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Jay 2K Winger
10-23-2013, 01:17 AM
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Location: Ezra - Haller Landing

Freight runs are a mixed bag. Sometimes they can be lucrative. Taking precious cargo from point A to point B, where the recipient pays handsomely, even after giving the "finder's fee" to the guy who hooked you up with the job. Sometimes the pay's not so good, where at the end of the run, after the fee is paid out, the captain is faced with the choice: Fuel, food, payroll-- pick two.

Even leaving out the issue of payment, there are sometimes other concerns with that cargo. Transporting livestock, for instance, leaves a ship often filthy and smelling for weeks. Same can be true for some chemical cargo.

And then there's the ever-present possibility of piracy. Various groups have been getting bolder these last few months, largely out on the Rim, but they've started to encroach into the Border systems as of late.

Fortunately for the crew of the Deucalion, the run from Greenleaf to Ezra was a short one. Alcomb Medical, a small pharmacom, needed to get a load of medical supplies from their refinery to a company town on Ezra to combat a minor, but stubborn, outbreak of the flux. They were even able to secure payment at both ends of the run, negating the need to go back to Greenleaf for the remainder of their money. Even threw in innocs for the entire crew to keep them from catching the flux, too.

This left the Deucalion needing a new job, though. Haller Landing was the local spaceport, plus a seaport, and thus there was trade to be had there. The crew had divvied up their pay and it was time to acquire supplies-- the pantry was getting kind of thin, and there was a market to browse in-- and otherwise fill some time until a job surfaced. If one was in need of refreshment or food, the biggest pub in town was the Slack Water Tavern.

Mando was keeping an eye on the ship, and had last been seen sitting outside the ramp, his gun-cleaning supplies out, but taking the time to trim his stubble with the edge of his knife.


Here we go! Quick ground-rule -- Always start your post with your character name and where they are. Example: Mando - Outside the Deucalion, Haller Landing This will make it easier for me to keep track of where folks are when they split up.

Everyone has their pay, and whomever is doing the shopping probably has been given enough to get a month's worth of foodstuffs (supposing it's just the crew eating, that is).

Things for the crew to do:
- Get supplies (food, fuel, engine necessities, etc.)
- Get a job (check the Cortex, ask around, etc.)
- Get some fun in (use your imagination)

10-23-2013, 01:33 AM
Sama - Food Markets (she would of volunteered to do that shopping since she helps with most of the cooking)

She wanders the markets enjoying the rare planet side free time so often denied her growing up. Smells filling her nose, and the merry laughter of strangers....no people....going about their lives. "Captain said we might be here a while...wonder what fun there is to do?

She talks with merchants and begins the job of haggling for fresh food stuffs, a trick she learned at her papa's knee.

((Note: If planet side, she IS barefoot, station- shes wearing mid-calf boots).

10-23-2013, 02:22 AM
Tucker - Ezra Markets

"I'll go look for parts and fuel capn'"

Before heading out he would ask Sama to make a list of any supplies or parts she needs for the engine. In the meanwhile he would also keep a look out for any books he is mostly certain Lizzie has not read yet.

As Sama heads out, "If you get into trouble you just let out a mighty loud scream and I'll be sure to run the other way." He gives her a wide teasing grind and then heads out toward the Market as well eventually splitting off as they are after different things.

10-23-2013, 04:24 AM
Sama - still markets

she gave Tucker a list of items in order of priority, "and don't forget the wallabingbang tumi turner."

She says that with a straight face as they part ways, then lets loose a hearty chuckle as soon as she knows hes out of ear shot.

10-23-2013, 12:47 PM
Captain Zhan - earlier on the ship

Before anyone leaves I will tell everyone that they need to go exactly nowhere on this planet unarmed or at the very least alone, and if you go unarmed your escort better be armed.

If anyone asks why the answer will be "Lot's of people around here have rather nasty intentions..."

"Also, Spider I'll be going with you." Have to keep an eye on the finances afterall. "Sama, who are you taking with you, or are you going with us?"

10-23-2013, 12:58 PM
Sama almost visibly flinches at the mention of being armed, and hurriedly points at tucker.

"Last time I sent him off alone to look for parts, he came back with new versions that don't blend well with the ship, also gotta make sure he stays out of trouble."

10-23-2013, 01:27 PM
Lizzie - Deucalion

Lizzie lags a minute or so behind the rest of the crew, making sure she looks good (but not too good) before she leaves the ship. She dresses in a pair of close-fitting khakis and a low-cut dark green tank top. She brushes out her ginger hair so the slight curls at the end rest against her shoulders.

Lizzie approaches the ramp just in time to hear the captain's instruction not to go alone and unarmed. She frowns slightly. After listening to Sama's response, Lizzie says, "It sounds like we're heading out as a group, then."

10-23-2013, 01:45 PM
Zhan Cook - Duecalion

"Don't look so morose Lizzie. I thought soladarity was among your favorite things, or was I mistaken?" he says with a wry grin.

"Mando, keep watch, I'll be back to relieve you after we get the neccesities, till then we'll keep in hourly comm." he reassures the last crew member before turning back to the rest, "Shall we?"

10-23-2013, 01:48 PM
Sama grabs Tucker's arm and says in the most sickenly sweet voice...

"Come on Tuckie, lets go paint the town red.....and if you're good, I'll buy you a drink.....I'm thinking dress shopping."

She drags him off laughing.

10-23-2013, 02:04 PM
Lizzie - near Deucalion

Lizzie flashes a grin at Mando. "See you later!" Then she turns and follows Sama and Tucker, walking with a swing to her hips that she expects will attract attention.

10-23-2013, 04:01 PM
Zhan - On the way to and at the markets

Keeping an eye on everyone and the surroundings I'll be overseeing purchase of the neccessities and checking against the Cortex for the best value-quality ratio, while also seeing what might be posted for jobs on this planet. I'm not expecting a lot on either front however. More importantly during all of this I am keeping stock of shady going-ons around us and whether we are being watched or followed. All while giving off a relaxed enjoyable air.

10-23-2013, 07:30 PM
Tucker - With the Crew, Going to (At) the Markets

At the Captain's order, Tucker would be sure to grab his side arm: a revolver similar to the one Mal uses.

When Sama grabs his arm he gives her a side long grin, "Only if you let me do your hair after the shopping." He teases.

Jay 2K Winger
10-23-2013, 07:39 PM
Mando has shown appreciation for Lizzie's flirtations in the past. Given his stoic nature, however, this is usually just shown by his eyes watching her, his face remaining as stony as ever. This time is no different as she saunters off. Zhan's comment gets a nod. "I'll hold down the fort, Cap'n."

Haller Landing Markets
This is your usual port city bazaar, with just about anything you care to mention available for sale. The merchants run the gamut from corporate salesmen, trying to sell the latest best thing for a crewperson on the go, to the private-owned stalls just trying to get by in this crazy mixed-up Verse, to the shiftier sorts looking to unload goods of dubious legality.

Everyone gets some propositions-- both for trade and ... "trade"-- as they go through the markets. An official Alliance travelers' notice about Haller Landing warned that the port's "individuals of negotiable affection are known to be thieves. If this kind of personal business is necessary, Alliance officials recommend going to the Companions Guild manor in Banford Hills, about 20 miles north of Haller Landing, or Madame Rasmera's House in Haller Landing's Agrea District. Madame Rasmera's employees are not registered Companions, but she and her business are endorsed by municipal commerce officials." These warnings are further appended with the standard notice to "practice safe intercourse and have a proper medical check-up as soon as possible afterwards."

The best place to get ship parts/spares appears to be a sort of "general store" that has occupied a former warehouse that borders on the market. Trader Jim's Discount Emporium may not have top of the line stuff, but it's not bottom of the barrel, and affordable is good. Despite the name, the guy in charge of Trader Jim's Discount Emporium is Kevork Papazian, whom is known in Haller Landing for "being the guy you go to, to get a good deal."

Cortex Ads
Checking the Cortex would bring up the following jobs

(NOTE -- Rather than get bogged down in numbers, pay will be represented as how well it will pay. Client cut indicates how much of the payment taken from recipient goes back to the client, if applicable.)
[Client] --/-- [Job] --/-- [Destination] [Recipient] --/-- [Pay] [Client Cut]
[Ansible Shipping (subcontract)] --/-- [2.5T agricultural supplies] --/-- [Whitefall] [P. Bartlett] --/-- [Reasonable] [n/a - Ansible has already received payment from recipient]
[F. Brisket] --/-- [Transport 3 workers] --/-- [New Melbourne] [Meridian Heavy Industries] --/-- [Good] [35%]
[S. Lerga] --/-- [Transport self] --/-- [New Melbourne] [n/a] --/-- [Low] [n/a]
[R. Kellins] --/-- [Transport self] --/-- [Faraday] [n/a] --/-- [Low] [n/a]

10-23-2013, 08:28 PM
Captain Cook - Trader Joe's

With only a slight hint of excitement around the eyes Zhānmǔsī begins tapping hurriedly on his Cortex access comm trying to secure two jobs before they get scooped up.[F. Brisket] --/-- [Transport 3 workers] --/-- [New Melbourne] [Meridian Heavy Industries] --/-- [Good] [35%]
[S. Lerga] --/-- [Transport self] --/-- [New Melbourne] [n/a] --/-- [Low] [n/a]]All while simultaneously looking up whatever information can be found on "F. Brisket" Meridian Heavy Industries" and "S. Lerga". After checking on the jobs and possible employers and arranging meetings (should they be interested in hiring them, if not he'll start making calls to convince them that the crew of the Duecalion are perfect for their transport needs...) his tapping will slow to a less hurried pace and his eyes will calm to a simple inquisiteness while looking up Faraday. Must be some smaller moon I've never heard of out rimwards. he'll think to himself. Afterwards he'll simply plot a rudimentary course in order to estimate fuel costs, and calculate those costs and the needed repairs versus the payment for the most recent job, refusing to factor in the payment from the possible jobs.

Once finally done annoyingly fiddling with his comm device he'll make a brief call to Mando to ensure safety of the crew and put away his comm. "So how far along are we here?" he'll inquire to Tucker and Sama a bit expectantly.

10-23-2013, 08:40 PM
Sama - Markets with cook, tucker, lizzie.

"They've got everything but that phase adaptor I am needing...I can get you another month out of the one we got current cap, but after that we will be NEEDING it. Supplies are enroute to the ship within the hour."

She takes a package from the merchant roughly no longer then a baseball bat, and about as round as a bowling ball and cradles it to her chest almost lovingly, murmuring silly things like, " soon baby, you'll have a new good home..."

10-23-2013, 09:05 PM
Lizzie - Haller Landing Markets

Lizzie wanders a bit as she makes her way through the markets with the other crew members, but she makes sure to stay within sight of the others. She smiles brightly at everyone who makes eye contact, but says little beyond exchanging pleasantries when offered. Lizzie keeps an eye out for stalls selling books but declines offers of other goods and... services.

Jay 2K Winger
10-23-2013, 09:52 PM
Haller Landing Markets - Trader Jim's and area

On the comm, Mando does tell Zhan, "Some weird guy named Kellins kept poking around. Lookin' for transpo to Faraday. Looks like a bit of a chwen joo, Cap'n." Beat. "Lemme know if you guys find a zither or something like one at a good price."

The merchants in and around Trader Jim's Discount Emporium are the kind that never stop talking, and most of them speak Chinese, and quite rapidly. Papazian himself, however, seems to realize that Zhan is the man in charge of the money, and barrels down on him.

"Hello, my friend, come, come, what is it you are looking for, eh? I promise you, on the head of my dear, sweet, departed wife's mother, that I can find it for you and you can have it at the best price on this rock!" Kevork Papazian wears a tie-less suit of a Core fashion that went out of style before the war, and has impressively white teeth in the recesses of a big bushy beard in twin braids. After greeting Zhan in this fashion, all smiles and cheerfulness, he turns and yells something at a couple of his workers, but he's not speaking in Common or Chinese. Not usual. There are as many languages spoken in the Verse as there are people in it, seems like at times.

Cortex Data

Meridian Heavy Industries is a mining and ore refinement company based around Red Sun, mining the asteroid belt (the 'Motherlode') there. They have several facilities on New Melbourne.

Franklin Brisket is a headhunter. He finds people who need work, or companies that need manpower, and he goes out and finds them. A bit shifty, but a search does reveal that Meridian is looking for miners and other workers, so the job looks legit.

Syman Lerga turns out to just be some mild-looking middle-aged man needing transport to New Melbourne for family business.

Faraday is the other moon of the planet Harvest, also around Red Sun.

Calculating the costs vs available funds reveals that they'll have just enough to cover maintenance/repair/fueling before factoring in pay from the available jobs.

10-24-2013, 05:05 AM
On the comm, Mando does tell Zhan, "Some weird guy named Kellins kept poking around. Lookin' for transpo to Faraday. Looks like a bit of a chwen joo, Cap'n." Beat. "Lemme know if you guys find a zither or something like one at a good price."

While talking to Mando he'll inform him, "We may actually be going to near Faraday so you might want to find out more about this Kellins fellow. If you can find out what business he has there and how quickly he needs to get there. If you think he's on the level tell him we should know something within the hour, but make no garuntees. I'll be there with the supplies once I'm done here. I know how you hate being couped up there on your own . . ." Pausing for a moment before adding with knowing sarcasm, "but I'm going to have to have someone babysit the medic, I know how much you hate that . . ."

After talking to Mando Zhan will start calling employers in order of importance (i.e.: level of pay), "Mr. Brisket, hello! I am Captain Zhānmǔsī Cook of the Duecalion. I'm calling to offer my services in transportation for Meridian Heavy Industries. . . Yes, well that being the case I would like to point out my crew and ship come highly recommended, I myself was a decorated officer in the Alliance military. . . Yes, Captain was in fact my rank, it's not just an honorary title. . . Please! Just call me Zhan. . . Alright, well I'm not sure how long we're going to be in port so you'll have to call back quick to secure my ships services. . . Yes, it's D-U-E-C-A-L-I-O-N, uh huh, yes that's Z-H-A-N-M-U-S-I, yes Cook. . . Good, I look forward to hearing from you. . . Very well, Good-bye!"

10-24-2013, 05:06 AM
Haller Landing Markets - Trader Jim's and area"Hello, my friend, come, come, what is it you are looking for, eh? I promise you, on the head of my dear, sweet, departed wife's mother, that I can find it for you and you can have it at the best price on this rock!" Kevork Papazian wears a tie-less suit of a Core fashion that went out of style before the war, and has impressively white teeth in the recesses of a big bushy beard in twin braids. After greeting Zhan in this fashion, all smiles and cheerfulness, he turns and yells something at a couple of his workers, but he's not speaking in Common or Chinese. Not usual. There are as many languages spoken in the Verse as there are people in it, seems like at times.

After getting off the comm and meeting Kevork Papazian he'll look at the gentleman with an almost irrate demeanor, making sure to make eye-contact, and stating, "Well the first thing I'd like is for my crew to go unignored Jim. To be frank I have worked a long time to get a crew that I can trust to make decisions because I know that I need to be able to trust my crew implicitly. So I would appreciate if you would direct you're blatant sales-pitch to those in charge of finding and inspecting the merchandise that we are acquiring. Specifically . . ." placing a hand a Sama's shoulder gently so as not to leave the impression that the irritation is directed at her, "Sama, my mechanic. Once you have satisfied her expectations we will confer. Until then, I have a few more calls to make."

