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10-12-2013, 05:58 AM
I've had a couple run ins while shopping in different places this week.

Grocery Store 1

Earlier in the week I was at the self checkout. Everything went smooth until I went to leave. My first job many years ago in my teens I was a cashier, so with that, I know my way around a register. Better yet since most self checkouts are insanely easy to figure out using a GUI system, I can breeze through the process. With me breezing through those things, I tend to keep things moving. Checkout my items, pay (generally with my card), grab my bags, receipt and go.

This time, as I was leaving, I guess I cut a guy off while walking out and he was pushing his cart out at the same exact time from self checkout. Initially I didn't see him, but I ended up seeing the front of his cart going in the same direction as me from my peripheral vision. Instead of just letting me go on about my business, he decides to try and "race" me out of the store. I just kept walking with his cart on my ass. Seriously?

Grocery Store 2

Same store as above but about several hours ago.

Self checkout was crowded so I decided to go to a cashier. As soon as I started to go to a register this lady just pushes her cart ahead of me to beat me there. TBH we both arrived at that point at the same exact time but she seemed on a mission. She saw that the person already there had a ton of shit and so did I so I just walked behind and around her. She ended up going to some other line that was mildly busy and I got in a line that was empty with a lady who was at the tail end of being checked out. I get rang up for my peppers that I forgot to get earlier in the day and was out before the other lady. As I was leaving, the subtle glare she gave me from the register she chose was priceless.

Big Discount Store

I was in another store earlier in the week and was looking for some small hygiene items. I go to an aisle and as soon as I do, here comes this lady with a shopping cart that comes right behind me and parks her cart right in front of me :wtf: bitch? Seriously? Imagine standing in a aisle looking at something and someone step RIGHT in front of you and acts like you aren't even there. That's what this bitch did. I just stepped aside and continued looking at other things. Then she goes into passive aggressive mode for whatever reason. Wherever I move to, she goes reaching past me to look at shit she ends up not even interested in. This happens a few more times and each time I stand my ground and don't move. Cause seriously, everywhere I went in that aisle her ass was there reaching around me. I ended up finding what I needed in a different aisle.

Same discount store

Same store as above. I'm standing in line by myself and the only register open at the moment had some lady already done with her purchase just shooting the breeze with the cashier about some Avon shit. I'm standing there for a minute and the lady turns to me and says she'll just be "a minute." I'm thinking whatever and I hope another register opens or she eventually leaves. Nope, if not I wouldn't be posting this. She stands there for a few minutes just jaw jacking with the cashier about stuff. Another register opens and I check out. As soon as I get ready to leave who does as well? Yup, lady. :wtf: I had to literally walk around her. She seemed like a very nice lady but was really oblivious to making others wait for nothing and just being in the way.

Small dollar type store

Again earlier today I was in a dollar type store. About 90% of the place is a dollar with more expensive items like pots, pans, blenders etc. being pretty much full price. Anyways, I'm looking for some cleaning products and am in an aisle by myself. I'm standing there looking at LA's Totally Awesome products and this weird lady comes to the aisle and starts crowding me out. At this point in the week I'm absolutely not in the mood for this shit. She starts looking at things close by when I'm getting the feeling that what she's looking for is RIGHT where I'm so happen to be standing. I'm thinking :wtf: not again. She's moaning and groaning, kinda talking to herself in mumbles, uhs and whatnot. I'm thinking something is wrong with her but I'm going to get what I came for while reading the labels to make sure the product serves the purpose I need.

Anyways fast forward to checkout. Again, I'm there first and the only one at the register. As I'm checking out guess who comes up as my stuff is getting bagged? No surprise weird lady doing the same groaning and crowding me out. At this point I'm almost certain she has a mental disorder of some sort. As I pick up my bags, this lady is practically on top of me. I get my stuff and go. Piss on weird, rude, impatient, inconsiderate whatever negative adjective people. :( Why me? Or anyone else who has had to deal with this.

10-12-2013, 02:55 PM
Quite a run! At this point, I just assume that everyone around me in the grocery is an asshat. The proportion of them to considerate, aware-of-their-surroundings types has swung so far in the last few years that I've pretty much given up.

10-12-2013, 07:24 PM
Seems like you don't have the best of luck when out shopping. I probably don't either, since my wife tells me I always seem to have a tale to spin whenever I come back from somewhere.

I've had my share of people who have to race to beat you to the check out line more times than I can count. My biggest pet peeve are the ones who do it, then leave the line to shop some more, telling the cashier they'll "just be a minute or so". I had an asshole do that to me once while he went off to get his precious beer for the upcoming football game. What did I do? Took his cart, moved it out of my way, and slipped in. He was gone about five long minutes before he came back. That's what being "just a minute" is to those people. And, he had the balls to say how inconsiderate some people are. OOOOkaaaayyyy! Whatever.

