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  1. Money missing
  2. First day on the new job
  3. stupid decision
  4. Shoe dropping already (New job woes)
  5. Wish me luck
  6. Your employees know better...
  7. Breaking Away
  8. I finally worked up the nerve!
  9. An intresting loopy shift ><;
  10. I got a new job!
  11. Why always on a Wednesday
  12. Summer at work = sucky
  13. I finally had a nervous breakdown
  14. new job time
  15. I hate it. HateItHateItHATEIT. (rant)
  16. Am i sucky customer?
  17. I'm going to be on TV...if I agree to this
  18. Well, we have to answer for both...
  19. Need help with problem at work
  20. I have an interview!
  21. I'm just so tired...
  22. I'm leaving my suckjob! :D
  23. I'm not trying to insult you, really!
  24. Lowes
  25. Fun drunks
  26. A long rant on people hating our proofreading
  27. Out of the frying pan.....
  28. First Day Back at the Summer Job
  29. Slightly interesting
  30. send me happy thoughts this weekend!
  31. My Till was $10 over tonight
  32. The Great Honey Incident Of '07
  33. Placements that make no sense
  34. Fun shelf pairs :)
  35. I'm not fixing anything again!
  36. Want out of retail, need advice!
  37. Wish me luck!
  38. I think we need to hire more people....
  39. Egads, the FUMES!!!
  40. Declined
  41. Absolutely Knackered
  42. The customers are getting angry!
  44. Went from flex time to no flex time
  45. A Really Good Start to Work Today
  46. Porn basslines as a marketing tool
  47. Yay! New job!
  48. The Best Work-Related Mishap Story Ever!
  49. Birds in the Store
  50. Joining the ranks of the working class
  51. Corporate speak
  52. What attitude?
  53. Discouraged
  54. Should I harass her?
  55. I Swear, the Store is Cursed
  56. My boss' father passed away
  57. Image on box represents inside of box
  58. Two drug screens, one job
  59. Of all the awful, horrible, disgusting things ever.
  60. Let's all do a run run run around! *longish*
  61. I do political work for a union now-- meaning, in an office, and without customers
  62. Analysis of the automatic payment machine...
  63. i felt so stupid...
  64. Listen to your farking messages
  65. Damn I'm good... sometimes...
  66. UH OH!!!
  67. I have great genes... and I'm getting a pizza.
  68. TV shows that make your job harder
  69. Ass kissers always win..
  70. Retail Sucks!
  71. "Confessions" that make our jobs harder?
  72. My Job is killing me... send help
  73. Didn't get the job
  74. My new shitty job
  75. Yucky paint job!
  76. Job rant =(
  77. I just wanna say: I love my job.
  78. The passport office being "helpful" again (rant)
  79. Manly Pizzas.
  80. Keep your vanity at home
  81. Funny Story About Uma Thurman
  82. What should I do?
  83. What to do...
  84. Woo-hoo!! Score!!
  85. THAT'S not very appetizing!
  86. My two hour journey to work
  87. I'm back in retail!
  88. How to Dramatically Increase Theft of Trading Cards....
  89. Friday was my last night at Lowe's
  90. More cocktardery from the cleaning crew!
  91. Recall! Lead poisoning!!!
  92. Corperate is taking away my business and the depot is losing my customers *long*
  93. Muahahaha....
  94. Feelin' safe now!
  95. I'm not trying to be a sucky customer
  96. damn radio-don't encourage them!!!!
  97. ::sigh::
  98. Chocolate Fight.
  99. I've been holding this in for a while now...
  100. Today, I Killed a Tree
  101. The car park attendant
  102. Well folks, I'm back
  103. Loyalty vs Convenience, or Should I Stay With This Job?
  104. Just Wondering.........
  105. This will cause suck...
  106. Messing with Tim
  107. Once more into the abyss
  108. Floor Strip/Rewax Woes
  109. Boy Am I Glad I Came In For This
  110. ...today...
  111. PA system hijinx
  112. To Quit or Not to Quit? (ranting wordage)
  113. Wow... Im glad i woke up today
  114. New Comic strip
  115. What I do at my new job
  116. Oh no a bee.
  117. A quick conversation...
  118. Job Hunt Part: ∞
  119. Ultimate Store Policies
  121. Ducky Does Not Do Bats
  122. Day of the ducks...
  123. OH NOES WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!!! (Funny)
  124. Great Lies at Work
  125. Job thoughts
  126. Why do little old ladies horde things?
  127. So I got an interview...
  128. I got run over by a Shoplifter....
  129. 'Professionalism'
  130. associate too early for a CSM promotion asks question in a bossy way.
