View Full Version : Sometimes the dumb things look good in theory

08-12-2013, 06:16 AM
I have to tell on myself a bit here. I work at a truck stop, which of course includes a convenience store, and the convenience store, of course, sells coffee. Everything on weekends is done in a huge rushing hurry because if a cashier steps away from the sales counter there are guaranteed to be lines.

I needed to make more of a specific coffee blend, but for some reason there wasn't any stocked in the coffee area. So I run back to find our manager and get her keys (the stock room is unlocked but we lock up the coffee. No, I don't know why.), then run to the back to get the coffee. Of course, the actual boxes of coffee packs are blocked by a stock cart. Instead of moving the cart, I decide it would be faster to lean over it to grab the packs, and end up placing a fair amount of weight on the cart handle.

This plus my rummaging in the boxes cause the cart to shift. I ended up with my feet actually being lifted off the ground, hanging on the shelf, with all on my weight resting on the part of my stomach that's pressed into the cart handle. In accordance with Murphy's Law, my managers comes into the stock room at this exact moment, and sees me being disemboweled by a cart.

"Why are you laying on the stock cart?"

"It seemed like a good idea at the time..."

08-12-2013, 06:26 PM
There needs to be a distinct moniker for this phenomenon. Not matter HOW busy, or for HOW long, management always shows up during the breather, not matter HOW short. :lol:

Could be those fifteen seconds you just stare into space, could be those two minutes you run to the dumpster; that's when they finally turn up.

08-13-2013, 12:52 AM
sees me being disemboweled by a cart.

:lol: Thanks for the image.