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  1. Lottery Question
  2. It finally happened! I QUIT!
  3. I need the opinions of phone jockeys everywhere!!!
  4. first day at my new job.
  5. Things I am not allowed to do at work.
  6. YAY, I'm temporarily getting sent to another store. *Happy dance*
  7. When Overtime is Normaltime
  8. I did WHAT?
  9. The Cursing [non]Taxpayer - a repost
  10. That HURT (injury)
  11. Closing Announcements (from the old boards)
  12. Lines Used at Work (from the old boards)
  13. It's Time to Kidnap!
  14. I love my job, I really do. I promise...
  15. Coworker question
  16. Putzing around with planograms...again
  17. Just finished my first interview..
  18. Annoying holiday policies
  19. That mythical store, Everywhere Else
  20. I now get to do the interviewing at my store
  21. Reason to complain?
  22. Fantasy closing announcements *one swear!*
  23. Question for call centre staff
  24. Overtime
  25. cabbie tales(the new and improved edition)
  26. Return of the climate control gripe thread!
  27. The cold war between softlines and hardlines
  28. The supermarket where I work has found a way to stop SC's verbal abuse!!!
  29. :Hiccup:
  30. You're Gonna What?
  31. If you owned your own business
  32. my girlfriend came to work today...
  33. Fake ID
  34. Snake oil products that customers want to buy.
  35. "No pants" rule?
  36. Must Construction Workers Fill In A Stereotype?!
  37. The Pickle Book!
  38. Retail Paradoxes
  39. Worried about this
  40. Customer Suggestion for Lottery
  41. Mistake? Or just a big risk worth taking?
  42. you dont know what "hell" is untill you work at a place like this *long*
  43. Real men of genius
  44. Maybe next time you'll listen to me!
  45. Question for pharmacy folks
  46. Why now?
  47. Doh
  48. Apparently i'm too fat for my job
  49. Car on sidewalk.
  50. uh, this is a department store, not a sub shop
  51. Should I stop going entirely?
  52. Bartering.
  53. Who's really at fault?
  54. Things I've learned from retail...
  55. Way under/over staffed?
  56. "Because We Care"
  57. Dog in the store
  58. The "Nasty" Customer
  59. Answering calls and being new [retail]
  60. No we don't sell beer; or odd liquor laws and SCs
  61. Remodeling
  62. Break
  63. A cool boss, actually..
  64. How Much Is Too Much Information
  65. Busted
  66. I want your opinion
  67. stupid theif pushes luck too far with co-worker
  68. Would this be totally rude?
  69. Our toilet seat was stolen.
  70. ___est shoplifting story
  71. Will this work? (Question for receiving people)
  72. Is There Such Thing as Good Overtime?
  73. Employee Theft
  74. I think they are stealing from me?
  75. New Location, New Job
  76. Buyers going nuts again...
  77. A funny.
  78. I learned how to do something new
  79. Applying for new job...
  80. The signs are up!
  81. boring week
  82. Life's little ironies
  83. Thanks to...
  84. I give you what you order
  85. Dancing, jumping up and down and crossing my fingers
  86. Oddest animals you've found at work?
  87. This isn't Hooters!
  88. Holy Carp! I Have A Job!
  89. Air Conditioning Gives Customer A Cold
  90. The Heat!!!!!!!
  91. It was one of those days at work
  92. What day of the week is it?
  93. Work and World-Shattering Events
  94. would you send this letter?