The comm rings a few times before a message must be left, "Mr. Lerga, my name is Captain Zhānmǔsī Cook of the Duecalion. I am calling about your need for passage to New Melbourne. We are going to be going that way and would be happy offer accomadations for your travels. Call me back at (###) ###-####. I look forward to meeting you."

10-24-2013, 05:10 AM
Sama - Markets with cook, tucker, lizzie.

"They've got everything but that phase adaptor I am needing...I can get you another month out of the one we got current cap, but after that we will be NEEDING it. Supplies are enroute to the ship within the hour."

She takes a package from the merchant roughly no longer then a baseball bat, and about as round as a bowling ball and cradles it to her chest almost lovingly, murmuring silly things like, " soon baby, you'll have a new good home..."

Rejoining the real world Zhan will engage Sama, "I know you're excited, don't worry we'll get it here soon." Turning to the store's proprietor he'll knowingly say, "Now Mr. Papazian, let's talk money. . ." before low-balling the original quoted price by 25%.

10-24-2013, 05:20 AM
"Tucker, Sama, where's Lizzie?"

10-24-2013, 05:56 AM
Tucker had been helping Sama pick out parts and deferring to her judgement as to what would be good to buy. When the Capn' asks about Lizzie he looks up, glances around the market a second and back at Zhan. "Ta ma de..." he would face palm if not carrying things for Sama, "Sorry sir I didn't see which way she went."

10-24-2013, 12:07 PM
Lizzie - among the market stalls

A young man of middle-eastern descent engages Lizzie in conversation. He doesn't appear to be selling anything. Lizzie, unsure of his motives, keeps the conversation to small talk and vacuous pleasantries.

Preoccupied thus, Lizzie doesn't notice when the rest of the crew move on without her.

10-26-2013, 04:41 PM
Zhan - Trader Jim's and among the market stalls

Kevork Papazian, flustered and taken aback, "Why that's almost insulting! I see what you are trying to do here and I'll have none of it!" and counters with a value 15% above normal market value.

Capain Zhan retorts hurriedly, "I am not a man to be trifled with, not only do you insult my crew but my intelligence and I did not make it through the War commanding an Alliance Cruiser by letting an backwater merchant swindle me." with a slight grin as he finds himself enjoying this and wishing he didn't have to leave. Clearly this is a man who appreciates the value of the barter system. He follows up with a counter-offer for 20% less than market value.

Turning away from the merchant "Tucker, Sama, deal with this man and don't let him stiff you, I'll search for Lizzie, and don't forget the phase adaptor!"

Zhan then stalks off mummbling under his breath, "That girl always..." before heading into the rest of the market. He stops for a moment to absorb his surroundings that he only halfway paid attention to before and curses under his breath for stupidly not having paid more attention to his bearings when he first came. The market, he notices, seems to be half strip mall half bazaar styled in a bizarre eclectic mashing of cultural influences that ends up a cluttered din of sensations that assaults the eyes, ears and noise making spotting individual details like a particular individual nearly impossible without a stroke of brilliance, luck or both.

Luckily Cook often seems blessed with both he confidently gloats to himself for just a moment before he proves himself wrong as he spots what looks like Lizzie's red dress on someone of her general build. He walks up behind her calling her name a few times trying to get her attention. When he reaches her he grabs her shoulder saying, "Lizzie didn't you hear me, I was.." The lady turns around wih a false smile and he realizes he got the wrong lady.

"If you want me to be 'Lizzie'I can... for a price." the anonymous doxie replies.

"...mistaken it would seem." Zhan finishes his sentence with an impromptu ending.

"Are you sure I'm not the Lizzie your looking for?"

Cook simply looks over her dress and notices the differences in design he couldn't from behind her before he manages to hear his comm signalling just barely over the din. Curiusly he fishes it out of his pocket and notices who's calling. "Oh now he calls back."

Jay 2K Winger
10-27-2013, 06:23 PM
GM NOTES: Tyger, Ellain, you may introduce Wolf and Rowan into the story at this point. One or both of you is likely out shopping/supply-gathering somewhere in Haller Landing. At present, Sama and Tucker are at Trader Jim's Discount Emporium, Lizzie got separated in the bazaar, and Zhan is out looking for her. Mando is back at the ship, holding up the walls with his back and generally making sure no one goes poking around where they shouldn't.

Trader Jim's Discount Emporium

Papazian practically swells with fury as Zhan tries to lowball him, and then further when Zhan directs him to deal with "underlings." He starts talking quite heatedly in that other language (which has its roots in Turkish, though lingual drift over the centuries means it only has a nodding acquaintance with its original form), clearly saying unkind things about the captain-- presumably regarding his parents and whether or not they were married at the time of Zhan's birth-- but then he subsides after the captain leaves.

The merchant turns to Sama and Tucker, and with a visible effort, he controls himself and that smile returns. "Do forgive my outburst, my friends. Among my people, it has always been the custom to bargain with the chief or captain or local potentate, and I always forget that the ways of Core-worlders is different. Come, come! Tell me what it is you will need, and I promise you," and his voice is oozing with obsequious affability now, "we either have it, or we can find it for you, wholesale!"

It's very carefully hidden now, but Papazian sees an opportunity to swindle some money out of the captain's crew, since the tight-fisted Londinian has left.

Haller Landing Markets

Lizzie receives a lot of attention as she goes through the markets. There is a lot going on, and it's quite an assault to the senses, but compared to the hustle and bustle of a Core-world port, it's not quite that bad. Men and women both call after her, offering wares and goods for sale and trade, and more than one lecherous sneer from less salubrious types.

For instance, right now. A tall, swarthy man with a big bushy mustache, wearing a smelly suit and some gold chain jewelry around his neck, turns to regard her and looks her up and down, muttering something in his native language (something that sounds vaguely like Farsi) and then barks at her, "Very nice! How much?"

He evidently thinks she's one of the local doxies.


Zhan, meanwhile, is definitely going to struggle to find Lizzie, since no one noticed when they got separated from her, plus she's wandered a bit herself by this point. As he moves away from the doxy that he mistook for Lizzie, the call he gets is from Syman Lerga.

"Hallo, Capitan Coook," the man replies, and his voice is colored with an accent, vaguely Slavic. He does pronounce the rank as "cap-i-tan" and the name with an extra-long "oo" sound, but this is down to his accent. "I am very happy to be hearing that you will be traveling to in the," he hesitates, and utters a brief collection of syllables in his language, before translating: "Red Sun system, yes? You can be taking me to New Melbourne? I am just poor businessman, business not so good on Ezra, but nephew on New Melbourne offering stake in dry goods business. Good starting point, yah?"

10-27-2013, 08:03 PM
Aidan "Wolf" McCowan -- Haller Landing Stalls

Wolf lucked out in his search and walked up beside Lizzie, "Och! Saint's be knackered, Lassie, there ye be!! The Cap'n be a-tearin' the town a new'n a-sarchin far ya!!"
Wolf was a tall-er, rawboned man of 170 pounds that could move. He glared at the swarthy man, then turned to Lizzie again.
"Lizzie, ye know be'er than thus," he said in the gentle tone of a concerned and worried big brother, his Celtic brogue thickening with emotion. "Ye've worried us... C'mon. Th' ammo I ordered is s'posta meet us at th' ship. Should keep Mongo happier'n'a mouse in a cheese fact'ry."
(Wolf knew Mando's name, but enjoyed the jest of mis-speaking the moniker.) On their way, Aidan "Wolf" McCuan stopped briefly to purchase 8 ounces of tobacco and a fistful of cigars. "Been needin' a good puff fer a few days."

10-27-2013, 08:24 PM
Sama - with Tucker at vendor's stall

She closes her eyes with a faint stab of annoyance at the smart mouthed bastard, then turns to him and with almost cavity inducing smile gracing her lips.

".....I'll make you a deal, I'm looking for an extremely hard to find item, but my father used to be able to get them all the time. If you can find it I'll pay wholesale cost for it, if not....75% off everything we buy here today right now."

She winks at tucker on the pretense of rubbing some grit out of her eye.

"The item I'm looking for is a multifluxuating dual phase flux capacitor inhibitor, must fit a standard model X4554-34 engine...oh and I need a dozen of those.....otherwise...here is the rest of my shopping list."

10-27-2013, 08:37 PM
Rowan- among the market stalls

Having bought herself a new pair of boots to replace the ones she is wearing (who needs a hole in their sole?!) Rowan is about to search out a shooting range or dojo when she runs into Zahn, who is just getting off a call on his comm.

"Hey, Cap'n, how's the job search going?"

10-27-2013, 09:39 PM
Lizzie - Haller Landing Markets

Lizzie laughs warmly at the swarthy man's proposition. She's about to respond when Wolf walks up beside her. She lets Wolf lead her away, trying to explain. "I didn't mean to get separated from the others."

Lizzie sighs when Wolf stops to purchase tobacco products. "I don't suppose you'll listen to me this time if I tell you that those things are bad for your health? No? Didn't think so." She sounds resigned.

Lizzie sticks near Wolf at first, but tugs on his sleeve after a minute. "Wait up. I see books." Lizzie heads straight for the stall and rifles through the vendor's books, finally settling on two books, which she holds close to her as she and Wolf head back toward the ship.

10-27-2013, 09:56 PM
(ooc: gonna back pedal just slightly so I can respond before Sama. Would have posted sooner but I just spent the vast majority of this weekend at a training camp.)

Tucker - With Sama at the Trader's Stall

When Zhan leaves and the merchant gets all uppity like Tucker puts on what he hopes is a disarming smile, "I do apologize good sir. I'm sure our captain meant no offense. He had to attend to one of our crew, surely you can understand a Chieftain watching out for the people he's meant to protect."

As Sama lists off her deal and the item she's looking for he lets out a slight smirk and then quickly schools his expression while folding his arms in front of his chest, a pretense to put his hand closer to his pistol butt, and waits to see how the merchant will react.

10-27-2013, 10:04 PM
Wolf and Lizzie -- Haller Landing Markets
"They may be bad for me, but no worse than having a generous price on my head, Lizzie. Oh, by the way, I also happened across an old friend who owed me some credits. He paid his debt in full with something I'm certain you'll enjoy for a week at the least."

Back on the ship, Wolf places a very very old vault-box (http://cdn2.armslist.com/sites/armslist/uploads/posts/2012/09/13/561099_02_ammo_cans_640.jpg) on a cargo container and grandiosely gestures for Lizzie to open it. Inside is a complete, 108 volume set of Archway paperback Hardy Boys Casefiles mysteries, with a copy of "Bones to Ashes" by Kathy Reichs.

Packing his pipe, Wolf asks her, "Am I now forgiven for entertaining my one vice of which you cannot approve?"

10-27-2013, 10:52 PM
Lizzie - Deucalion

A look of pure joy washes over Lizzie's face as she opens the box. She stares at the books for a moment until Wolf's voice brings her out of her reverie. She looks up at him. "It's not simply that I disapprove of your habit. I'm genuinely concerned about your health." Lizzie looks back down at the books. "But I promise not to bother you about it ever again."

10-28-2013, 02:53 PM
Zhan - among the market stalls

Turning to Rowan, "It would seem that business has taken an upturn since the Miranda Transmission, in fact, this may be the one and only time I have too much work. Now if I could just get everyone to stayed paired up as I ordered when we went planetside I'd be doing fantastic."

Pausing a moment to look back into the marketplace, he sighs and reflects, "At least you, I know, are armed. Still need to find Lizzie, you're going to have to forgoe your shooting practice. I want someone with me when I meet this Lerga individual. There's a crime lord with a station over this planet of Slavic descent and I noted Lerga's accent was similar. If the two are even remotely related we'd better stay on our toes."

The two leave, Zhan to renew his search, Rowan following orders, Zhan begins to mention that they are looking for Lizzie and what she's wearing when he remembers she wasn't wearing red at all. Too much time in the Black, he thought to himself, days start running together after a while. "She's wearing khaki pants and a green tank top." he recalls aloud.

"We'll need to find her quickly, I'm expecting a call from the headhunter confirming the job with Meridian any moment now, and we still need to check in on Sama and Tucker..." he pauses, "At least if we get there and find a weeping Arabian merchant we'll know they're on their way back to the ship."

10-28-2013, 03:46 PM
Rowan- among the market stalls

Looks ashamed "Sorry captain, I must have misunderstood you earlier. I'll make sure to stay with someone the rest of our time here. I'll keep my eyes peeled for Lizzie too."

10-28-2013, 03:53 PM
Lizzie - Deucalion

Lizzie tosses the two dog-eared books she bought in the market on top of the box: Silverlock by John Myers Myers and a copy of the Tau Te Ching. "Help me carry this, will you?" As she and Wolf carry the box to her room, Lizzie says, in an almost off-hand manner, "Didn't you say the captain was looking for me? Maybe you should let him know you found me."

10-28-2013, 04:13 PM
Zhan - in the market with Rowan

Looks over to Rowan, "Small oversight, I know we were all excited to get out of the Black for a while. Stay with me for now, I should listen to my own advice before running off after everyone who didn't. If you're finished here, let's go."

Once they start moving again he starts to call to check in with Mando at the ship.

Jay 2K Winger
10-28-2013, 06:36 PM
Trader Jim's Discount Emporium - Sama & Tucker

Kevork Papazian draws himself up as Tucker comments on the captain's need to protect his crew. "Of course I understand, my friends! These are interesting times, times of change, all this talk of Alliance misconduct, Miranda and whatnot, of course your captain would think of his crew's safety. I myself am the father of five young girls. If anything were to happen to them, you can be certain my fury would shake the heavens themselves! I worry about them myself, living on this world. You may find this hard to believe, my friends, but there are dishonest people around here."

And he smiles as he says this. It's a rather disarming smile, and his eyes do notice Tucker's hand being near his pistol. He just gives the pilot a level 'I can see what you're doing and you wound me, sirrah' stare, before turning his attention back to Sama.

"You must think I was born falling off the back of a shuttle, my dear," Papazian tut-tuts. "I am not some back-berth slack-brained fool. For one thing, seventy-five percent? Outrageous! IF-- and that is a big 'if', my friends, you may set your watch and warrant upon it-- I were unable to find you what you needed, the absolute most I could discount you would be forty-five percent. We are all businessfolk, are we not? I must make a living just as much as you do."

There is a pause, and then he chuckles. "Besides, we both know there is no such thing as a multi-fluctuating dual-phase flux capacitor inhibitor. Next you would be asking me for headlight fluid." He barks a single short laugh, and takes the shopping list from Sama. He spends a few moments looking over the list, nodding to himself and muttering in his pseudo-Turkish language. Then he points at one item on the list*. "This you ask for here, I cannot get you this, much to my deep regret. These are all controlled by that," and here the merchant's lips twist into a scowl as he rattles off some words in his native tongue before spitting on the floor, "that lives up on the skyplex. You do not want to deal with that monstrosity. Best I can offer is a near-model from Lowantech. A good engineer could jerry-rig it to fit the needs, and you are a good engineer, yes?"

* GM Note-- Sarlon, pick an item on the list that would be somewhat difficult to acquire.

Haller Landing Markets - Zhan & Rowan

When the captain calls up Mando, the gun-hand answers. "Lao Bahn, that Kellins guy is still nosing around. He definitely seems twitchy. Tried to talk him up, but he seems too nervous to talk to me." His voice drops a bit, a clear sign that he's being overheard on his end, "Think the guy's had a bit too much dust up his nose, if you take my meaning." Then his voice raises a bit again. "Lizzie and Wolf just got back in, Cap'n. Need me for anything out there?"

