View Full Version : holy cow. what did he say

04-05-2007, 12:38 AM
I actually had a customer apologize to me today. It was a weird and foreign thing. On Monday he called and wanted to know about his refund. He sent a few letters that for whatever reason never reached us. Well granted I understand being upset. However his product had a lifetime guarantee on it, so no time issues. Well it got even worse when I told him he would need to return the materials anyway so all he would need to do is to return the materials put his letter in the box and for the love of god please, for your own protection, have it sent so you have tracking. Well needless to say all the above was unacceptable. Anyway he called me today and asked if I was the person he talked with when I said yes and he said he really gave me a hard time and he was sorry. As well as he should have just sent his materials back sooner. It was awesome and really made my day.