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  1. I am Rain Man
  2. Owwww, my back.....
  3. Question about hostile work environments
  4. Need help with a resignation letter
  5. A bad night
  6. I lied to the Big Boss today...
  7. Ridiculous Policy
  8. Falsely accused of making personal calls
  9. Advice about finding new job..
  10. Another "find a job" question
  11. Let us have a moment of silence...
  12. Workplace environments and feelings...
  13. Bad Mother (language)
  14. Gas stations - strangest IOU?
  15. my Supervisor, is a tool.
  16. Is a pissed off customer always a sucky customer?
  17. Are There Ever Days. . .
  18. No break again?
  19. Retail, I'm coming back. Fear me.
  20. So they changed my nametag.
  21. Goin' Back to Retail
  22. Freebies!
  23. That one sound you never want to hear...
  24. Is a CLEAN and FUNCTIONING workplace too much to ask for?
  25. switching jobs soon
  26. Am I Making A Good Move?
  27. Entitlement Students?
  28. No wonder they quit..
  29. Today was a day of FAIL - long
  30. You people aren't even BUYING anything!
  31. Are you there, Jesus?
  32. Ex's
  33. Worst Inventory in History . . .
  34. Possible job at Hersheypark!
  35. Oops, we forgot to turn it on
  36. O_o (not exactly sucky, just..well.. you'll see.)
  38. Work situation, need advice?
  39. Help
  40. "You called in because of the weather? Oh come on, it's not that bad" - With pic
  41. Getting nervous...
  42. This sucks. Change it.
  43. Miss Work because of Clock Change?
  44. Is Something Going Around?
  45. Yay... a job...woohoo
  46. Interview on Saturday!
  47. I've been adopted?
  48. What I missed...
  49. how to derail a call center script?
  50. When Turning In An Application...
  51. *sigh*
  52. Fired cause of coffee at the register!
  53. I'm being trained on what now?
  54. So about that train! (LOOOOONG)
  55. ....heh. NO.
  56. maybe we should stop being so mean?*some language*
  57. Oh you son of a ...
  58. Dear Colony
  59. Hire me, dawg!
  60. What makes a good CSM?
  61. That one thing you never want to smell...
  62. am I being unreasonable?
  63. Penalized For Quitting?
  64. Races and the things I have seen/done
  65. When friends get fired...
  66. You win Big Box Store!
  67. Why does everything go wrong at the same time *long*
  68. Perfect Ann and shoes
  69. Holy crap, I could be a cop?
  70. I need body armour?!
  71. That "one" job nobody wants...
  72. Checks..
  73. Unwinding after work
  74. DC shitwittery
  75. Hersheypark Happy!
  76. Refund situation at ebgames
  77. Day one...
  78. Playing Computer Musical Chairs!
  79. They're now "just for show"
  80. We were attacked by an army of little girls
  81. I screwed up now..
  82. So I'm going to be going back to the Casino...
  83. still makes me want to cry...
  84. The real reason he got fired
  85. Working with friends: can it be done?
  86. And the Wheel of Management spins again
  87. Fate Steps In Where Basic Math Skills Failed Me
  88. *happy dance* No more dealing with customers for this girl!
  89. Good riddance and fuck you, Daddy DipShit!
  90. He can't do anything about it!?!?
  91. Hersheypark:Orientation
  92. Does anyone else get a lot of this?
  93. Happy Birthday... Not :(
  94. How to break the news
  95. screwed over!