After Zhan is finished with the call to Mando, he gets a comm from Franklin Brisket, the headhunter. His voice is a bit gruff, the voice of a man who smokes heavily. "Captain Cook, glad I could get in touch. I got these three workers bound for New Melbourne that are racking up downtime. Downtime don't pay the bills. They don't work, they don't get paid. More importantly, they don't work, I don't get paid. And if I don't get paid, well, you don't get paid, and that's the bottom line, innit? Whenabouts can I expect you and yours to be ready to ship off, so I can tell the workers where and when to be?" Going by his voice and manner of speaking, he sounds very much like a man who is all about business, which means he's all about getting paid. Probably somewhat dubious of scruples, but who isn't, these days?

Deucalion - Lizzie, Wolf, Mando

As the medic and hacker arrive back at the ship, they'll find Mando standing by the ramp, his slouch hat pushed back out of his eyes, arms folded as he watches a very rangy, pale man. By the state of his clothes and hygiene, he looks every inch a hikkomori-type, and he's definitely a bit twitchy. He's muttering to himself in Chinese, but so low it's difficult to make out the words, and he's eyeballing the ramp and Mando as if to try to rush past him to get on board anyway.

Mando, without taking his eyes off the hikkomori, nods to the two. "Ricky Kellins," he mutters to them. "Some guy who wants transpo off-world. Somethin' about him don't sit too right with me."

10-28-2013, 07:16 PM
Deucalion -- Wolf
After his interaction with Lizzie, and promising to have Mando help her lug the box, Wolf stepped out to greet the hikkomori. "Mongo, I'll spell ye abit. Playz h'lp Lizzie wi' a mite, eh, me bucko?"
His eyes on the hikkomori Wolf drew out one of his legion combat knives (http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/th/aplus/gerber-MarkII-22-01874-lg.jpg) and began cleaning his own fingernails.
The meaning of his words plain to a deaf-mute, Wolf conversationally asked, "Help ye, Sar Kellins?"

10-28-2013, 07:21 PM
Tucker - With Sama at Trader Jim's Discount Emporium

After the merchant seems to react calmly to Sama's antics, Tucker turns to scan the crowd while Sama negotiates. The whole while he keeps his arms folded and his hand near the pistol, though his unspoken threat is now clearly directed out to any passerby and not at the merchant.

10-28-2013, 09:54 PM
Sama - merchant negotiations - with Tucker

"My dear sir, I would ask for a 50% mark off then, and the fact you cannot aquire in good time a Phase Adaptor, then I may just take my business else where."

10-28-2013, 11:43 PM
Zhan - Over ship-relayed comm

"Zhōngsh de zhnsh (faithful warrior) tell him I will meet with him in one hour, and tell Lizzie that for not following my jiǎndān shǎguā xng (simple, idiot-proof) orders today she is to clean the d xing bozh sh de lādzi (explosive diarrhea of an elephant) off of the cargo bay floor, and she's got till we start loading up to do it.", Zhan barks when Mando mentions Lizzie's arrival before ending the call.

Looking at his comm when it signals a new wave he looks at Rowan straight-faced and says, "It never rains..." before answering.

After listening to Brisket rattle off he replies in a similar tone and pace, "Very well, Mr. Brisket I will gladly take your men on the fastest route possible to New Melbourne as soon after I meet both yourself and these three gentleman at my ship assuming everything checks out. I do not let anyone or anything onboard my ship with first meeting them and you will be no exception. Assuming all goes well we will leave at O-six-hundred."

Pausing to here Mr. Brisket's arguement about the delay in leaving before barking back, "Now I don't know what b nifn zhuāngmzuyng de fjio tiāntǐ wlǐ xu jiā (impatient, bumbling bhuddist astrophysicist) taught you astronavigation but I can assure you based on my training and years of experience navigating everything from cruisers to mid-bulk transports to Dīli de kě zhīpi kōngjiān chē (shitty, disposable space cart) that using the alignment at that time to utilize the gravitational pull of two of the moons to slingshot us towards the Red Sun getting us there quicker than if we left now, and it will give us time to allow your workers to set their affairs in order."

Now Cook pauses to allow the headhunter's apology to be stammered out. "It's perfectly fine, each person to their place. We will meet you there with your men in one hour." he replies not too subtley informing the headhunter to let him do his job before ending the wave.

"... but it pours. Rowan do you remember the Persian Affair?" he asks Rowan, refering to a job they pulled just a month after the transmission in which several passengers, seemingly from seperate from each other turned out to be coordinating an attempt to steal the ship.

10-29-2013, 02:26 AM
Rowan- with Zahn

"Hmmm, seems I might remember something like that... You think we may have a similar situation here?"

10-29-2013, 02:42 AM
Zhan - With Rowan

"Certainly seems to be the case, we have one hour before we meet the passengers. What are our options?"

10-29-2013, 06:00 AM
Wolf -- guarding the Deuclian's loading ramp

As the interloper Kellers took a step onto the ramp, Wolf gave a whistle like that of the blood-claw hawks on New Highland. The shrill, high-pitched sound seemed more a scream than a whistle, and it had the desired effect on Kellers.
It made him look at Wolf.
...And the knife Wolf was ready to throw.
Wolf's brogue was THICK as he growled, "Tayk one mar step, Sar, and aye'll bay dragon yer arse off tae th' bootchars far chop-mayt. NO ONE b't har Croo bards th' Deuclian tall 'er Skeeper be arrivin'!!"

((TRANSLATION: Take one more step, Sir, and I'll be dragging your arse to the butcher to be made into hamburger. No one but her crew boards the Deuclian 'til her Skipper arrives!"))

10-29-2013, 03:02 PM
Lizzie - Deucalion's cargo bay -> loading ramp

Lizzie shakes her head as she heads back down to the ramp. She places a hand gently on Wolf's arm, saying "Didn't anyone ever tell you that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar?"

She steps toward the nervous-looking Kellins, moving close enough to converse easily but not moving into his personal space and using an open body language and warm expression that she finds normally causes shy people to open up. She speaks to him in Chinese. "Good day, Mr. Kellins. I'm Elizabeth Lock, but you can call me Lizzie. I apologize if my friend was less than welcoming. I hear you're looking for transportation off world. Can you tell me about that?" She finishes off with a warm smile.

10-29-2013, 03:19 PM
Wolf grumbles something in his native Celtic (now a bastardized combination of Welsh, Gaelic, and a hefty dose of Germanic epithets.) and lowers the knife. ((it's a planetary dialect. I figure most planets have one))

10-29-2013, 04:41 PM
Rowan- heading toward the Deucalion with Zahn

Rowan taps her lips thoughtfully as they walk.

"Well, obviously we could simply refuse the suspect jobs, but that doesn't seem like the greatest idea from a financial standpoint. We could take half, split them up. Assuming they do have nefarious plans, that would make their task harder, and ours easier. Or we could accept all of them, and be on alert. How many are we talking about? Whatever else we do, I suggest we have Wolf do some background checking on the passengers and look for rumors of criminals of the sort we're expecting."

After a moment, she adds, " I know it's an added expense, but if we take the lot of them, it would be prudent to use the spaceport's scanner service to see any weapons. I would suggest we lock any we find in our gun safe upon boarding, then when any guests are otherwise occupied, move them to the hidden safe."

10-29-2013, 05:58 PM
Zahn- heading toward the Deucalion with Rowan

Zhan leans towards Rowan as they walk briskly, cutting through the market crowds, and shows her the display...

[F. Brisket] --/-- [Transport 3 workers] --/-- [New Melbourne] [Meridian Heavy Industries] --/-- [Good] [35%]
[S. Lerga] --/-- [Transport self] --/-- [New Melbourne] [n/a] --/-- [Low] [n/a]
[R. Kellins] --/-- [Transport self] --/-- [Faraday] [n/a] --/-- [Low] [n/a]

Commenting expositorily, "The headhunter managing the Meridian job is known to have had some dirty dealings in the past and frankly gives me the sense that he is now when I talked to him over the comm just recently, combined with the exorbitant rate of his cut says to me this isn't above board. Lerga and I spoke earlier and he sounds to be of semi-Slavic descent. I don't know how much you know about the local crime syndicate but there is a Skyplex-station in orbit over this planet in which a crime lord with a rather vicious reputation does bussiness from. He's also of Slavic descent, if he's in any way related to the owner of that station, running from or working for we could be in trouble either way. However both of these jobs are on the very same planet making them quite attractive fiscally. Kellins is going to Faraday, which is in the same system and thus not a far jump from our primary destination. Also, he is at the ship right now, but Mando hasn't taken a liking to the gentleman. Now all of this could be nothing, but it could be something. So for the interest of our accounts we'll take the jobs, and in the interest of our safety we'll be taking your advice."

Zhan sends a text-based wave to Lerga confirming the acceptence of his passage to New Melbourne and requesting he arrive at the docking space to meet the captain before recieving departure schedule in one hour, and that he send a wave if he is to be late.

"Have Tucker look into our future passengers and more on Briskett as well, make sure that he get's the identities of those workers and whatever he can find on them as well, and call port security services to rent the scanner." Zhan orders while handing Rowan the comm without looking over, "Make it so."

Jay 2K Winger
10-29-2013, 07:32 PM
Deucalion-- Wolf, Lizzie, Mando + Ricky Kellins

"It's Mando," the big man reminds Wolf, like he does every time he overhears the Celt's nickname. No rancor to the words, just the patient stoicism of a rock. He'd been trimming the stubble on his jaw with the edge of his own knife, which probably hadn't done much for Kellins' nerves.

When Wolf addressed the skinny man, however, Kellins didn't seem to respond. He was still muttering to himself and eyeballing the ramp and the apparent shelter of the ship within, not appearing to notice either man with the scary knives, or if so, not really categorizing them as "threat." Given that he seems lost in his own little world, somewhat, this isn't too surprising. But then he tries to step onto the ramp, and Wolf growls at him, and this finally seems to penetrate into Kellins' head.

Kellins stares at Wolf, wide-eyed, and there's still that weird disconnect. He sees Wolf, he sees the knife, he sees and comprehends the threat being made, but it still doesn't seem to trigger the right social responses. When Lizzie addresses him, Kellins' eyes flick over to her, and blink a few times before he responds.

"I need to get to Faraday. It's very important I get to Faraday right away. You're going my way, right? You can take me to Faraday, get me there before it's too late? I need to get there right away." And Kellins keeps rambling in this fashion, his voice dropping to that same mumble, and it becomes clear that's what he was muttering to himself all this time. Lizzie's practiced medical eye would definitely pick up some slightly worrying signs: A bowing to his legs, coupled with the paleness of his skin, speaks to long-term vitamin-D deficiency, but there's also a bloodshot quality to his eyes and a darkening to his nostrils that speaks to a drugs habit, likely "dust."*

* GM Note-- "Dust" is basically space cocaine. Or space heroin. Or space any-drug-that-can-be-taken-nasally.

Trader Jim's Discount Emporium - Sama & Tucker + Kevork Papazian

Tucker's unspoken threat goes entirely unnoticed by pretty much everybody that walks by Trader Jim's Discount Emporium. There are plenty of hard-looking folk that do similar stances or non-verbal statements, so it tends to get lost in the background. The only people that do take any notice are some Alliance soldiers and their officer that walk by. But even their return stare is just the kind that one expects from soldiers that spot someone openly carrying a weapon.

Since Tucker isn't offering any actual violence, the soldiers move on, and the squad's sergeant starts barking out a quick-march cadence as the troops hustle out back to their garrison a couple of miles away.

Sama's negotiations with Papazian appear to be winding down at this point anyway. He puts a hand to his chest, somewhat over-dramatically, turning his eyes heavenward and uttering what's probably a prayer in his native tongue. "Woman, you will beggar me-- beggar me! I have offered you the best I can reasonably acquire for you, and you still want more from me?" He sighs, shaking his head. "Fifty percent mark down, very well. BUT!" And he raises a finger, wagging it at her, "Do not go asking for more than that, I have been more than generous." He strikes the phase adaptor off the list and passes it off to one of his employees, who starts calling things out in the same language as Papazian. Workers start to collect the parts and supplies.

Papazian himself, meanwhile, is drawing up an invoice, muttering calculations to himself. He presents the invoice to Sama. Sure enough, there's the itemized list, with prices listed, and the agreed-upon 50% discount. He does have reasonable rates, by the look of it. "Once you have satisfied yourself that what you need is all there, sign off on it-- or wave it off to your captain for his escutcheon**-- and I will have my people deliver it to your ship."

** GM Note-- "Escutcheon" is a common term now in the 'Verse for a person's signature or mark of identity. Since some folk sign in Common/English, while others use Chinese characters.

Haller Landing Markets - Zhan & Rowan + Comms

On the comm with Mr. Brisket
"Fair man," Brisket says, when the captain expresses his wishes to meet the headhunter and workers at the ship before signing off on the job, "I tend to prefer doin' business with a man face-to-face, not over a comm-wave, m'self. Would prefer you'd be leavin' sooner'n oh-six, but it's your ship. I expect you to max your speed after you break atmo. Full burn your--" and this is where Zhan interrupts to talk to him about astronavigation.

Brisket growls in response. "Don't you talk to me about astronav, purple-belly. You think I don't know about slingshots and grav-pull? I did my time before the mast on a frigate, before and during the war." There's a slight hiss on his end, and the crackle of burning paper. Probably taking a pull on a cigarette. After a heavy exhalation, the headhunter snaps, "You wanna meet me and my workers before agreeing to the job? Like hell I'm waitin' till oh-six. There's a pub down by the docks, the Falling Sky. I'll be there with my workers in an hour. You want the job, you meet me there. Or I'll find some other captain who needs the coin." Once Cook agrees to this, Brisket abruptly disconnects.

It's a few minutes after Zhan sends the text-wave to Lerga when the man replies with a cheerful agreement to meet at the requested time.

10-29-2013, 07:57 PM
Lizzie - with Wolf, Mando, and Kellins at Deucalion loading ramp

Lizzie's smile fades as she attempts to make eye contact with Kellins, but fails. Trying to hide her irritation at not getting through to him, she focuses her concern into her voice. "What's at Faraday? What will happen if you're too late?"

10-29-2013, 09:18 PM
Sama With Tucker at the market

She goes over it quickly nodding to herself offering her hand on the bargain, "I shall sing your high praises and tell many of your honest work and high quality!"

She signs off on it, and gives directions to the ship. She pushes the package she had been handed into Tucker's arms, "drop that and I will gut you in your sleep...." the item a lot heavier then expected for its size.

She pulls out her own comm unit and opens a channel to anyone on the ship, "Hey this is Sama with Tucker, no problems here, but I've got a shipment of parts and supplies being sent to the ship, don't want you guys shooting first and asking questions later....Tucker promised he'd go dress shopping with me, so we'll be back later less you need us...no more then an hour or so. Think he'll look good in pink frills?"

10-29-2013, 09:47 PM
Wolf -- Deucaleon ramp
The rawboned man turned to Mando. "Y'know, Mando, I can see why this guy strikes you as wrong..."
Wolf always referred to Mando by his correct name when he wanted to get his point across to the man.

