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10-08-2013, 05:27 AM
One from Sunday.

Since I had nothing to do, after I took my pile of scrap metal to the recycler, I thought I'd go check out the 40-foot-tall rubber duckie that's currently visiting Pittsburgh. If this thing heads to your area, be prepared to get awed by its "quackitude" :p

Anyway, after a few hours of relaxing at the fountain, and shooting duck photos, it was time to head home. Rather than walk all the way back to Station Square (not a far walk, but it was hot and humid as hell), I got on the subway at Gateway Center, and rode to the last of the free stops. From there, it was a short walk across the Smithfield Street Bridge, through Station Square, and then a drive home.

Still a bit warm, so I thought I'd cut through the little mall. As expected, nearly everything in there was closed. Or so I thought. Because there was a baseball game going on, quite a few local 'team' stores were open. They were hoping to sell some of their wares to the 40,000 Bucco fans.

One of them...wouldn't be buying a damn thing. As I'm walking through the mall, just before I got to the part with the elevator and offices, I see security and police, and the store's staff is outside the store. They're talking to the cops, who have someone in cuffs.

Turns out that the guy in cuffs...had just been busted for shoplifting :eek: It wasn't his first time either. Keep in mind that the *cheapest* team jerseys on sale were about $60-200. So he had stolen a few. This time, he got busted. Apparently, the store manager was in the back, and recognized him through the mirror. Manager calls mall security, who detained the guy.

Security got there pretty damn quick, since their kiosk is right across from the store! As if that wasn't enough...they called in the city cops. Again, they got there quickly--the cops were actually directing traffic outside!

I sure hope that hockey jersey the guy got popped for was worth it!