  96. Last day hijinks!
  97. Good, Bad, no ugly...
  98. Getting hit on.
  99. Donations in the Workplace
  100. Customers wearing too little clothing?
  101. Is it just me? Or is it hard to tolerate the smells of former workplaces?
  102. How do you request a day off that you KNOW you're gonna get funny looks for.
  103. Agreement with Customer over Checker's Attitude
  104. Yes, we're open.... STOP CALLING!
  105. Nude Bowling!
  106. Where do we draw the line?
  107. Impatient Telemarketers
  108. The Daily At-Work WTF
  109. Hersheypark Happy! Back to work tomorrow!
  110. The Technician to end all Technicians
  111. A letter to the cocktards on our cleaning crew:
  112. These are printers... really...
  113. Good for you
  114. *sigh*
  115. No more overtime! YAY!
  116. Wow, this will probably never happen again in my life....
  117. Wonder what they thought.
  118. SHUT UP BILL!
  119. Work Potluck
  120. I seem to have deeply insulted my supervisor(long, somewhat drama-y)
  121. When Work Affects the Dr.'s Visit
  122. Haunted Keyboard!
  123. Horrible first impressions
  124. Just a Weird day
  125. Drunk Shoplifter
  126. Dreams about work
  127. Dear CS. Just when I thought it couldn't happen to me...(Long)
  128. This one made me laugh
  129. *@#$! Scammers
  130. Boooom
  131. Jimmy Johns was handing out food at work today...
  132. New Job prospects
  133. Was I Wrong to do This?
  134. april fools hijincks
  135. An open letter to potential employers...(long rant)
  136. Free from the Call Center....FINALLY!
  137. Am I just being paranoid? Or.....
  138. First Day
  139. Build a bridge and get OVER it!
  140. Minorly heart-breaking
  141. May need to hug one of our drivers
  142. Short, simple, wierd.
  143. Why take a job you're just not cut out for?
  144. Understanding the Job Application.
  145. From store photographer to unemployed
  146. New Laws
  147. What's on my paycheck isn't any of your concern
  148. scooter and the left turn signal
  149. You little f*ckhead.
  150. ...and I got the job!
  151. Question for Pharmacy Techs
  152. what not to do during an orientation
  153. eyebrows and fluffy stuff
  154. Vendor of Fail
  155. Customer's car door got ripped off
  156. are you sure the dog graduated from his class?
  157. Sick...Again
  158. One of those nights...
  159. Spreading the disease (Sick Co-Workers)
  160. Membership has its privileges
  161. But it hurts! (long)
  162. Waitressing question
  163. We need a car... that works... why is this so difficult?
  164. I get to sleep in again!
  165. After 1 1/2 Years of BS and Promises..
  166. I didn't get the transfer I wanted
  167. THe single most vile human being I've ever met...
  168. Passing the torch
  169. The competition really is better. (Serious)
  170. Old habits die hard
  171. Please burn something in effigy for me
  172. OhBoyOhBoyOhBoyOhBoyOhBoy!
  173. $%*#ing vending machines!
  174. My parents, the unintentional SCs
  175. Have You Ever Had to Take DiSC Training?
  176. C'mon people, do your bit!
  177. I pwned the store manager (long so you know it's good)
  178. Project: Hapsburg
  179. Misbehaving Timeclock
  180. Nice tie ...
  181. Wow, I'm still kinda stunned... (long, sad)
  182. Just the cutest question ever!
  183. The Ants Go Marching...
  184. I need a retaliation idea
  185. We just got a contract with a new provider.
  186. :Waggles fingers: You WILL believe every word that comes out of my mouth!
  187. On signs
  188. To: A certain parent
  189. Night from HELL
  190. funny the things you realize...
  191. Aren't you too young for that?!?
  192. weirdness with job training.....
  193. Did I miss the memo?
  194. stupid computers (rant)
  195. Most pointless job you've ever been given
  196. What you really don't want to hear at work
  197. Boing boing boing (short n sweet)
  198. Promotion... kinda?
  199. I. Hate. Coupons.
  200. How to move people around on the rota, or not
  201. Wow. How'd that work?
  202. Signing for packages
  203. You Want To Talk to My Boss? Start By Answering My Questions
  204. catering
  205. The phone call that made me mad (Not customer related)
  206. Moar Public Address System Wackyness
  207. Cellphones in bathrooms..
  208. You know what's a real kick in the teeth?
  209. Telemarketers
  210. "Dude, I don't know, I'm just doing what my manager said."
  211. Delivery Dilemma
  212. Now I know it's not just Lowe's
  213. Work is making me sick....(whiny, also long)
  214. Final Day at work (innocent prank inside)
  215. Please refrain from burning the customers ...
  216. Fully Ambulatory
  217. i think i may have been fired
  218. Dear fucktards at the DC:
  219. At Work OCD
  220. New Dress Code Order *ranty/whiny*
  221. Not able to understand customer's accent.
  222. Silly student
  223. My silliness...
  224. Fun with.... magenta?
  225. I had to tell you all this story
  226. Funny co-dependent co-workers
  227. Happy Administrative Asst. day
  228. So I got to put out a fire
  229. When it rains...it pours
  230. Fun with gas prices...
  231. Change is not always a good thing
  232. Your worst work blunders and embarrassments--Admit them here
  233. It's called mute
  234. Outside Influences
  235. Being racist right in front of me
  236. Rumors at Work Drive me Crazy!!!!
  237. Can't get it up
  238. Oh gods I'm doomed
  239. Just Thinking Aloud
  240. Calling off cause I need a break
  241. Bye Bye Birdy (work rant about machines)
  242. Perks at Work
  243. A quick conversation
  244. Sometimes it's too easy to forget about the really nice ones
  245. We Need to thank our Main Competitor Today..
  246. New work cars?
  247. What kind of employee benefits do you get?
  248. Next Saturday is Burger Day!
  249. Gang Fight turns to love. (Long).
  250. Rounding change (for those who work registers).