10-30-2013, 09:48 PM
Rowan- exiting the markets with Zahn

"Have Tucker look into our future passengers and more on Briskett as well, make sure that he get's the identities of those workers and whatever he can find on them as well, and call port security services to rent the scanner." Zhan orders while handing Rowan the comm without looking over, "Make it so."

Taking the comm, Rowan immediately calls the Deucalion. "Hey Mando, got a job for Tucker. Could you patch him through?"

"Tucker, Captain needs you to do some fishing for us. Any info you can find on Brisket as well as on each of our prospective passengers. We've been remembering the Persian situation a few months back, so caution might be good here."

After a brief chat with Tucker, Rowan makes the second call to the Port Security, and arranges to have access to the scanner for 2 hours prior to departure, and at a reasonable rate, too!

"Sir, did I overhear that we're meeting Brisket at Falling Sky?" She points across the way. "It's just over there. If we go now, we'll be about 20 minutes early, and I suspect that would impress our customer. And give us time to scout the place a bit, if he isn't already there."

10-30-2013, 09:57 PM
Think he'll look good in pink frills?"

Tucker - With Sama at the Market

Tucker gives a slight laugh, "Chai neow (oddball). I'll look as good in frills as you do in heels."

10-30-2013, 10:00 PM
Sama with Tucker wandering merchant stalls-

"Oh please....heels are as useful as a screen door on an airlock."

She takes the package back from him cradling it like a child, and drags him to a few stalls to look at various things, more to keep them off ship and landside for the time and to enjoy "fresh air".

10-30-2013, 10:03 PM
Tucker - Wandering the stalls with Sama

At that comment Tucker gives a full on laugh. When dragged into a stall he does his best not to look impatient or put out... which means it takes him about 5 minutes before he's glancing around at anything but the merchandise.

11-02-2013, 03:22 AM
Wolf -- Deucalen's loading ramp
Having overheard the comm-wave, Wolf groused, "{appropriate pissy phrase in Chinese} Mando, why is the Captain asking Tucker to do the background check when that's more within my skillset than Tucker's?"

Jay 2K Winger
11-03-2013, 07:29 PM
Haller Landing Markets - Sama, Tucker - leaving Trader Jim's Discount Emporium

There's not much else untoward that happens in the markets to the ship's engineer and pilot. Just t he usual bargaining and shilling and moderately aggressive salesmanship.

GM Note-- Not much else to add here for you guys, sorry.

Deucalion - Lizzie, Wolf, Mando + Kellins

Mando nods simply to Wolf at his assessment of Kellins' mental state. "Told you." He is still keeping an eye on Kellins himself, now just idly tapping the flat of his blade against his forearm. The question about Tucker gets a shrug. "No idea, Wolf. Why don't you ask him?"

As for Ricky Kellins, still the poor man doesn't really seem to be connecting events in reality with whatever's going on inside his head, as Kellins just keeps muttering in Chinese on the same lines as before-- he needs to get to Faraday-- but then something must 'click' in his brain. He starts patting around at his outfit's pockets, pulling out various sundries: bits of string, an old Chinese paper seal, a couple of metal discs and coins (and they all appear to be old company scrip and specie, only worth anything if taken to a company store), an empty wallet, and a ID pack with his name and face on it.

And then another ID pack falls out of his pocket, bounces off his boot, and lands, face-up, by Wolf's feet. The picture is of Kellins, albeit somewhat shoddily inserted. But the name on the packet reads Phoenix McHoulihan.

Haller Landing Markets - near The Falling Sky - Zhan, Rowan

When the captain and the first mate step up to the Falling Sky, they'd see the sign of the bar overhead. An arc representing a world, and three falling symbols-- sun, moon, and star. At the bottom, the name of the bar in English, at the top, the same in Chinese characters. The interior is your basic public house. A bar stocked with booze of varying qualities and type, a stage on which a band plays shanties and the like, a number of tables in the middle, and booths around the sides. Three rent-rooms are on the lower level, but the lights next to them have red filters over them, making it clear what they're rented for. Upstairs, about ten more rent-rooms, cramped but serviceable, but what need is there for those rooms at the now? Besides, they have rooms back on their own ship.

If Zhan and Rowan go there early, they'd arrive about five minutes ahead of Franklin Brisket and his workers.

Brisket is a man of average height, but he is a very wide man, broad of shoulder and thick of build. He's dusky-skinned and utterly bald, wearing a shabby black suit coat over a wife beater. His thick fingers and knuckles are calloused, and he wears rings on his fore and pinky fingers on both hands. He smokes two black cigarettes, and his expression is a hard one.

Three men accompany him. Two of them have the build of men who work in hard labor, mining or smithing perhaps. One of them has the minor burn scars that accompanies smithing, at least. The other looks like your standard industrial worker in appearance. The third man looks much more unassuming, and blinks a few times behind a pair of tinted spectacles. He looks like an accountant. The smith and accountant both wear plain, ordinary clothes, of the kind one might wear when that's all they can afford. The industrial worker-type wears a worn leather jacket, dark and patched in places.

11-03-2013, 08:03 PM
Wolf -- Deucaleon loading ramp
Wolf knelt and scooped up the packet. An eyebrow cocked, Wolf said quietly, "Mando, I think we have a swiper on our hands." Wolf referred to criminals who not only stole IDs but changed their signature and either resold the "swapped" IDs or used them for fraud.
"Lizzie, I'd back away from Kellins. Mando, I'm going to 'my office' and do a bit of digging. D'ya care to mind th' store half a tick?"

11-03-2013, 08:39 PM
Sama with Tucker -markets looking for a bar/pub-

"I'm parched, nothing here is catching my eye, lets grab a drink or 6, my treat."

She starts to wander off again, looking for a place.

11-04-2013, 02:19 AM
Tucker - With Sama, Looking for a Bar

Tucker openly smiles once they leave the clothing shops/stalls. "Now that is a right fine plan. So long as I have time to do what the cap'n asked of me."

11-04-2013, 12:56 PM
Lizzie - with Mando and Kellins at the Deucalion loading ramp

Lizzie follows Wolf's advice and walks up the ramp a little ways to stand near Mando. In a low voice, she says, "This man doesn't need transport to Faraday. He needs a rehab facility."

11-04-2013, 05:40 PM
Aidan "Wolf" McCuan -- Deucaleon's bridge
After tapping the "Standby" switch on the main bridge panel to warm things up, Wolf sat in his chair, wriggled his fingers, and began working. While he liked to believe himself a maestro on the computer, in truth, Wolf was an average hacker.
His little station on the bridge housed two twelve-inch monitors, a keyboard and a touchpad/stylus-tablet in a space barely bigger than an economy apartment's shower stall. Small as it was, it was still within arm's reach of the comm-unit where Zhan stood while making contact with outside parties.
Today's job would be interesting.
"Phoenix McHoulihan and Ricky/Richard/Rick Kellins... what have you two in common and to say for yourselves," Wolf asked the computer.

11-05-2013, 04:00 AM
Zhan with Rowan - Leaving the markets and on the way to The Falling Sky

When the phone cuts off before he can reply Zhan stands there looking at his phone lost in thought before Rowan's words cut into his line of thought, but only just. He gives his orders still analyzing the circumstances that surround him and his crew. As if on auto-pilot his legs and feet move him parrallel to his second in command as she follows the directives given. Overhearing Rowan's conversation going on right beside him he stifles a facepalm thinking, Spider . . . Wolf . . . Wolf Spider, there's too many animal aliases on my crew . . .

After Rowan finishes following her orders, giving the captain enough time to coalate his thoughts, he takes back the comm and activates a simple app that remains on as he puts it back in his inside jacket pocket. After a few steps he, with very little outward signal, bodily but not overly forcefully moves Rowan up against a wall with her back to the wall and coming in very closer facing her, bending down till her chin is above her shoulders and their chests touch and his mouth almost does the same with her right ear as he whispers, "Rowan, in case things go badly with this meeting, there's something I need to tell you..."

11-08-2013, 12:55 AM
Rowan- with Zahn near Falling Sky

Rowan is somewhat startled by Zahn moving her around, but goes along with it.
"I'm listening."

She keeps scanning the passers by as Zahn whispers in her ear.

11-08-2013, 06:10 AM
Aidan "Wolf" McCuan -- Deucaleon's bridge
Without thinking, Aidan lit his pipe as he worked his magic in the cyber-realm.

Jay 2K Winger
11-10-2013, 06:31 PM
Wolf -- Deucaleon loading ramp
Wolf knelt and scooped up the packet. An eyebrow cocked, Wolf said quietly, "Mando, I think we have a swiper on our hands." Wolf referred to criminals who not only stole IDs but changed their signature and either resold the "swapped" IDs or used them for fraud.
"Lizzie, I'd back away from Kellins. Mando, I'm going to 'my office' and do a bit of digging. D'ya care to mind th' store half a tick?"

Deucalion Ramp - Lizzie, Wolf, Mando + Ricky Kellins

When the second ID packet drops out of Kellins' pocket, Mando's eyes narrow dangerously. The hand holding his knife stops it steady tapping on his bicep and subtly tightens its grip. "Pretty serious situation, if that's the case, Wolf, no?"

As Wolf scoops the packet up, Kellins suddenly goes still. His eyes track from whatever point in the middle distance they'd been sort-of-focused on and lock onto Wolf, and all at once he seems to finally be in the here-and-now. "Give that back!!!" he all but shrieks and suddenly lunges for Wolf, roughly shoving past Lizzie in a blur of movement--

--and runs straight into the slab that is Mando's arm. The big man curls it around Kellins' neck, smoothly steps behind him, and clamps his other arm across his forehead. A quick application of pressure, and Kellins starts going limp from the sleeper hold. "And I think that's enough from you today, Mr. Kellins..." He slumps Kellins' unconscious body against the wall, then steps back. "Liz, you wanna make sure I didn't hurt the poor hwen dan too much?" He looks to the hacker. "Go see what you can find on him, we can have the constables pick him up later."

Cortex Data - Ricky Kellins, Phoenix McHoulihan

Wolf would find that Kellins was a known small-time problem on Ezra. He'd moved from settlement to settlement across the world, working odd jobs here and there. Most of his money went to support a dust habit, and had been bound by law four times for being under the influence in public. Trips to rehab facilities didn't seem to take for long, the sign of an addict who had never really hit rock bottom. Psych reports were harder to find-- those kinds of things were kept locked down by Alliance law-- but what little that was publicly available suggested that Kellins had some form of dissociative schizophrenia, only exacerbated by his dust addiction.

Phoenix McHoulihan, however... well, there's a trove of information out there about him! All kinds of stories about his adventures, sailing through the black from world to world, hobnobbing with the aristocracies, but down-to-earth and fully capable of rubbing elbows with the common folk. He's quick with a grin, quicker with a quip, and quickest with a gun, the most dangerous man around any Sun, is Phoenix McHoulihan.

And all these adventures are pretty clearly fantastical stories, Cortex fiction. A memetic badass by any definition.

That said, apart from Kellins' physical details being rather shoddily added to it, the ID packet is 100% solid. It wouldn't take more than a week or so for Wolf's equipment to purge out the bad data to "clean" it, but it would take access to more specialized equipment to insert "correct" data and make a useable ID that would pass muster.

Haller Landing Markets - near The Falling Sky - Sama, Tucker, Zhan, Rowan

As the ship's pilot and engineer browse through the markets and start looking for a place to wet their whistles, they happen to see The Falling Sky not too far away. The only other options for drinks are from random vendors, and any alcohol they're going to sell is likely to make you go blind...

By coincidence (honestly), Zhan and Rowan are nearby, finishing up their conversation...

11-10-2013, 07:25 PM
Aidan "Wolf" McCuan -- Deucaleon's bridge
As smoke curled from his pipe, Wolf sighed. "MacHoulihan, if I hadn't watched the movie The Outlaw Josey Wales (http://images.moviepostershop.com/outlaw-josey-wales-movie-poster-1976-1020144221.jpg) I'd have been afraid of you. As it now stands, Kellins, yer stupid as a rock."

11-11-2013, 02:46 AM
Sama -falling sky tavern-

She nudges Tucker in the side and points with her chin towards the Cap'n then pointedly walks towards a table close enough for tucker to be ready but far enough away not to eavesdrop and make a potential client nervous.

She orders a drink for herself, and ask the waiter to put a round of what ever the captain and "guests" were drinking on her tab.

11-11-2013, 10:41 AM
Tucker - with Sama at Falling sky tavern-

Tucker takes a seat next to Sama, orders whatever passes for beer around here, and takes a relaxed slouch in the chair. "Well now. Ain't this a might fortunate." He says, a slight grin turning up the corners of his mouth. When Sama put's the Capn's drinks on her tab he sighs, "At least let me pay for your drink and mine then Sa." He rarely calls her that, only when he is clearly feeling a fondness of sorts for her. The kind only a person who grew up with many siblings would recognize.

11-11-2013, 05:34 PM
Exile - OOC
I have really got to stop having life-melting crises within my proximity. I really need to be on here more often. I'm sorry everybody, I know I made a commitment when I signed on as captain. I'm going to try to at least check this more often.

Zhan - With Rowan on the way to The Falling Sky

After Rowan's acknowledgement Zhan quietly conveys, "Think about it, why would an established astronavigator take a job as a hiring manager on a planet with a fish-based economy? Lest he has an overpowering love or sturgeon he's got no reason to take lower pay starting out in a new career when he's got an established career and the requisite training and experience. Either that, or he's working an angle, an angle that only someone like himself can work..."

11-12-2013, 08:45 PM
Lizzie - with Mando and Kellins on the Deucalion's loading ramp

Lizzie checks Kellins' basic vitals, then grabs her med bag and checks him over more thoroughly. Lizzie draws a vial of blood. She hands Mando a mild sedative, instructing him, "If he seems to be coming around, you can give him this sedative, but only one dose. I'm going to run a tox screen to see if he's still got dust in his system." She turns and heads to the med bay, all business, and without her usual sashay.

11-13-2013, 02:56 AM
Wolf -- Deucaleon

Wolf walked past Lizzie, noting her demeanor.
"Hey Mando. Contact the Captain, tell him we have captured a known dust-user. I get the feeling he'll want Ricky there as far away from the ship as possible, if not behind bars."
Wolf toed the unconscious man with disdain. "Personally, I'd rather give him a back-alley necktie (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=italian%20neck-tie) and leave his stripped corpse for the buzzards. And before anyone mentions my own record, I'll tell you now, I have Standards, principles, and values. Dust is not a vice of which I approve."

11-19-2013, 10:38 PM
Rowan- with Zahn outside Falling Sky

"Hmm, sounds likely to be a hijacking plot of some sort. Perhaps a net* scheme- didn't he try to specify our route? We will need to be very careful, if that's the case!" Nodding toward the bar entrance, she says, "Ready?"

*See "Our Mrs. Reynolds"

11-20-2013, 02:05 PM
Zahn- with Rowan outside Falling Sky

"I thought that too, but he hasn't specified our route like you suggested. Which might mean he has a hauler ship, or some sort of salvager, those being more manueverable. Given that I didn't it unreasonable to excercise a bit of paranoia while telling you this, but since you don't see anyone that ou've felt a need to mention I guess I am ready."

Continuing, "I just wish we had another crewman, a walking triangle pattern works better and looks more natural than just watching your back and hoping you spot anyone who might be there..."

As they reach the watering hole he surveys the place with Rowan saying quiet enough that only Rowan could here, "We really need to stop going in blind with no backup."

