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10-19-2013, 11:22 AM
I stopped off at Mickey Dee's on the way to work to get one of those pumpkin latte's. I'd never had one and thought about how good it sounded, especially after I had finished my regular joe that I brought with me from home.

For Friday, it was a bit crowded, but I had time before having to be at work. I ordered, then another customer came and waited with me, and finally, Asshole Who Ordered His Frappe (AWOHF) came in to make everything a bit more, well, exciting.

MDE (Mickey Dee's Employee)
AWOHF (Already mentioned above)

AWOHF: Yeah, I'd like a frappe. Man, why is your drive-thru line so long? Can't you do anything abou it?

MDE: Fridays are normally like that, sir. (And about two minutes passed after she took his order)

I was still waiting for my latte, as there was one other customer ahead of me, too. Finally:

AWOHF: Hey! How much longer is this going to take? This is bad!

MDE: Sir, there are at least two other people ahead of you also waiting.

AWOHF: (Started breathing hard and pacing rapidly back and forth, until finally):

AWOHF's frappe showed up on the counter, and he left with it, without a thank you. Meanwhile, the one customer ahead of me and myself are staring in disbelief at this guy, not to mention in anger, because he got his stuff before we did. My latte could not have taken more than thirty seconds to make, but because AWOHF had to be an asshole about it, Mickey Dee's gave in, and served him first, probably to get rid of him. After all, he had already paid.

I guess I need to quit being so nice.

10-19-2013, 12:09 PM
I would have said something about this to the manager, to the point of demanding my money back if they're going to cave to SC's...

10-19-2013, 12:43 PM
That place is bad for caving. One of my employees at my last job who was only 17 worked there. He had one one of those big burgers picked apart and thrown at him by a crazed Sc. Not only did his manager do nothing he tried to force the kid to apologize for something being wrong with the burger when said kid was just the cashier he also gave the Sc a 50 gift card! Add to that when I called the store and talked to the manager he should not have verified this and he should have given me a corprate# but talk he did and the story is true!

10-19-2013, 03:36 PM
I would have said something about this to the manager, to the point of demanding my money back if they're going to cave to SC's...
same here i would made that a hole wait more.

10-19-2013, 09:16 PM
Here's what I, as a customer, have said to managers in similar situations:

"If you give in to this customer's demands in order to keep their business, you will lose mine. And between the two of us, I'm not the one screaming and causing a scene. Your choice which of us you'd like to have come back."

10-19-2013, 09:24 PM
Are you sure he didn't take yours?

10-21-2013, 03:08 AM
I hate impatient people like that. I mean, yes, it's a big bummer to everyone to pull up to your favorite place (whether sit down or fast with drive thru) and see a huge line, but that's where you use your big boy/girl thinking caps and reasoning skills and at that point, if you can't wait, you go elsewhere, if you can, you will and not be a jerk about it.

Or, you can just pitch a fit. And pitch a fit.