  95. Pranks!
  96. So...what's your job title?
  97. I Fought The Magazine Rack...
  98. Are we phasing out paper bags?
  99. Ever had a heartwarming experience at work?
  100. I just quit??
  101. News from "The1"
  102. Help! Is my store closing?
  103. Stupidest rules your job has
  104. What an evening
  105. tired of work
  106. Call Center Notes (kind of long)
  107. Apparently, I have a reading comprehension problem
  108. Event that I am dreading
  109. Parking in Illegal Spots
  110. Ever gotten anything larger than a $100 bill?
  111. Countdown time!
  112. update to letter
  113. Checking ID?
  114. Things you never hear anywhere else
  115. Another corporate visit...
  116. Running on fumes yesterday - Among other things
  117. Open letter to poor customers. (long)
  118. I got adjusted
  119. Over Exposed!
  120. Where is my raise
  121. AAARRGGHH...Ree's phone rage (long)
  122. I thought I knew boredom
  123. Express lane blues
  124. As if we didn't have enough to do...
  125. store credit cards
  126. From the mouths of babes
  127. First day jitters!
  128. Guess what I got today?
  129. Stupid work policies
  130. Should be interesting tonight...
  131. Was she 'on sale'? And what was the price?
  132. Last day
  133. The Empty Can
  134. Special delivery... it's a little late.
  135. Last week on the job
  136. Myra's Fantasy Rules
  137. Just wierd
  138. What have I been doing?
  139. Share the love
  140. More planogram hijinks
  141. poor managers
  142. Strange questions in an interview
  143. Good parenting
  144. My mum can get me a job - should I take it?
  145. Did I master my bagging position?
  146. Associates can't talk "ghetto"?
  147. Stupidest/Weirdest Theft(s) From Your Work?
  148. Is it false advertising?
  149. Talk about beating the system
  150. Going Out with a Bang...sorta
  151. Back To Work
  152. Gift Card Problem
  153. Weirdo at Liquor Store
  154. People Lose control when they see someone famous
  155. Small Sampling of Majestic Pictures
  156. Picking Words
  157. Mouthy little thing
  158. Rant at the busiest time of year SCs
  159. I Found Humor In It
  160. Best Line I've Heard All Day(Little Long)
  161. Embarassing moment
  162. The Cradle's trying to rob me...
  163. Flooded building
  164. Cereal Situation
  165. Vendor vs. Store Policy
  166. Opinions and advice, please
  167. Is it a full moon?
  168. Discrimination...
  169. ever been MADE into a SC?? (longish)
  170. Tid Bits from the Fair Labor Standars Act
  171. Dirty applications
  172. A "blow up" tale
  173. Should I or shouldn't I?
  174. Most money you've gotten in change
  175. She Brought a Child Into the Office
  176. I hate U.S. Currency.
  177. Uber cool Store Manager is a Grandpa.
  178. When you really CAN read the customer's mind.
  179. My workplace experiment
  180. closing time customer
  181. Position on Freebies
  182. Warning bells
  183. Your most embarrassing loud speaker moments
  184. Job Interviewing Makes My Head Hurt
  185. Welcome Wagon 2006 - thank GOD I'm a senior!!
  186. Murders/felons/drugdealers.
  187. I was robbed! Rather funny.
  188. Possible suckiness? I only wanted a cheese burger!
  189. Yet another reason why I hate our cleaning service
  190. No more Walton Family
  191. SC free zone?
  192. Kid, Put That Down. NOW.
  193. How to respond to customer complaints (Very Long)
  194. RB's Rules for Job Interviews
  195. What spoiled people do to nature...
  196. They are cutting my hours... AGAIN!
  197. Rules for Customers Bringing Me Your Car
  198. first scary guy
  199. Finally reached the breaking point.
  200. Churchlady strikes back.
  201. Cashback... argh!
  202. Just a question.
  203. Oh, How I Hate to Get Up In the Morning!
  204. Hate Your Business's Commercials?
  205. Am I being a SC
  206. WE DON'T HAVE IT! (voicemail rant)
  207. Ah, awkward young teenagers....
  208. How not to get a job
  209. Just an odd, weird day...
  210. Things Turn...interesting. Churchlady part2.
  211. Return of the Boobies...
  212. Customer Brings Dog into Store
  213. I don't want to get out of bed tomorrow
  214. Thinking about quitting the pharmacy
  215. It finally happened
  216. Something I Don't Understand
  217. It begins, in the begining.
  218. It doesn't work that way! (long sorry)
  219. If my manager didn't hate me before... (very long)
  220. More crayons than crayola (buyers do it to us again)
  221. Currency Carnage (ATM)
  222. Just got in from my first overnight shift
  223. Christmas/Holiday Displays
  224. Oh boy, here goes. (rant, but calm rant)
  225. School is closed due to the revolution!
  226. are you new??
  227. Depots (and why they must be blown up)
  228. (LONG) Wow! You're all kinds of stupid aren't you!?
  229. Employers checking to see if one posts on websites..
  230. Did you talk like a pirate?
  231. Ordering disaster
  232. She's HOT? When did this happen?
  233. The Piddle Fountain -- an extremely mild rant
  234. Sure, I'll swing right by, he he
  235. Work Adventures....Senior Year
  236. You have worked more than 7 hours. Did you take a lunch [Y/N]?
  237. Abolish Restaurants
  238. My last day was Friday
  239. I Got Robbed Again...
  240. For all the retail grunts...
  241. Fun with Doors.
  242. Codewords for work
  243. Freleigh's frolic through the f***ed-up furniture flat
  244. Stuck greeting when I'm not supposed to
  245. Thinking evil thoughts
  246. Even more planogram pratfalls
  247. Customer Upset Over Losing Car Keys
  248. stupid safe
  249. Remember the chair?
  250. A Random Thought...