Jay 2K Winger
11-20-2013, 06:00 PM
The Falling Sky - Zhan, Rowan, Sama, Tucker

When the captain and the first mate step up to the Falling Sky, they'd see the sign of the bar overhead. An arc representing a world, and three falling symbols-- sun, moon, and star. At the bottom, the name of the bar in English, at the top, the same in Chinese characters. The interior is your basic public house. A bar stocked with booze of varying qualities and type, a stage on which a band plays shanties and the like, a number of tables in the middle, and booths around the sides. Three rent-rooms are on the lower level, but the lights next to them have red filters over them, making it clear what they're rented for. Upstairs, about ten more rent-rooms, cramped but serviceable, but what need is there for those rooms at the now? Besides, they have rooms back on their own ship.

By the time Zhan and Rowan enter the pub, Sama and Tucker are already there, ensconced at their own table, seemingly unconnected to the captain and first mate's arrival. When/if Zhan or Rowan make an order for a drink, they'd be informed, discreetly, that their first round has already been provided for. (Sama being generous.) Franklin Brisket and his workers are already there, sitting at a table toward the back.

Brisket is a man of average height, but he is a very wide man, broad of shoulder and thick of build. He's dusky-skinned and utterly bald, wearing a shabby black suit coat over a wife beater. His thick fingers and knuckles are calloused, and he wears rings on his fore and pinky fingers on both hands. He smokes two black cigarettes, and his expression is a hard one.

Three men accompany him. Two of them have the build of men who work in hard labor, mining or smithing perhaps. One of them has the minor burn scars that accompanies smithing, at least. The other looks like your standard industrial worker in appearance. The third man looks much more unassuming, and blinks a few times behind a pair of tinted spectacles. He looks like an accountant. The smith and accountant both wear plain, ordinary clothes, of the kind one might wear when that's all they can afford. The industrial worker-type wears a worn leather jacket, dark and patched in places.

Brisket pulls both cigarettes out of his mouth and blows a thick stream of smoke at the ceiling as he eyes Zhan and Rowan. "You Cook?" he says, gruffly. It's the same voice Zhan spoke with on the comm.

Deucalion - Lizzie, Wolf, Mando + 1 unconscious R. Kellins

Mando takes the sedative without a word, resuming his usual "holding up the roof" stance, his knife put away for now. He keeps an eye on the the unconscious Ricky Kellins. "Wouldn't be surprised if he is still riding on his last snort. He won't be waking up any time soon, though," he says with confidence.

Lizzie's tox screen returns a hit, all right. Kellins definitely had a dose of dust fairly recently. Judging by the results, it was Nautilus White, a fairly common, and fairly potent strain of dust.

When Wolf returns with his opinion, Mando growls, "We ain't killin' the poor chwen. He might've drawn the short card when it come to brains, especial when it comes to puttin' fey wu up his nose, but that's no call to go cuttin' his throat."

He shakes his head. "No. Keep 'is swiper IdentCard, fine, but we ain't robbin' him blind. Tze sh'un tze mieh. Ring up the local police, hand him over to them, let them deal with him."

11-20-2013, 07:01 PM
Wolf -- Deucalion

"Pffft! Me keep it? Oh no, my dear friend. You, Mando, fit the IdentCard far better than I. Here, get an earful o' this."
With that, Wolf read off a few interesting tidbits from the dossier. "Phoenix MacHoulihan... Killed eight men in a bar on Taris 3 with only a broken bottle and a beer mug; ehhh, let's see here... ah, yes! Rrrrromanced two noblewomen and one doxie in one night on Fairhaven; hmm... sliced open a pimp from chin to nuts then hung his body from a street light by his own entrails on Nar Zhoung. Here's a good one for you: stole 18 thousand from a corrupt official and gave it to an orphanage on Beir-Naftali, and is now considered for sainthood by the Sisters of the Knights Templar."
Wolf grinned, "Definitely you. Besides, I haven't the 'go' for three women in a single night, nor am I the dashing Robin Hood type." He then offered the ID to Mando.

11-22-2013, 03:55 PM
((Worked on this with Tyg3rW01f))

Lizzie returned to the loading dock in the middle of Wolf and Mando's conversation. Addressing Wolf in a semi-doctoral tone, she said, "People don't get addicted because they're bad people. They get addicted because they need a distraction from the drudgery of their lives, because of social pressure, or because they self-treat a mental illness for which the system has failed to provide adequate medial aid."

Unimpressed, Wolf spat back, "The b'st'rd's a swiper! Tha's a leen cr'st be nay th' blaydin' Torries a'home! A' th' buggerin' Torries were dog-sodding wanker scum, th' lot!"
((the B**** is a swiper. That's a line not crossed by the bleeding Alliance-loyals back home! And the Torries were all dog-f****ing scum, the lot!))

"Well, that's a separate issue from his dust habit," Lizzie crossed her arms.

Aidan "Wolf" McCuan blinked. Okay. Different tack there. "Is it? His record states he uses swiping to support his habit."

Lizzie's eyes narrowed, making Wolf gulp, as she pressed her point. "Even if that's the case, he's likely using his dust habit to self-medicate his schizophrenia, which is not unusual when someone with a mental health issue like that can't get the medical help they need."

Wolf hissed a breath. He hated how Lizzie could diffuse him so easily. If only she knew how much like my older sister she is, he thought. Toeing Kellins roughly, Aidan growled, "Alright, I'll cut him that much slack. But he's still the lowest class of criminal I know, Lizzie. That is the crime for which I'd prefer giving him the back-alley necktie."

Lizzie sighed, "You have to understand, Wolf. I don't think Kellins is a bad person. Well, probably not. He's just doing the best he can in the circumstances he finds himself in. It doesn't sound like he's been using that fake ID to harm anyone."

Wolf considered that. "I guess I have trouble seeing your silver linings because mine have proven to be lead instead of silver too often." He shrugged, then puffed on his pipe as his features turned broody.

Lizzie laid a hand gently on Wolf's arm and looked down at the unconscious man at their collective feet. "I doubt there will be a silver lining for Kellins. We turn him over to the local police, and they'll lock him up. If he's lucky, he'll get rehab, but if his schizophrenia isn't treated, he'll just get back on the dust. Neither we nor the local government have the resources to make sure he gets the mental health treatment he needs."

11-30-2013, 01:49 AM
Zhan Cook; with Rowan - The Falling Sky

Upon entering the saloon Zhan scans the bar once thoroughly, seeming to take notice of nothing at all in particular outwardly. In truth he makes sure to take notice of every possible exit and the general layout of the bar and it's patrons. After this he walks to the bar with Rowan in tow to order a round, when the bartender mentions the lack of need to pay for the first round he simplygoes on as if business were usual by this development. In order to keep appearences he tips the bartender generously to make it seem he were paying the usual fare.

After they take their drinks Zhan turns around to lean his back against the bar and seemingly scan it again, but he already knows where he was planning to go. Without a word he begins to meander his way through the watering hole towards who he assumes is his contact, based more on intuition and knowledge of the gentleman's demeanor than anything else. When passing by Sama and Tucker he seems to not notice them whatsoever, placing himself between them and Rowan as they walk.

Finally strolling up to Briskett's table he acknowledges him when ask of his identity saying, "I am indeed. I assume you'd then be Mr. Briskett?" He glances down to see if there is any seating to take, at a nearby table or otherwise. If it is at a nearby table he makes no movement to manuever it closer, preferring to stand in such a case.

12-01-2013, 04:13 PM
Rowan- with Zahn at the Falling Sky

Rowan openly observes the bar and it's patrons. Wanting her hands free, she declines to order a drink just yet. When Zahn heads toward the table, she follows just slightly behind, taking his cues on ignoring Sama and Tucker, though she does briefly make eye contact.

Jay 2K Winger
12-01-2013, 06:10 PM
Deucalion - Lizzie, Wolf, Mando + 1 unconscious poor bastard

Mando took the McHoulihan ID and eyeballed it, then shrugged and stuffed it in the front pocket of his vest. "Might come in handy, but from what you say, sounds more like Seor McHoulihan is your standard Cortex legend." He listens impassively as the doctor and resident hacker bicker over Kellins' fate, finally declaring, when they're finished, "Ain't gonna say there aren't the bad addicts out there, Wolf, but Ricky here seems more like the type that uses dust just to maybe quiet las voces." With that phrase, he lifts a hand up close to his ear and flaps it like a mouth.

He goes over to the nearest ship-comm. "I'll ring up the local constab. At least they'll give him a roof over his head and at least one hot meal before ... whatever happens." Beat. "I won't mention the swiped ID, though."

The Falling Sky - Zhan, Rowan, Sama, Tucker + F. Brisket and his men

Brisket nods, and indicates the two chairs facing him at the table. "I am Frank Brisket." He indicates the men in order: smith, worker, accountant, "This is Weyland, Gilchrist, and Blevins." He waits for an introduction for Zhan's accompanying person (i.e. Rowan).

Once introductions are finished, a barmaid brings around the drinks. Brisket grabs his, raises it and offers, "Yer health." A bracing swallow is taken, and he taps ash out of his cigarettes. "Show the captain yer credentials, boys," he says to his workers, "he wanted to meet up with you before he agrees to take you off to your job."

Accordingly, the three other men do show their IdentCards and credentials. Bill Weyland, licensed metalworker. Henry Blevins, certified public accountant. Only Nick Gilchrist doesn't have any additional credentials, but he shows his IdentCard. "Don't got no fancy credentials," he admits. "Just a laborer, me."

Brisket takes a drag on his cigarettes as he regards Zhan levelly. "Anything else you need to satisfy your curiosity, captain?"

12-02-2013, 03:36 PM
Tucker et al. - The Falling Sky

Tucker takes a long draught from his drink and glances around the room for anyone who seems interested in what's going on over at the table the Captain and Rowan are at. "This whole thing seems off." He says to no one.

12-02-2013, 03:51 PM
Lizzie - Deucalion loading ramp

Lizzie takes the sedative back from Mando and puts it away. She hangs around to keep an eye on Kellins and answer any questions the local police might have.

12-04-2013, 01:49 PM
Zhan - The Falling Sky

"Of course, where are my manners? This is my second-in-command Rowan Li, and I of course am Zhānmǔsī Cook, but most just call me 'Zhan' or Captain. Whichever you prefer honestly, I'm not such a stickler for protocol." he responds to Brisket, introducing himself and Rowan to everyone at the table.

When introduced to the potential passengershe regards them each by name and looks them in the face. Not so much the eyes specifically, although he seems to, but also watching for any muscle twitches or ticks in the face in general. Once introduced he makes somthing of a show of sitting overtly casual in the chair presented, kicking his feet up and leaning back as he does with a smile on his face. When the barmaid approaches he makes a gesture showing he still already has a drink of his own. "Thank you very much though." he says to the offer. He keeps his drink in his left hand gesturing with it as he speaks or even acknowledges a speaker or the waitress, his right stays by his hip under the table the whole time.

He makes sure to watch each one's face again when they hand over their credentials once again. Leaning forward and kicking his feet down, and setting down his drink to pick each one up, glance it over, more watching them as he glances over the credentials before handing them to Rowan.

Finally when asked if he has anymore questions he draws a big smile on his face, picks his drink back up, kicks back once again and says, "Well, I have some for everyone, but first I want to ask you something Frank. How's an upstanding navigator like yourself end up in 'occupational management'? Hell, I give any other headhunter, Core to Rim, that spiel and they don't question me for batting of a debutante's eyes. You're a quick wit Mr. Brisket, if I may be so bold to say."

Jay 2K Winger
12-04-2013, 06:43 PM
The Falling Sky - Zhan, Rowan, Tucker, Sama + Brisket and his workers

Brisket is evidently aware the captain is keeping one hand near his hip, and thus his weapon, but the headhunter's hands stay in view, one always on the table, the other holding his cigarettes. When the captain asks his question, Brisket regards him levelly, "I never said I was an upstanding navigator, Captain Cook. I said I did my time doing astronav, but I had my fill of sailing about the black during the war. Saw too many people die or go bibbledy out there. I keep my boots on the ground now, thank you."

As for the workers, Blevins is quietly sipping his own drink and blinking owlishly behind his glasses, Weyland is leaning back in his seat, slouching a little and watching a dancer gyrating on a table across the room, and Gilchrist is just pinballing his gaze back and forth between captain and headhunter.

12-14-2013, 03:00 PM
Rowan- Falling Sky

At Zahn's introduction, she smiles slightly and inclines her head toward Brisket. When handed the IDs, she looks them over carefully before handing them back to their owners.

12-23-2013, 03:51 PM
Aidan "Wolf" McCowan -- Deucaleon's Cargo Bay
As Mando watched over Kellins and spoke with the local constables, "Wolf" puffed away at his pipe as he moved deeper into the cargo bay. The rawboned man moved behind a large crate and picked up a few polymer practice knives (http://www.coldsteel-uk.com/store/rubber-training-knives-large.jpg) from a small table. These practice knives were weighted to within 0.85 grams of an actual knife of similar design, but were blunt. (Even though they could be used as weapons themselves in a pinch.) Twenty-one feet away, several two-inch, metal plinking plates were hung.
Clutching his pipe in his teeth, Wolf threw three of the knifes, one over-handed, one side-armed, and one under-handed. All three hit, but the side- and under-armed throws did not hit so full-on solid as the over-handed, instead glancing off their intended plates. "Wolf" growled as he retrieved the blunts. He was getting rusty again.

01-13-2014, 06:21 PM
Zhan - The Falling Sky
Zhan takes Briskett's words into consideration and replies, "Well, I have seen much the same myself, such are the horrors of space, but I chose to help see it not happen again where possible. Especially after finding out what the Alliance brass did over my head on Miranda. That having been said..."
He trails of while deftly pulling his comm from his right pocket, sitting up setting his chair back fully onto the ground, and begins connecting a call to the ship with left hand. As he does his shoulder holster under his left arm becomes visible, it holds his standard issue Alliance officer's sidearm from the War of Unification. He considers Briskett's glance at the weapon under his left arm and reassures him saying, "Sorry if I seem untrusting, but I do believe in keeping safe. Some folks can be a might untrustworthy, you understand." Zhan then finishes connecting his call to the ship and gestures to the others at the table that this will just take a moment.

01-13-2014, 07:01 PM
Aidan Wolf McCowan -- Deucaleon's bridge

When the ship's comm warbled, Wolf had bolted for the bridge shouting "I got it! I got it!" the entire way. On the fifth ring, he hit his chair, yanked on the headset, hit the receive button and replied, "Thank you for contacting the Deucaleon, finest transport in the 'Verse. My name is Wolf; how may I help you?"

01-13-2014, 10:20 PM
Tucker with Sama - Falling Sky

During the Captain's negotiations Tucker is liberally sipping his drink and paying more attention to the crowd now than to the Captain and his table.

01-14-2014, 04:01 AM
Zhan - The Falling Sky

"You're damn right it is! Now tell me Wolf, what have you done about the mess about on my deck?"

01-14-2014, 05:25 AM
Aiden "Wolf" McCowan -- Duecaleon's bridge

Aiden grimaced and quietly blew fragrant smoke between his teeth. "Sir, that is being dealt with by the capable Mando. Any files you need found on our clients, Sir?"

