View Full Version : Sometimes you have a bad day.

An Haddock
10-07-2013, 03:14 PM
Was at the bank Saturday morning, next in line. Older guy, maybe late 60's/early 70's is getting some cash from an account but it seemed like he wasn't sure what type of accounts he had or something.

He whips out the old "Well maybe I'll close my account and open it elsewhere" and "I'm going to be depositing a million dollars in the next month!" - I'm already mentally planning out something rude to say if he keeps up his childishness. The teller finally squares away which account to use and gives the guy his money. He seems satisfied.

The teller tells him to have a nice weekend which is when he drops this bomb:

"My son was murdered! But the woman who did it got thirty years this weekend!"
(or something pretty accurate to that)

So yeah.... that pretty much silenced everyone in the bank. The teller just sort of sputtered out that she hoped everything would get better for the guy.

Now - was he lying? Was he a nutcase? I'd lean towards no.

So yeah... sometimes people act like pricks because they're having a REALLY bad day.