View Full Version : Answering calls and being new [retail]

07-24-2006, 05:18 AM
[not the telemarketing/call office type calls]

Anyone hate or dislike having to answer the phones in a retail job? Especially when you are new there? A few days ago I was the only MOS (merchandise op) on the floor (i forget whether it was main or second). I was told by my supervisor to answer any call on the floor, be it toys, seasonal, food, housewares, bathwares, furniture, kitchenwares, etc! There are like 5 or 6 sections to that floor and I was supposed to answer the calls for all of them! People call in asking if we have something in, I have no idea if we do, I'm not a stocker and I don't put out the merch. So, I just tell them yes or no, without even knowing if we have it. (unless of course it's a popular item like fans or pools - which we are SOLD OUT of, you dumb customers. season's over, go away)

Anyone else feel frustrated having to deal with either being the only person on one floor, or having to answer calls like crazy? :( I'm ready to quit.