01-14-2014, 12:24 PM
Sama with Tucker and et al at falling sky bar

Sama catches the eye of the passing barmaid and raises her almost empty glass and waits for her refill, her bright eyes watching the room carefully. As she raises her glass to her mouth she mutters for Tucker's ears only.

"My gut feels funny....something feels off. Sooner Cap'n gets finished here and back out in the Black I'd be happier....maybe I've just been landside to long..."

01-15-2014, 02:58 PM
Zhan - Comm with Deucaleon in The Falling Sky

"Glad to hear it. I need you all there to secure our passenger quarters for our new arrivals. make sure they will be comfortable." Zhan replies to the news from Wolf. "Is there anything else? No? Good! I'll be in touch with more details soon." and hangs up without allowing response before turning back to those at the table.

Zhan smoothly returns his comm to his right pocket, before regarding his appearance and closes his jacket, buttoning it up to re-conceal his sidearm and make it noticeably harder to reach on his person even for himself.

"Well Mr. Briskett, in order to avoid any further upset let's discuss departure arrangements shall we?"

Jay 2K Winger
01-15-2014, 07:09 PM
Deucalion - Wolf, Lizzie, Mando

Ordinarily, the ringing of the comm like that would prompt more of a race between the ship's resident Cortex wizard and its resident big man. Usually one that involved some good-natured foul play as Mando would use his physical strength to hold Wolf back and answer the comm instead.

This time, however, Mando is keeping an eye on the unconscious Ricky Kellins. As it happens, the local constabulary was nearby on an unrelated call (delivering someone from the lock-up to the next ship off-world for deportation) and were already picking up the unfortunate dust-user. "He came up to our ship," Mando was saying, "wanting to get off-world. Seemed a bit..." he waggled a hand in the air, "...off, so I was waiting for the captain to make the call on whether to take him on. It wasn't until he actually tried to force his way on the ship that I had to put him down."

There were four police officers on hand. Two wore some body armor and were in the process of securing a set of cuffs on Kellins' wrists. The other two wore simple khaki uniforms with their sheriffs' badges, one making notes on a tablet, the other doing the talking with Mando and Lizzie. "I know Ricky," the officer-in-charge was saying. "Damn shame about his issues, but it is what it is. We'll get him a roof over his head and check him into the rehab center again. They've got a new administrator who should keep a closer eye on him this time."

Cortex Data - Brisket & his workers

If Wolf were to look up information on Brisket and his workers he wouldn't find all that much worth mentioning. Franklin Brisket does have a record-- he did work as an astronavigator before the war, and was on the Independents' side of the war. His ship, the Ganges Pride, was one of the Independent ships that "retrieved casualty data" for their side after the Battle of Sturges, and was captured by Alliance ships shortly after. He spent the rest of the war in prison before being released. Since then, he's worked as a headhunter, finding work for other people and, indeed, keeping his boots on the ground.

Bill Weyland, the metalworker, has never left the Georgia system. He grew up on Athens, but has traveled through the system, working in various engineering/construction jobs around the quadrant, but his last job with Crolis Industries went tits-up after John Crolis was bound by law for embezzling and the company dissolved. He's been out of work for six months now. He's got a small record, but the only thing worth mentioning there was breaking a man's nose for talking bad about the Athens Hoplites football (soccer) team.

Nick Gilchrist, the laborer, is another former Independent, coming from Whitefall. He saw action around Red Sun during the war, especially around Greenleaf, but after the Independent leadership surrendered, he dropped his colors and has kept his head down. He's basically gone where the work is, and his last job (three months ago) was stevedore work on the other side of Ezra, and lost the job when most of the ships started coming to Haller Landing instead, making him redundant. He's had a couple of marks on his record, mostly public disturbances after having too much to drink on U-Day.

Henry Blevins, the accountant, has a squeaky clean record. He's worked in Haller Landing for several years. No marks on his record, apart from a harassment complaint from a neighbor. Although a little more digging shows that complaint is a result of Blevins calling the authorities on said neighbor numerous times for noise complaints and other petty issues. Last year, Blevins started working as Brisket's accountant.

The Falling Sky - Zhan, Rowan, Tucker, Sama + Brisket & Co.

Brisket says nothing as Zhan makes the call back to the ship. He just smokes his cigarettes and drinks his drink. When the call is finished and Zhan gets down to business, Brisket nods, grinding out his cigarettes. "Right. I understand how it is, Captain Cook."

From there, it's down to brass tacks. The captain and the headhunter discuss when his three workers will show up at the Deucalion for departure, how much in the way of baggage they'll be bringing, and-- with some advice from Blevins, even discounts/bonuses depending on how quickly the workers are delivered to their destination.

Brisket is a hard, but fair, bargainer, and it takes some time to get things to a satisfactory place for both men. Neither one got exactly what they wanted, but they came to a mutually agreeable conclusion. The workers don't supply much else in the way of conversation.

When the meeting concludes, Brisket says he'll put his men up for the night in the inn rooms here at the Falling Sky. He won't hold Zhan or his crew responsible for making sure that his men make it to the ship by departure time. "I'll take care of that personally," he assures them. "I'll see them to your ship and make sure they don't cause any delays before departure."

That concludes that. All that really remains for them to do before bunking down for the night would be possibly meeting with the other potential passenger, Syman Lerga.

--OOC GM NOTE: Moving things forward. I really didn't anticipate things taking this long to get going on the planet. Let's try to keep things moving, or as best as RL allows...

01-15-2014, 08:43 PM
Lizzie - Deucalion Loading Ramp

Lizzie stands nearby looking pensive as she watches the police officers cuff and haul off Kellins. At several points, she looks like she wants to say something, but she holds her tongue.

01-16-2014, 12:27 AM
Aiden "Wolf"

Why does it feel like there's another shoe? Maybe because they come in blaydin' PAIRS ya daft wanker!
Aiden knew there was something he was missing. First Kellins and his "file", now these guys... and one more.

01-17-2014, 07:29 PM
...Aidan "Wolf" McCowan began digging on Syman Lerga.
"What have you to say for yourself, Syman Lerga? Or, better yet, what has the Cortex to say about you, hm?"

01-18-2014, 04:47 AM
Tucker, Sama, et al. - Falling Sky

Tucker casts a brief glance before giving Sama's shoulder a playful shove, "Sounds like a touch of land sickness." He snickers. "Might be we'll have to have Lizzie check you out." He takes a swig from his drink and frowns, "Course, it might just be this swill. I think I'm fixin' ta get sick." Of course, he didn't want to admit out loud that he felt the same way about this job. No sense in worrying Sama any more than she already was.

01-21-2014, 02:05 AM
Zhan with Rowan - The Falling Sky

"It was a pleasure meeting with you Mr. Briskett, and I hope this will be the start of a profitable venture for the bot of us. Kěnng māo de yu b duli tchū nn di li jd de cif, r fēng sh zi wǒmen de humin.(May the cat's right arm stay raised bringing you great wealth, and the winds be at our back.)" Captain Cook says warmly in departure before finishing his drink and leaving the table.

After leaving without saying a word to the rest of the crew in the bar, Rowan or otherwise, he pulls his comm out calls the ship again. When someone picks up he simply says, "What can you tell me about our gāod hēi'n de mshēng rn (tall dark stranger) of a friend Mr. Syman Lerga?"

01-21-2014, 05:38 AM
Wolf -- Deucaleon's bridge
With his pipe firmly clamped between his teeth, Aiden snarled into the comm, "I was just asking the c'mputer the same damn thing, Sir. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a Cortex to hack." Click

Jay 2K Winger
01-21-2014, 06:37 PM
Cortex Data - Syman Lerga

Mr. Lerga is originally from Aesir over in Red Sun system. His work history is mostly missing, however, with a number of [DATA MISSING] sections, but judging from his travelogue, that can be down the fact that the War left a lot of records destroyed or inaccessible. That information which survived the War suggests he was a mid-level management type in smallish businesses...

...until Wolf's digging would find a conviction listing. Mr. Lerga had stolen a small shipment of medicine and sold it to some black marketeers. The money, according to the records, was used to pay off a housing debt to a landlord, Johan Leibert, since imprisoned himself for unscrupulous business practices. Lerga served one year in prison before being conscripted into Alliance military service during the War, which ended up with him being shipped off to Georgia system to fight on the front lines.

Since then, Lerga's mostly done bureaucratic work to finish out his "community service" from his conviction, and has just recently completed it.

01-22-2014, 10:31 AM
Captain Cook - Just outside the Falling Star

Looking around for Rowan, or any other crew, after stashing his comm back in his pocket, seeming a bit irritated.

01-22-2014, 10:39 AM
Sama with Tucker

After waiting for a bit (even Rowan leaving first), she giggles and leans over to Tucker whispering something in his ear.

"Pretend I said something sexy, and lets get out of here....capt'n looks ready to kill..."

01-22-2014, 12:46 PM
Rowan- outside the Falling Sky

Rowan followed just behind Zahn as he left the bar, mildly amused that he was so wrapped up in the comm and his thoughts that he didn't seem to realize she was still with him. She had relaxed a bit during their meeting, as nothing seemed wrong- or at least, no more wrong than they were used to.

As the captain slid the comm back in his pocket, she cleared her throat. "Well, that went better than it could have. What are you thinking?"

01-22-2014, 07:07 PM
Tucker and Sama - Ahem... leaving now - The Falling Sky

Tucker quirks an eyebrow at Sama with a slight grin, which is not an act. The source of the grin is. He is simply trying not to laugh at the thought of her trying to be sexy. He takes her hand "I like your thinking." He says holding back a laugh that just barely manages to come out as a chuckle. He sets down cash to pay for the drinks as they head out.

01-22-2014, 08:21 PM
Zhan with Rowan - outside Falling Sky/Star/Moon/Sun/Ring/Comet/Asteroid/Planetoid/Satelite

"Hmm... Oh. Just anxious to get the last pieces of information. I was so bold however as to interrupt the Great Wolf in his ministrations. I don't know, I can't decide if I need to get back behind the helm or some R&R land-side. Frankly it could be either or both." he says in response to Rowan once she makes herself known.

Zhan continues "Strangely you're right though, it could have gone worse. Hell, I was expecting it. Don't get me wrong, it's nice being wrong, but it throws me a bit off. Makes me look for the other shoe. Is it just me or has this one day landfall seemed like it's taken forever?"

01-23-2014, 01:31 AM
Aidan -- Deucaleon's bridge
Reading the screens before him, Aiden jumped to the EXACT WRONG conclusion. "Well, well, well... seems we have a former Alliance operative... Bleeding Black Bookers. Hated yer kind when ye ruled my town, hate ye still, ye sodding wankers."

*the comm in Zhan's pocket buzzes*
"Cap'n... Ay've founnit wha'yer scratchin' far... The good Sir Lerga is supposedly a petty criminal workin' off 'is debt to the greater 'Verse at large... Before tha', however..."

Aidan could be heard taking a draw on his pipe.

"B'fore tha' however, he was an Alliance operator. Black Book stuff. Wet work, espionage, assassinations, hijackin's, you name it, he's done it. There's too many holes in his record for 'im to be anything beside. T' be honest, Skipper, I'd rather tie him with diamond cut-wire, then jam him down the throat of a Sarlac."

01-23-2014, 01:39 PM
Rowan- with Zahn outside the Falling Sky

"The day does seem to be taking its time," Rowan replied. "I'm looking forward to getting back out there- hopefully that other shoe will miss us when it does drop!" She paused, then pointed, "Here come Sama and Tucker- Sir? Your pocket seems to be buzzing."

01-23-2014, 04:50 PM
Zhan with Rowan - Outside the Falling Sky

"So it would seem, I had noticed. Figured I'd make him wait a little as he had me, but I suppose I better get that." Zhan responds before pulling the comm back out of his pocket and answering, "That was quick."

He listens, thanks Aidan for his diligent work, before adding, "What's a 'Sarlac'?" Afterwards he ends the call, turns to the gathering group, comm still in hand and says "Shall we? We have preparations to make." Zhan then gestures the vague path back to Deucalion.

01-25-2014, 03:50 PM
Lizzie - Deucalion Loading Ramp

Lizzie looks somber as she watches the police haul Kellins away. Once they are out of sight, she turns into the cargo bay and picks up the Tao Te Ching off the top of crate of books. She sits on a nearby crate and opens the book to read.

01-25-2014, 04:11 PM
(ooc: hope folks don't mind me jumping forward a bit)

Tucker and Crew - The Deucalion

Once they arrive back at the ship Tucker heads up to the bridge and begins doing basic pre-flight checks.

01-25-2014, 04:19 PM
Sama - The Deucalion - engine room

As Tucker heads up to the bridge Sama takes some equipment that had arrived while they were still out, and begins handling minor repairs, checking in with Tucker up on the bridge to check top side.

01-25-2014, 09:10 PM
Aidan "Wolf" McCowan --Deucaleon bridge

Aidan was snoring on the bridge, his pipe perched on his shoulder, smoldering pungently away. His feet were propped on the arm of the communications chair, and Syman Lerga's file was right there on Aidan's screens, for the entire world to see.

01-26-2014, 03:05 AM
Tucker and Aidan - The Deucalion - Bridge

On seeing the big man dozing Tucker would try to be quiet until he sees what's on the screen. The smoke didn't really bother him, on land was the only time the big man could smoke safely. Having info like that open where just anyone could look over his shoulder, even if the chances of a random passerby getting on the bridge were slim to none...

"Hey, best be clearin' that screen before someone wonders why were so interested in this guy."

01-27-2014, 04:02 AM
Zhan - The Deucalion

On the way back to the ship Zhan reassures Sama that he is not angry before recording a wave message and sending it to one Mr. Lerga.

"Hello Mr. Lerga, I hope this message finds you swiftly and well. I am Captain Zhānmǔsī Cook of the Deucalion. I understand that my ship shares a common destination point with you in New Melbourne, and am sending this hail in regards to your need for transport. Unfortunately my ship leaves in the morning, I do require a meeting between myself and all future passengers. However if you are interested in my transportation services and can meet tonight we may be able to make arrangements. If not I certainly understand. Thank you for your time."

Upon arriving at the ship Zhan will call out, "Aidan, when are you going to stop feeding me those Lǎorn wxio fēngzi de poxiāo piānzh?!" (paranoid rantings of an elderly invalid maniac)

01-27-2014, 03:03 PM
Aiden -- the bridge

Aiden sat bolt upright, then yelped as hot cinders hit his pants and chair. It took ten seconds to pat everything down and make certain there was no overly serious damage to either himself or the chair. He looked at Tucker.
"Screen? Huh? What sc-" When he looked and saw what Tucker meant, he groaned a somewhat long and incoherent epithet from his home.
When Zhan called however, Wolf called down, "W'll get yer bloomin' arse up 'ere an' take a loo' fer yerse'f Sar!"
The next series of muttered oaths sounded to Tucker like a lifelong Browncoat's disdainful epithets for Alliance-types and their closing ranks to protect their own arses.

01-27-2014, 05:08 PM
Zhan - Deucalion

Hearing Aidan's response he calls out in kind, "Oh I'll come see what flimsy evidence you used to jump to your wild conspiracy theorist conclusion."

Heading further into the ship he notices Lizzie's somber, uncharacteristic look and diverts his path to talk to her, "I hear there was a bit of a disturbance. Are you alright?"

