145. "I need to ask a stupid question."
  146. My yearly review
  147. The Most/Least Satisfying Jobs....
  148. Advice on references?
  149. About Time, I Say!!!!
  150. Working in a hospital
  151. Time zones, you learned about them in 1st grade?
  152. Soon to be employed again
  153. Check problems. Part one.
  154. What are some of the stupidest things, that your company does?
  155. Employment Update (Longish)
  156. I'm going back to Hell
  157. Being a good waiter?
  158. I've had enough
  159. Job offer an insult?
  160. From the mouth of a 4 year old girl, "You can't do this! I have a phone!"
  161. Wish me luck
  162. Bit of a condundrum
  163. Beware of falling signing!
  164. The FBI is on our case!
  165. I charbroiled myself for nothing
  166. How do you judge service elsewhere?
  167. BK Woes (rather long)
  168. A question for Cashiers
  169. How Many Times Have Your or Your Boss Been Told to Resign?
  170. How many people in a line-up can you stand?
  171. Hospital? Where's that?
  172. I've never heard of this offer before...
  173. Free tastes better
  174. I'm just a girl
  175. Strangest things you've seen someone buy
  176. My Bill
  177. I Want Some of What She's Having
  178. I think I have to tread carefully..
  179. I'm dreading the upcoming changes
  180. I have a job!!!
  181. No more stories (I'm hanging up my telephone)
  182. I'm a crazy Woman...
  183. Small world?
  184. Your, hired?(semi-long)
  185. The exciting world of nightstops
  186. I'm quitting if you don't...
  187. SPOON! (short n Sweet)
  188. Air and Sea show
  189. A lot of changes and some reminiscing
  190. Mucking Forons!!!
  191. Oh, Mister...
  192. They closed down!
  193. Another boob/co-worker thread
  194. I had an unusually weird two hours yesterday (long)
  195. Here's a bizarre question for you
  196. I got promoted!
  197. Good what? Quickie
  198. Eureka! I found it!
  199. DC woes (rant)
  200. Ut-oh
  201. Discounts/free stuff from your work
  202. I have a problem...
  203. He's onto his next victim...
  204. Well, Dang my britches!
  205. I'm Nearly Free
  206. The Blah Inn staff hits the road
  207. What should I do on my last call?
  208. Grampa's Revenge
  209. sick of it
  210. How a corporate rule might have saved a coworkers life
  211. Sucky Employee facts!
  212. No smoking!
  213. Not sure how to take this...
  214. Where are the fives?
  215. Random fun at work
  216. Honest Job Interview Answers....
  217. Son of hairy Cake: The Molds.
  218. Is there a lawyer in the house? What laws apply when it comes to SC's?
  219. What inspires you to work?
  220. Question-need help!
  222. Looking Down The Barrel Of A Lock...
  223. Wish me luck
  224. I need some advice...
  225. A Fun First Night
  226. Things I've Learned At Work
  227. Distance.
  228. Puck strikes again!
  229. Size to Suck Ratio theory
  230. Letters from Miss Mysty
  231. Is this really stealing?
  232. Ain't going nowhere
  233. Shift differences
  234. Radio Shack here I come
  235. Short and goofy
  236. Is this legal?
  237. Has this happened to anyone else?
  238. Must everything we do become unintentionally hilarious?
  239. Secret Shopper Got Me
  240. I just heard this last night
  241. Yes I know I'm anal...
  242. It is definately time for a new job.
  243. Tell me I'm not nuts
  244. I am so sick of my job.
  245. yet another dilemma
  246. Irony kicked me in the face
  247. Fun With Shoplifters. (Very Short)
  248. Stupid Product Alert!
  249. Job market..
  250. You don't Curse do you?