10-12-2013, 10:21 PM
I had an oddball one the other night. I was in, late, at the Lioness of the Food. I'm almost always in late as I generally have to wait until all the little minions have fallen asleep. Oddly enough there were enough folks to warrant a line for 2 registers to be open.

On the left, we had 3 folks in line with most of the orders being the kind that fits in a hand cart. On the right, we have a full cart load and another person behind with a handful of items.

I started towards the right line and watched as a person on the left pulled all her items off the belt and moved to the back of the line on the right. I thought it odd but just continued to the left lane since that now seemed to be the fastest option. The person that moved had been the very next up after the person ahead was paid up.

I heard the cashier serving me apologize, but not to me, instead to the lady that has now lost 10 minutes or more of her life standing at the next cashier over. I paid and left before she ever saw an item scanned. I hoped she did something to deserve that karmic payback ;).

10-13-2013, 12:26 AM
Seems like you don't have the best of luck when out shopping. I probably don't either, since my wife tells me I always seem to have a tale to spin whenever I come back from somewhere.

I don't have the best of luck when shopping, it's pretty much a 60/40 toss up. 60% of the time it's extremely pleasant the other 40% I run into morons. I live in LA so that explains a lot. People here are passive aggressive. Like this other story I just remembered.

Same grocery store as the previous

This one happened months ago and really annoys me just thinking about it. I was shopping for some stuff and ran into a guy and his girlfriend I presume. Everywhere I went this cat is right there trying to be one step ahead of me. I absolutely couldn't believe it. I'm the type of guy who will pipe up and call people out on their BS, but I'm also the type to keep my mouth shut and let my facial expressions do the talking. Anyways I get to self checkout. Who just so happens to come up at the same time? Yup, MF'er. What gets me out of all these stories is timing. The timing just pisses me off because it's always that, the timing. He races ahead of me to get to the only open self checkout. His GF gives me a "i'm so sorry look" because I think she realized what a ass her BF was being whenever they ran into me. I just nodded my head at her with a it's ok look. It wasn't her it was him.

Anyways another checkout opens and I ring myself up. As I go to leave MF'er finishes up at the EXACT same time. :wtf: :banghead: Come on! What does he do? Yup steps right in front of me to have that oh so precious leg up. IIRC, I said something under my breathe loud enough for him to hear me. He just went about his way and didn't break a step because I think he knew I was ready to kick his ass once we made it outside the store. It was all vibes, nothing spoken.

What's up with my local grocery store?

About a year and a half ago or so I was standing at a cashier register and this girl and a guy were checking out. She didn't have a club card and me being a nice guy, I offered her mine to use to save her some money. What does she say to me? Oh you just want to get the rewards on your card. At that time I didn't even use the rewards and was blindly throwing the coupons out because I thought it was just junk mail at the time. Later on my neighbor told me what the rewards were all about, that they come bi-annually and whatnot so I started paying attention to the mail I got from the grocery store. Anyways I said I didn't even know about the rewards, which I didn't, and was just trying to help her save some money. Her guy friend laughs at her and told her she just put her foot in her mouth. I put my card back in my wallet and she had an embarrassed look on her face because well she had me all wrong and did put her foot in her mouth.

She said sorry and I said it was OK and just looked away at that point. She asked me if I could swipe my rewards card but the cashier just swiped theirs. I tell ya guys, some people are just so pessimistic about others. If someone offered their rewards card for me to save money, I wouldn't even think about what they would be getting on the backend. I'd just be thankful that their kind gesture saved me money. People just can't seem to grasp that notion. They're more concerned that you're trying to get something out of helping them out :wtf: indeed.

Same grocery store...

Couple months back I was in the meat dept. This lady in a wheelchair was going down the same area. I was looking at either beef or chicken and she just HAS to ride her wheelchair along the rail/meat rack. She gets to me and flatly says "excuse me". I look at her, then I look behind me at all the wide open space she has to go around me, then back at her. She just looks at me and I step back because you know she's in a wheelchair and being so thinks she's entitled. If I didn't move I'd be "inconsiderate" of the handicapped when in actuality she was being inconsiderate of the able bodied.

The kicker? She didn't even want anything from that area. She just wanted me to move from the spot I was in because I always tend to find the sweet spots to stand in apparently :rolleyes: I saw her later steering her wheelchair around people like a pro. :wtf: is it with people wanting to be exact spot I'm in like I'm standing on a mountain of gold and precious metals? I mean it happens all the time.

As for what I order for food when out with family or friends? That's a whole other story. To them I always seem to order the best thing on the menu and they get jealous or want a bite. I never do that to them. If there's a word for this sorcery or vibe that I give off to others that makes them think they need to stand where I am or get jealous over my choices, I don't know it, maybe one of you guys do.

If I remember anymore situations I'll post some later.