Jay 2K Winger
01-27-2014, 06:10 PM
Comm-wave for Zhan

By the time Zhan arrives at the ship, he's received a response from Syman Lerga. "Hallo, Capitan Coook!" the message begins, in that same distinctive accent. "Yes, I am still to be looking for transportation to in the Red Sun system. I can meet with you at any place you wish. I am thinking it should be at some place nearby to the docks, yah? Perhappen by the guarding post at the south entrance way? I can be there in half of an hour, okay, yah, I see you there. If no good, please to be sending me wave."

There is a security guard post at the south end of the docks, well-lit.

Deucalion - Rest of crew

By the time everyone arrives back at the ship, the local constabulary has taken Ricky Kellins off to sleep off his latest dust high. Mando is still keeping an eye out in his usual stoic fashion, giving the captain a nod as they arrive.

01-27-2014, 06:18 PM
Lizzie - Deucalion cargo bay

As Lizzie looks up from her book at the captain, a mixture of emotions play across her face. "I wasn't hurt. I can't say the same for that Kellins fellow, though." With a bit of the sadness, she adds, "and I doubt he'll get the help he needs to lead a normal, healthy life." She forces a weak smile. "You know how I am - I just want to make sure everybody's happy and healthy."

"So, are we going to have passengers?"

01-30-2014, 06:10 PM
Zhan - Deucalion cargo bay

"Three at least. Maybe a forth, if I can cipher my way through Aidan's fihu conspiracy theories. I swear that boy thinks everyone's some Alliance super-assassin. Dy he thought I was an 'Operative' when we met. Swear that boy ain't half bad at his job for someone with piānzh ydl mintio yīyng de tunǎo. (paranoid spaghetti for brains)" Zhan says in response to Lizzie's inquiries, perhaps elaborating too far.

"Let me know if you need anything..." he says in parting, "but right now I have command duties to attend to."

Zhan then leaves Lizzie, climbing the cargo bay stairs and traverses the coridoor to the bridge, looks at Aidan and Tucker with cool skepticism and regards Wolf saying, "You've got some intel for me?"

01-30-2014, 06:43 PM
Aidan clamped his extinguished pipe between his teeth and pointed at the screen. Vacating his chair, he gestured grandiosely for Zhan to sit.
"See fer yerself. Oh, and a Sarlac is a right nasty critter from back home. Complete digestion of a human-sized meal, bones and all, takes about a year. Never seen one with my own eyes, however I did hear of something that sounded horribly similar on a desert planet. Called 'em 'Graboids' or 'Tremor Worms'..."

01-31-2014, 02:23 AM
Zhan - bridge of the Deucalion

Zhan smiles at Aidan as he moves out of the seat and says, "It would seem that though I've known you some time now my days of not taking you seriously have only just begun."

Walking by him to the seat in front of the console he casually takes the pipe out of his mouth without breaking stride. He then empties the ash into his hands and scatters them across the floor, tosses the pipe into the trash, and pats the ash off of his hands in a half-wiping motion before sitting down.

Swiveling towards the console he starts looking it, scanning the information found, skimming files, cycling through tabs, et cetera. As he does he continues talking aloud. "You my addle-minded techie have got to lay off the antique vids. Everyone who made it through grade-school history knows we didn't find any new life forms anywhere in the verse or on our way from Earth-That-Was. You've never seen a 'Sarlacc', nor a 'Graboid' because they plain don't exist. Never have, never will, and before you cry about circus criers and their side show freak house 'aliens corpses in tubes' I would make mention that I saw that exhibit to and it was a particularly graphic bovine miscarraige, nothing more. You're worse than those people crying alien abduction because they have dreams and false memories about alien civilizations that always seem to have borrowed sci-fi vids. Stop letting the drivel you watch affect your memory.

"Also, this isn't the Stone Age, vaporizer tech has existed since before we came over on the Arks for Confucius' sake! Gamimnos use them! Fire uses up ox and smoke gums up the filter, I gave you a vaporizer pipe for your birthday Wolf. If you don't start using it any oxygen related life support maintenance costs will come out of your share. Fire based smoking devices are for external land use only, that is a standing order and you know it. I believe you also know the punishment for insubordination do you not? Or do you need a reminder?", Zhan finishes turning to face him.

01-31-2014, 02:57 AM
((ooooo would you like some ice water for that burn tyger?))

Sama - Engine Room

Sama slaps the last panel shuts and smiles over the faint hum that starts back up seconds later. She walks over to the comm and punches the bridge, "Tucker, or whoever is up there....shes purring like a baby, we're good to go on this end when ever you are....should be a might smoother ride that then landing."

01-31-2014, 10:39 AM
Tucker, Zhan, Wolf - Bridge of the Deucalion

At Sama's comm Tucker flips a few switches, checks a screen, swivels his chair checks a second screen and then announces in a crisp voice with a slight grin, "Everything looks good up here sir. We can take off soon as you give the order." Afterward, he flips the same switches back into their off position.

01-31-2014, 01:35 PM
Rowan- Deucalion

Upon returning to the ship, Rowan stows her new boots in her room, then heads up to the bridge. Poking her head in, she asks, "Cap, you need me for anything? Or should I go start dinner?"

She isn't the greatest cook, but she enjoys it and most of her meals are edible...

01-31-2014, 02:50 PM
Sama -now with instant teleportation-

Sama appears at Rowan's elbow having finished in the engine room till they take off. "Did I hear food? No offense sir" Looking at Rowan, "last time you tried to cook in the kitchen I spent most of the trip trying to scrap off....what was it? eggs?"

"Soon as I have a headcount I'll start dinner prep....got a special suprise while out shopping."

01-31-2014, 04:35 PM
*Wolf -- Bridge*
"You've made your point, Captain. Now, if you'll allow, I'd like to retrieve the only other piece of my fiance left to me from the recycler before you activate it, please. That pipe was a betrothal gift from Brenna."
Taking the pipe out of the trash, Aidan added, "And the vaporizer you gave me last year was, and still is, greatly appreciated, but I ran out of oil three months ago and still haven't been able to find another vendor. I'd contact the shop you bought them from, but the Cortex says that lovely woman was arrested on dust-smuggling charges a month after you gave me the vaporizer."

01-31-2014, 07:18 PM
Rowan- bridge

To Sama, "Hey, I cleaned up after that!" Pretending to pout, she added, "And it was pancakes."

Grinning wickedly, she asked, "What are we having? Can I help?"

01-31-2014, 07:34 PM
Sama - bridge then kitchen-

"you can do dishes....or maybe aiden and tucker....its their turn."

Sama begins digging through boxes of supplies that were obvious food stuffs from the supplies she had ordered, grins then holds up a shoebox sized wooden box.

"took some steep trading to get this...but look..." She opens the box just slightly to allow Rowan to look inside, then quickly snaps it shut.

"These are for a special treat when we get to bored on this next trip...dad used to do that when we were little."

She begins putting things away, having rowan check everything off the list to make sure everything is here.

01-31-2014, 08:08 PM
Rowan- following Sama to the kitchen

"Ooh, nice! It's been a long time since we've had anything like that! I promise I won't touch them til they're served."

She perches on the table while ticking items off the list.

02-01-2014, 04:09 PM
Aidan "the Wolf" McCowan -- walking through the Deucaleon

The lanky Celt stopped, listened. Hol' th' phone...
He moved quickly to the galley and stopped. Uh-oh...
Sama and Rowan were tinkering in the kitchen. Sama was the best cook of the crew, Rowan... not quite. The only reason Sama had got the "eggs" off the pans was because she had used engine solvent. Wolf had only gotten the taste out of his mouth last week.
"Mind if I lend a hand? Or is it my turn to clean up?"
Walking over to the sink and starting to fill it with water, Aidan nicked a dirty prep container and said, "That'll be mine."

02-01-2014, 08:00 PM
Tucker - Deucalion; from the Bridge to the Kitchen

After finishing his checks on the bridge Tucker heads off to the galley. When he sees Aidan already filling the sink with water he heads over and starts helping him out. "Hey Sama. Maybe while you're cooking you can teach Rowan to follow a recipe properly. Or at least next time use something to clean the pans other than that chou ma niao (stinking horse piss) you used last time."

02-01-2014, 10:14 PM
Sama - galley- with everyone but the captain

"Not my fault that was my favorite pan...." she pouts cutely, finishes reading off the last item on the checklist then tucks the wooden box under her arm.

"any clue about these passengers the cap'n found?"

02-02-2014, 01:19 AM
"Aye, they seem to be regulars, but something's off... Y'know that twitch you get in yer left ear when there be a-some'at wrong with the engines? Similar in me gut about this bunch."
To Tucker, he said, "She used engine solvent, not chou ma niao.

02-02-2014, 01:22 AM

"no...I used that bilge wash you call after shave....sorry but it wasn't helping you."

02-02-2014, 01:37 AM
"WHAT?! You mean you use my MK For Men shave-lotion as engine degreaser?! No bloody wonder I can't keep a bottle more than two days! Tucker, remind me next planetfall to find some shaving SOAP, a mug and a brush."

02-02-2014, 02:19 AM

Sama shifts the box under her arm, then points to the sink full of dishes. "Touch anything food wise before those dishes are cleaned spotless and I'll make you eat raw Matou ni 牛lo (horse head cheese) every night for 3 weeks!"

She turns and walks toward her quarters, "I'm gonna have a lie down before we leave planet....if you need me knock first this time!"

02-03-2014, 04:15 AM
Zhan - Deacalion bridge

"Didn't realize it was that one, my apologies, but you have a collection and I haven't memorized it. Still, order stands. Now if you'll excuse me, I have other business to attend to..." Zhan says before stepping out to listen to the message from Lerga again.

02-03-2014, 11:45 AM
Lizzie - Deucalion

Lizzie sticks her head into the galley and asks, "Would someone help me carry this crate of books to my quarters?"

Jay 2K Winger
02-03-2014, 06:15 PM

Mando has been his usually stoic and quiet self while the crew files back in from their trips and shopping expeditions. When the captain got back, Mando gave Zhan a brief rundown of the whole Ricky Kellins thing, but the local constabulary seem to know Kellins' history and reputation, so there doesn't look like there will be any blowback on the crew. He also advised the captain on Kellins' false IdentCard for "Phoenix McHoulihan" and how Mando had... confiscated it.

With the ship more or less locked up for the night-- apart from a potential departure if Zhan decides to go meet with Lerga-- Mando is helping move the supplies acquired to their storage locations and so on. "I got it for ya, Lizzie," the gun-hand says, picking up the box and carrying it off toward her bunk.

02-06-2014, 01:18 PM
Lizzie - Deucalion

Lizzie smiles warmly after Mando and calls, "Thank you!"

Then she turns back into the galley and asks the folks gathered there, "Need any help with dinner?" They know she's not much of a cook, but she can follow directions.

02-06-2014, 01:37 PM
Sama -galley-

"I waiting to hear head count for dinner tonight and if the captain wants to leave today or if we're waiting for others to show up. Soon as I have that head count I'll get dinner started....in the mean time no, I don't need help till that time. I'm gonna have a lay down till we head out.....to much fresh air..."

02-06-2014, 08:36 PM
Aidan "the Wolf" -- Deucaleon Galley -- sink
"Lizzie, if you have a moment after I'm done with these dishes, I need your help as a chemist." Looking over his shoulder, Aidan mouthed burned big time and mimed smoking.

Ten minutes later, after the dishes were done, Aidan explained. "Look, Skipper says I can't smoke while we're In The Black unless I pay for the O2 and the filters and all the repairs to the rebreathers. I'd use the vaporizer he gifted me a year ago, but I'm out of oil, and the vendor he got it from has been arrested on allegations of dust-smuggling. You saw how much pipe-leaf I got; I was hoping to smoke on the sly, but I can't afford to fix everything. There's gotta be enough in my stash to make oil for the vaporizer."

02-07-2014, 02:08 PM
Lizzie, with Wolf - Deucalion

"Wolf... While it's possible we could extract the nicotine from the tobacco you bought, wouldn't it be easier to just find another dealer of vaping products? The liquid falls under the same laws as tobacco, so it should be just as easy to find. I'd be willing to bet that there's a dealer here in port. If it's the cost you're worried about, I'd be willing to pitch in, just so you don't have to worry about withdrawal symptoms."

02-07-2014, 07:12 PM
Aiden blinked, "At th's hour o' night?! You gone round th' bend without tellin' me, lassie? An' it ain't the withdrawl symptoms, it's just the fact that it's my habit."

02-07-2014, 08:45 PM
Lizzie looks a little surprised. "We're not leaving tonight, are we?"

02-08-2014, 04:34 PM
"Dunno. Are we? Skipper's in a right proper frame to hit The Black now..."

02-08-2014, 06:42 PM
Lizzie takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "Aidan,* Sweetie... Zhan said we'd have three passengers. We currently have zero. Search the cortex for a local dealer. If you find one, talk to the captain about when we're leaving and whether you'll have time to purchase vaping supplies. Okay?"

*Lizzie knows that Wolf prefers to be called by his nickname, and only calls him by his given name when she's starting to get upset with him.

02-08-2014, 06:58 PM
Wolf put up his hands in supplication, "I meant no offense, Lizzie. I just... sorry."
With that, the lanky Celt excused himself and slipped onto the bridge. "Skipper? If I c'n find a dealer for the vapor oil, do I have time to go and purchase some?"
As if to underscore how serious he was about the question, Aidan already had his terminal warming up and tickling the Cortex for information.

02-17-2014, 11:10 PM
Zhan - Deucalion

After watching the message Zhan quickly responds via sending a text response agreeing to meet and presses the button on the P.A. system, "Mando, Rowan, I'm going to need you to meet me outside the hold." He then leaves the bridge and speed walks to the rear of the ship, down the stairs and outside the ship's cargo bay doors.

02-18-2014, 12:03 AM
Rowan- Deucalion

Hearing the captain's summons, Rowan immediately excuses herself from the kitchen and makes her way briskly to the entrance to the cargo bay, arriving shortly after Zahn.

"Here I am, Captain. What are we doing?"

Jay 2K Winger
02-18-2014, 12:53 AM
Rear of the Deucalion

Mando soon arrives to meet with the captain as well. He doesn't bother to announce his arrival, being the laconic sort. He just cocks an eyebrow and waits to hear what the captain has to say.

02-18-2014, 03:19 AM
Cargo hold of the Deucaleon
Aidan "Wolf" McCuan slipped on his duster and hurried toward the market.

((reposted the last half of this so as to give others to post in reply to his initial actions... see below.))

02-18-2014, 10:19 AM
Tucker - Deucalion - Reading on the Bridge

Noticing the alert that the main hatch is open, Tucker checks to see who is leaving. When he notices Wolf he make a quick come to him, "Want some company Wolf? If not, no worries. Just let me know where yer fixin' ta be and how long. Wouldn't want the Cap'n to tear into ya again. Though if yer goin' where I expect then it shouldn't be a problem."

(ooc: If he answers yes assume they go together and Tucker is mostly unassuming and in the background.)

02-18-2014, 06:34 PM
two feet outside the cargo hold of the Deucaleon
Aidan "Wolf" McCuan yelped as he jumped like a startled cat.
The string of home-grown epithets would have indicated to a deaf man how startled Wolf had been. "Tucker! PLEASE! I beg you, PLEASE stop scaring me like that!! Sure, come with me... I could use an objective nose anyhow."

