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  1. Working with family and friends
  2. The Definition of Surreal...
  3. Ewww
  4. New job!
  5. When trying to find a job...
  6. I wish I was that naive.
  7. Staff member dies and they don't even care
  8. Nervous about new position....
  9. I want to see what you all think of an idea
  10. Dear god what a day of work. (Longish)
  11. You filled out that leave of absence wrong-You're FIRED!
  12. Dr. Pepper
  13. Soon I shall be free...
  14. Are LOA's just unattainable anymore?
  15. Just because he's famous he doesn't have to pay?
  16. Spot the retail worker...
  17. got fired today :)
  18. Voids
  19. I have an interview - wish me luck
  20. How NOT to get a job
  21. We got to be heroes!!
  22. Really Horrible Day
  23. Silly String, fisticuffs, stupid customers, things and other assorted suck
  24. Do the US have Chip 'n' Pin Debit/Credit Cards
  25. NOW they call me!
  26. Rounding
  27. My first day as assistant manager on my own
  28. Security makes me insecure
  29. Attack of the Giant Spider (now in Monochrome!)
  30. Crazy people!
  31. Are these two statements really that bad?
  32. NO this is NOT a hotel!
  33. Welcoming Manager J from Vacation.
  34. Going home...
  35. Sucky non-customer made my day
  36. upndown at wally world
  37. Applying at Target...
  38. What to do?
  39. Availability rant! (didn't want to threadjack Custard Chick's post)
  40. getting to the end of my rope....
  41. Yes, this is my detonation device...
  42. I've decided to be a child
  43. work and tornadoes=not fun
  44. HA! Actual last name
  45. Cool, our own mini-megalith!
  46. A Pezzleicious Update
  47. Temps say it best!
  48. Unfortunate Acoustics
  49. I have nothing to do!
  50. Invoices
  51. Power Hungry or give an idiot a promotion & watch their ego swell up
  52. Perks you have earned at work....
  53. Fire safety training..
  54. manager meeting
  55. AHHHHHH!!!
  56. Hello? (amusing, rather than sucky)
  57. "...and the guy freaked out!"
  58. I LOLed
  59. Fast Food Drive-Thru Policies Question?
  60. OHW! My head...
  61. Worst Luncheon Ever
  62. Question for current/former convenience store workers
  63. Can you say red flags?
  64. Secret Santa
  65. doing the application/interview thing
  66. Can anyone confirm this for me? (A bit stupid)
  67. Well, I'm fired...
  68. Painful, but oh so funny...
  69. I must've smelled great today!
  70. A bit about my job
  71. Quitting new job already!
  72. How early do you start your day?
  73. When customer issues teach YOU a lesson...
  74. Benefits
  75. Job Description of a Custard Server...
  76. My Boss was stressed and went hunting.
  77. Ever mess with a customer's head?
  78. The lost and found is my new treasure trove
  79. The stuff I find, part 2
  80. First day (of orientation)
  81. Kiwi's on fire?
  82. Black Friday is coming up...
  83. The job I really want
  84. The money isn't worth it
  85. Head honchos: making it tough to get your bonus.
  86. The yearly review
  87. Dept Party (or why I like working here)
  88. A question for hotel front desk folks
  89. How many departments have you worked now (in the same store)?
  90. Ice cream madness
  91. Weird IDs
  92. Stupid policies at work
  93. Could you like me a little less, please?
  94. Halloween = Happy Day!
  95. Customers driving up prices themselves?
  96. An amusing conversation
  97. Another gas station question...
  98. Try not to get arrested on your break
  99. Kmart going to pot
  100. Is this really that hard?! (long & ranty)
  101. Don't ever throw me under the bus again!
  102. Light? Neutral? Chaos?
  103. The need for health insurance is driven home
  104. The greed test.
  105. How many employees does a typical supermarket have? Weekly sales?
  106. Bicycle make over
  107. Lunch breaks
  108. So, I don't want to sound egotistical...
  109. No no no nooooooo!
  110. Buhahahaah!!! Oh the fun I could have!!
  111. Highest Turnover Amount
  112. Promotion!*
  113. "Don't let me eat anything"
  114. New Job App. Insane!
  115. Saved by P
  116. Apparently, I was fooled by a Counterfeiter...
  117. Murgle... Morning
  118. How does insurance work in this case?
  119. Propositioned to do porn at Panera's?
  120. Am I the only one who can't stand afternoon/evening shifts?
  121. First Day Foibles
  122. HR manager - slow or doesn't care
  123. No hours, no reason. Just cause he can.
  124. I'm back!
  125. Idiot drivers suck.
  126. About time...
  127. Pay Troubles...
  128. I did a bad thing....
  129. Black Friday:$300 laptops
  130. A big F.U. to Christmas Music
  131. Hit and Run
  132. Whyisit?
  133. How embarrassing!
  134. Getting a new job!
  135. A little overdramatic
  136. Back to Lowe's
  137. My first story
  138. British Accents and Iambic Pantameter
  139. Messed with some kids (kinda sucky on my part)
  140. How old are they??
  141. never have I been so greatful to have been written up...