  131. Good morning!!!
  132. iPhone lines
  133. Snake Button
  134. Question.
  135. Minimum notice periods
  136. So I'm writing a book about cell phone customer service...
  137. Haunted Kmart!
  138. Failed escape
  139. Restocking Fee
  140. Peeing should not become life-threatening
  141. Stole a soda today...
  142. Manager Wants Former Coworker Banned From Store
  143. After a long time out....
  144. Eek! I'm running the plant by myself!
  145. SC = Sucky Collections Agency
  146. Nice to know if the world comes to an end Joe Shmoe can still buy his new shiny thing
  147. Ok I really don't want you to know who I am (Advise please!)
  148. Mutant workers
  149. Small update and being in demand
  150. HEY YOU GUYS!!!!
  151. I aged a year from this one!
  152. woohoo first big work project done........ ok now what
  153. movin' up in the world!
  154. New job...
  155. On the Job Hunt: The ArenaBoy Version
  156. My youngest Caller.
  157. Is it worthwhile asking?
  158. I humbled a customer today...
  159. Oh god I want it, and you might want it too...
  160. Mmmm... Q-Tips (anti-climactic)
  161. We Call Them 'The Mouthwash Boys (and Girls)'
  162. Tounges
  163. I am exhausted!
  164. People who Return to their job twice!
  165. At the Mall Kiosk
  166. Well, I am out of a job
  167. Lucky for me he had a great sense of humor!
  168. My Sick Sense of Humor makes them laugh
  169. Skimming the payroll
  170. This Camel's Back may soon Break! (ranty language)
  171. Question about self checkouts
  172. So someone got fired last week....
  173. Hey! I don't have to walk anymore!
  174. I embarrassed myself the other day
  175. I got sick of a (stupid) policy, so I did something about it.
  176. Co-worker injured in DUI accident
  177. why did you tell me this on my first day?!?
  178. Lazy car repair techs
  179. My Job, How I Hate Thee
  180. Ways to cut costs... (funny)
  181. Just an update
  182. The girl is 20 years old! Cut her some slack!
  183. Who replaced my liquor with soda?
  184. Dress to impress people, not a new concept.
  185. Oh, this does suck.
  186. Hair (again)
  187. Wish me luck...
  188. Finding the right domain..
  189. Wascally Flies? (Work story_
  190. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhh
  191. Depressing...
  192. Rediculousness at K-Fart
  193. Wow. Can't say too much but. Wow.
  194. Direct from the Help(less) desk....
  195. Measure my Dew
  196. Weed Wacker
  197. Spoiled dog food and other delights
  198. Never heard back from them...
  199. "Make sure you clean up!"
  200. How does one become a Loss Prevention person?
  201. Need to Change My Closing Plan
  202. I feel like I got screwed...:(
  203. 'It's all your fualt'
  204. Don't interrupt me when I'm talking
  205. The joys of playing in chlorine (illustrated)
  206. I.P. Freleigh's Transfer Tribulations
  207. <insert> Bunny <command> *Headdesk* Long sorry...
  208. Time to find a different job...advice requested
  209. Coffee and the Gauntlet
  210. Leaving work on time
  211. All we need are some handbaskets...
  212. Progress has been made
  213. It Worked
  214. That's a really loooooong name, but a really short thread.
  215. I want to chuck those ****ing card machines across the ****ing room.
  216. Rastafarian Sauna
  217. Manager wouldn't let me leave work despite flooding!
  218. This may sound cold but...
  219. I Survived the Harry Potter Party...
  220. The new guy's fortune cookie...
  221. Oh do you really?????
  222. The Kitty will hire anyone, won't they?
  223. Vista or XP?
  224. I hurt myself at work this morning.
  225. B&NGoddess's Really Late, Really Long Harry Potter Thread
  226. Night Shift Survival Training
  227. Micro-management
  228. Still confused
  229. Job Hunt Rant (Advice needed)
  230. Retail Saints and their corresponding prayers
  231. I have an admirer
  232. Stop whining~
  233. Stop reading Harry Potter and do your job!!
  234. Let's all gang up on corporations
  235. Every 1 in 100 calls will be funny, garunteed!
  236. Guess what I get to do... (image heavy)
  237. Too stupid too live.
  238. Hey...what's that smell...?
  239. Words of wisdom from the DM
  240. Back to the grind stone
  241. Let's try this again..
  242. Girl shows nip slip in front of me
  243. Blonde intern
  244. In Fear Of Customers
  245. Unattended Pumps and Gas Spills
  246. I've got an interview!!! Plus future updates.
  247. Remember what you own..
  248. I'm on vacation! I'm on vacation!
  249. Need Some IKEA help!
  250. back to school tears