  142. Customer Used Reserved Cart
  143. Uhm...dressing rooms?
  144. Wish me luck!
  145. Social Security numbers
  146. I LOLed
  147. boo for overtime
  148. Christmas Bonus!
  149. Seeking opinions... (slow work computers)
  150. New paint job
  151. Barcode bloopers and cleavage dragons
  152. Getting offered a new job...At my new job!
  153. update on the job search
  154. Scheduling quirks making me happy
  155. The Greatest Scheduling Coup in Retail History
  156. All tied up!
  157. So SCs really did cost me my job in the long run (LONG)
  158. Why I'm going to be Fired
  159. Recharge rep shenanigans and customer emails.
  160. Would you pursue this?
  161. Someone at the factory was not paying attention.
  162. Please, Mr. Custer, I don't wanna go!
  163. No pun intended.
  164. As seen on TV.
  165. Taco Shoulder
  166. You don't sell computer games? You'l be out of business in a year! (long)
  167. Warranty or repair service DOES NOT MEAN free upgrade service
  168. Somebody up there hates us
  169. Doo de-doo, doo de-doo, doo de-doo-doo-doo.
  170. Alas, I have survived!
  171. But I Found Nemo . . .
  172. Merry Christmas
  173. You ever wonder if you have anxiety problems!?
  174. New Job!!!
  175. pizza after Thanksgiving?
  176. Where's the Clue Stick?
  177. New Job
  178. Changed Rule in Check Cashing
  179. Snowed in
  180. Siamese Fish Flavored Dog Food...
  181. My biggest pet peeve
  182. Going to work sick sucks
  183. LEAKS!
  184. Trees, and the strange saga of Mr. Cow
  185. I love working for a family owned business...
  186. Talk about a coincidence
  187. The bathrooms again?! (Possibly gross stories)
  188. Foreign money
  189. Damn you, Kermit! (long)
  190. Practical jokes!
  191. Seating Policy Frustration
  192. I'm not working here for fun!
  193. Resigned Acceptance.....
  194. Scale troubles at the scrap yard
  195. Long shift
  196. Thats a new one for me o_O
  197. OMG, why did my coworker show me that
  198. So which is it?! For crying out loud!
  199. Register Power Pack Died
  200. I'm looking for some help...
  201. Delivery fun (Long)
  202. I just want to...
  203. A WHAT fell on her head?
  204. My last day of retail work......after 30 years
  205. Health Survey
  206. ok,
  207. Is some of this our fault?
  208. Maybe this time, this time, this time, this time....
  209. Bagger Died
  210. How dare you not come in during a SEVERE storm?!!
  211. Info on all companies having to sell plastic bags come Jan, 2008.
  212. Finally! Recognition!
  213. Great, bought concert tickets and now...
  214. Carol of the service bell
  215. Who else secretly loves working retail at Christmas time?
  216. Acceptance (language)
  217. "This is serious."
  218. We're not allowed to say the customer lied
  219. I'm Back in Retail
  220. You want that done now? Hahahahahaha
  221. Workman's Comp!
  222. There's One in Every Group
  223. Unfair and infuriating
  224. Call Control
  225. Late Return
  226. Mmm latkes
  227. Bad Idea
  228. Hit and Run part deux
  229. Anybody got an atomic bomb I could use?
  230. Short hours between shifts anyone?
  231. I totally rock.
  232. Am I sucky not to hand-hold?
  233. Christmas Stationery? Buh ... what?
  234. Ho ho ho.. merry nervous breakdown! Wait, what?
  235. Pay Attention Will'ya!?
  236. Unlucky but lucky at the same time
  237. Brett Who?
  238. A voicemail I got while I was on vacation...
  239. Has anyone here ever have a melt down at work
  240. Did I do something wrong with this kid?
  241. Do Planograms EVER make sense?
  242. New job! New Monitor!
  243. Signs, signs, nowhere are the signs
  244. it's all CS.com's fault (Heavy swearing involved)
  245. Rep Wars!
  246. No more customers, no more crooks, no more managers' dirty looks! Got a new job!
  247. I Should Have Called in yesterday . . .
  248. An apology
  249. The only time of year my job wears me down... (depressing)
  250. I want to clap my hands over my ears and scream!