Haller Landing Markets -- Madam Pomfrey's Apothecary and Ambrosial Vapors
Checking his hand-drawn map and the written address, Wolf and Tucker quickly found the store and walked in, the tinkling bell giving away their entrance.
The short, nun-like woman greeted them warmly in a distinctly well-mannered tone. "Good evening, gentlemen. How may I assist you?"
Wolf held up the vaporizer, "Juices for one of these, Madame Apothecary?"
Pomfrey smiled, and pointed to the wall behind the two men where bottles of varying sizes, full of varying colors of fluid crammed the shelves. All manner of names described the assortment; names such as "Purple Grape" "Green Apple" "Gummybear" "High Roller" "Southern Comfort" "Gaelic Pipe-Leaf" "Purple Haze".
Wolf tried several and, with Tucker's olfactory assistance, settled on "Gaelic Pipe-Leaf", the whiskey-reminiscent "Southern Comfort", and the smooth, largely odorless "High Tea".
Based on how fast he'd gone through the last batch, Wolf purchased some 64 ml of each flavor, thanked Pomfrey and made his way back to the Deucaleon.
"Tucker, thank you for abusing your nose like that."

02-18-2014, 09:47 PM
Tucker, Wolf - Before leaving the Deucalion

Tucker laughed, but cut the com before Wolf could hear. Back on com, "Be right down."

A minute or two later, "Sorry about that." Is all he says before they head out.

Haller Landing Markets -- Madam Pomfrey's Apothecary and Ambrosial Vapors

Tucker takes the time to genuinely smell each vapor oil. He had never been one to enjoy the habit himself, but his father had been fond of his pipe. Wolf might catch a wistful smile when he sniffs the "High Roller." His father had been fond of a similar blend, but back home on Londinum they called it "Patriot's Delight." Leave it to his father to be a smug bastard even when he was smoking.

"No problem." He replies to Wolf's thanks, "I enjoy the scent even if I don't enjoy the past time."

02-19-2014, 03:08 AM
"Be thankful. Worst habit I have."

02-19-2014, 11:28 AM
Zhan - Outside Deucalion

"You two bring your sidearms? We've got a meet and not enough time to scope it out beforehand. If we're walking in blind we shouldn't make it deaf and dumb too."

02-19-2014, 01:49 PM
Lizzie - Deucalion

Lizzie notices the ship empty, but thinks little of it. She heads to her quarters and flops on her bed to read one of her new books.

02-19-2014, 04:40 PM
sama -deulican- her quarters

Sama places the small wooden box on her table in her quarters before plopping down pulling off her boots she wore while planetside then pulls opens a general connection to the (brain fart time...what ever they call the internet). She begins composing a nice long message to her parents, leaving out details on where exactly she is, but telling fun little details such as the antics of the crew she's with, and so on. She also inquires about them in general, telling them gushy things like she loves them and misses them, adding that they were leaving planet shortly so delays were to be expected.

Jay 2K Winger
02-19-2014, 05:49 PM
Deucalion ramp

When asked that question, Mando just gives the captain a level stare. He's got his big hump-off knife on one hip and his preferred heavy pistol on the other. Even on the ship, it's rare that Mando takes them off.

OOC: The term for the Internet in the 'Verse is the Cortex.

02-24-2014, 09:35 PM
Rowan- Deucalion ramp

"Yes, sir. I figured we might be making another excursion tonight. Where's the meet?"

02-26-2014, 11:06 PM
Zhan - Outside Deucalion

"Good. By the docks, we have not scout out a nice safe localle and we don't have a lot of time to do so. Let's get moving."

Jay 2K Winger
02-27-2014, 11:33 PM
Haller Landing - Docks South Entrance Guard Post - Zhan, Rowan, Mando

When the captain and his two cohorts reach the guard post, the daylight is getting low. The guard post has one large building, serving as a small barracks for the local constabulary, with the offices/cells/etc. that go with that sort of thing. But it also has a wide open area in front of it, which during the day serves as a muster area for squads or patrols.

By this time of evening, it's relatively empty. There are a couple of tables set up under projected eaves from the building, and the whole thing is well-lit. The offices inside are buzzing with a changing shift, and there are a couple of officers leaned against the wall by the main entrance to the guard post.

Sitting at one of those aforementioned tables is an older man in a natty, if out-of-fashion, suit, complete with a cravate that went out of style ... well, to say it went out of style implies it was ever in style. His gray hair is balding and he sports a full, but trimmed beard. He is smiling gormlessly as he chats with one of the officers.

As Zhan, Rowan, and Mando approach, they'd hear the tail end of some story the old man is telling. Zhan would recognize the accent straight away.

"...so the jockey with one leg saying to the girl, 'Do not be worrying about me, sweetheart, I ride to side-saddle!" Syman Lerga says. The officer to whom he is telling this story immediately erupts into laughter, and even his fellow starts chuckling, trying to keep his composure.

Then the old man sees the approaching group and sits up a little more. "Ah! You are being from the Deucalion, yah?" (He mangles the pronunciation as 'Doo-ey-call-eye-on.') He looks between the three quizzically, "Capitan Coook is which?"

03-03-2014, 04:13 PM
Zhan - Docks South Entrance

"I am Captain Cook of the Deucalion, I am to beassuming you are Lerga yes? My companions are Rowan and Mando." gesturing to the appropriate individual as he introduces.

"I do not mean to interupt you festivities but I am to understand you are needing passage, no?"

Jay 2K Winger
03-06-2014, 11:08 PM
Docks Southern Entrance - Zhan, Rowan, Mando + Syman Lerga

The captain's attempt at imitating Mr. Lerga's unique grasp of grammar does not go unnoticed, but the old man just chuckles and taps his palm against the table, as if applauding, before rising.

"Ah, you are making joke, yah? I am always having ... eh, trouble with English." He nods his head as he then stands straight, clicks his heels and bows slightly at the waist, even raising a hand as if doffing a hat. "My name is Syman Lerga, yes. I am be looking for transportation to in the Red Sun System, to New Melbourne." He spreads his hands. "Not so much in way of luggage, two trunks worth, not even forty kilo between them."

Mr. Lerga does look at Rowan and Mando for a moment or two, seeming aware that the good captain has gone out with bodyguards. Mando, given he's openly carrying, gets a look or two from the guards, but the stoic "public relations" man doesn't even look at them. "We can be to doing business, yah?" Mr. Lerga asks, hopefully.

03-14-2014, 11:04 PM
Wolf and Tucker -- Arrival at the Duecaleon

Wolf looked about the ship's exterior, noted Mando's absence. Hm. Well then. Excusing himself, the lanky Celt went to his quarters and retrieved his smoking supplies and his vaping kit. Outside, he found himself a good spot and began working on his kits.
"Oh blost! No' again!" Colt groaned. Once again, he'd grabbed the drained battery for his e-pipe. Oh well, he was outside and the self-appointed dock-guard. O2 was free out here. He lit up and exhaled a fragrant cloud of carcinogens into the planet-side air.
Wish you could be here with me, Aghra,((beloved)) he thought, cradling the pipe in his fingers.

03-19-2014, 03:32 PM
Zhan with Mando and Rowan - Docks Southern Entrance

Zhan sits down with and open and warm smile saying, "No actually, I was just trying to figure out the origin of that accent. Do I detect Earth-That-Was Croatian, or is that Serbian?" as he slides into his seat.

Jay 2K Winger
03-19-2014, 06:15 PM
Docks Southern Entrance - Zhan, Mando, Rowan + Syman Lerga

The older man clicks his tongue and shrugs as he sits back down. "Could be maybe some of both, yah? Family and relatives were, eh, not so clear on which, and besiding which, this is not Earth-That-Was, no? I am thinking it being more of Serbian than Croat," he shrugs again, "but people are understanding of what I am saying most times, so what matters about it?"

Now Mr. Lerga claps his hands together. "So! You wanting to meet with me before deciding if whether to be taking me on your ship, no? You must be having questions to ask me. Asking away, Capitan Coook."

03-28-2014, 02:27 AM
Zhan - Docks

"I just happen to be a bit of an Earth-That-Was history enthusiast, but all that is past now I suppose. You're right though, I do have a few questions. . ." he responds (quicker than I do irl!) and continues asking the following...

Are you allergic to molded protein?

Have you ever travelled offworld?

Do you have any special cargo needs?

Are you ok with being in close quarters with other guests?

In case of emergency is there anyone you would like us to contact?

Are you needing direct travel or are other stops reasonable?

Cook will be paying close attention to responses looking for any sort of irregularities as a precautionary measure but is really only screening to shut Aidan up when he almost inevitably welcomes Lerga aboard in spite of the hacker's protests and theories. This does not however sway his discerning gaze. Better safe than sorry in his mind.

Jay 2K Winger
03-30-2014, 05:50 PM
Meeting with Syman Lerga - Zhan, Rowan, Mando

Mr. Lerga answers happily enough. No, he's not allergic to molded protein. Yes, he's traveled offworld, he was conscripted into Alliance military service during the War and is originally from Aesir. No, just two trunks of personal belongings. Of course, he's fine being in close quarters with other passengers, it is to be expected on these sorts of journeys. In case of emergency, please to be contacting his nephew, Pyotr Rusev, on New Melbourne. He has no particular rush, so other stops are perfectly reasonable, yes.

The old man gives no sign of annoyance at all of the questions that the captain asks him, blithely answering any additional ones that need answering as well. Even that steady, studious, discerning gaze is accepted with hardly the bat of an eyelid.

03-31-2014, 05:05 PM
Zhan with Rowan and Mando - South Docks Entrance

After the brief interview, having seen no real reason to do otherwise, he smiles thinking of Wolf's imminent reaction to the new passenger and says warmly, "Well Mr. Lerga I'd like to welcome you aboard the Deucalion. It will be a pleasure, and we leave in the morning. Now if you'll pardon me..." he offers his hand to the bussinessman to seal the deal and continues, "we do have final preparations to attend to so you'll have to pardon us for rushing off."

Jay 2K Winger
03-31-2014, 05:39 PM
South Docks Entrance - Zhan, Rowan, Mando + Syman Lerga

The old man beams happily at this proclamation and shakes the captain's hand. "Thanking you muchly, Capitan Coook," Mr. Lerga says. "I will be seeing you coming the morning, yah? Buon voyages, yes." He mangles the pronunciation on the saying, but then again, he tends to do that on a lot of words.

Following the meeting - Back at the Deucalion

Once the captain and his squad finish their meeting and return to the Deucalion, there's little more to say about that evening. Dinner comes and goes (if it hasn't already) and what checks need to be made before lights out go without undue fuss. The local constabulary does blip off a quick missive thanking the crew for their cooperation in getting Ricky Kellins some more help with his problems and addictions, but it's boilerplate stuff and nothing that will prevent them from leaving in the morning.

In the morning, Franklin Brisket shows up with his workers-- Bill Weyland the metalworker, Nick Gilchrist the laborer, and Henry Blevins the accountant-- to see them off. They each have two or three trunks or large duffels of luggage, as one might when shipping off to another world for work. Brisket is, as usual, smoking two cigarettes at once, and is giving Syman Lerga a studious look of his own. For his part, Mr. Lerga is smiling his gormless smile back at the man.

03-31-2014, 10:38 PM
Aidan "Wolf" McCuan -- at his work station on the bridge

"Aye've a bad faylin aboat this trip..." The lanky, suspicious Celt puffed his e-pipe almost furiously until they hit The Black. "Don' liket one bi'."

04-01-2014, 04:04 AM
Tucker - Bridge of the Deucalion

For his part, Tucker stays on the Bridge of the ship not interacting with any of the passengers until the ship is on its way and he can kick over the ship to Autopilot. He sticks around on the bridge reading a book for roughly 30 minutes before he is satisfied that he can safely let the ship fly itself.

04-02-2014, 02:04 AM
Zhan - Bridge of the Deucalion

"With all due respect, I understand your concern Aidan, but I did not find any truly concrete evidence of imminent danger and I am not one to go chasing phantoms as you well know." the Captain continues addressing his subordinate in an attempt to show empathy before donning a wry grin, "If it would please you, should any trouble come from our guest Mr. Lerga I will gladly give you permission to say 'I told you so.' Until then I believe I have an announcement to make to our passengers. Anyone seen Number 1?"

04-02-2014, 02:18 AM
Rowan- just outside the Bridge

Rowan poked her head into the bridge. "You called, Captain? We just finished settling our passengers and their gear."

04-03-2014, 12:39 AM
Lizzie - Deucalion

Lizzie greets each of the passengers warmly as they arrive, introducing herself as the ship's medic. She makes small talk with each of them, trying to gauge each's interest in her. She spends extra time chatting with Gilchrist, and it's obvious to anyone who sees them talking that she's quite attracted to him.

04-03-2014, 03:11 AM
Zhan - Bridge of the Deucalion

"Thank you. I'll be right down." his says sincerely in response to Rown. Afterwards he finishes double-checking the course coordinates he sent to the faithful pilot that he had plotted out the night before and heads ouf the bridge and down to the cargo area.

Calling down to the large open cargo area in an projected but pleasent voice that echoes slightly in the hold, "Hello everyone, This is your Captain Zhānmǔsī Cook. You may call me Zhan. If I could get get you all to come up the stairs here to the galley I would like to address you all personally and let everyone know the rules aboard the Deucalion. Thank you all, and I'll be seeing you soon." After that he heads to the galley himself to meet everyone there as they come in.

04-03-2014, 04:31 AM
Tucker - To the Galley

After the Captain makes his announcement, Tucker decides to head to the Galley along with him. Some on the crew might recognize it as one of his lesser past times as he often likes to see how the passengers will react. The Captain however would probably note that Tucker somehow always manages to avoid meeting the passengers for the first time without his presence.

Jay 2K Winger
04-03-2014, 05:40 PM
Deucalion - All crew and passengers

Once his workers' belongings are stowed and they start moving off toward the galley, Frank Brisket nods his goodbyes to them and the crew and leaves. Gilchrist does return some of Lizzie's looks with a friendly-enough smile. Brisket's workers seem familiar enough with each other that they chat a bit during the cargo storage. Mr. Lerga seems content to just let them do so, although he's humming some tune and burbling the lyrics in what is presumably his native tongue.

Eventually, everyone ends up in the galley for the captain's speech.

04-04-2014, 08:22 PM
Deucalion - All crew and passengers

Wolf leaned against the bulkhead door, his knives and pistol in plain sight, his paranoid/suspicious eyes scanning constantly.

04-09-2014, 04:09 AM
Deucalion - All crew and passengers

Zhan swiftly and purposefully walks at a deceptively quick pace to Wolf, snatches his knives away and half growls half whispers, "You are relieved from your post." and stares him down until he leaves.

Once he does he paints a smile upon his face and addresses the passengers in (almost) his standard passenger lift off greeting, "Hello, and welcome aboard the Deucalion. I believe I have met you all but just in case I am Captain Zhānmǔsī Cook. As for the rest of the crew" (He gestures to each member as he introduces them,) "first and foremost this is my second-in-command Mrs. Rowan Li, your pilot Tucker Webb, the ship's steward Senor Mando Alvarez, our lovely medical expert Ms. Elizabeth Lock, our mechanical engineer Sama Alborne. Our computer technician Aidan McCuan is doing a final diagnostic system scan before we take off. If anyone has any dining schedule requests please list them over there on the sheet. Otherwise meals will be prepped at the noted time. The next will be at 1200. The galley and passenger cargo area are open to passengers at all times however, the bridge, crew quarters, engine room, infirmary and the marked off bulk cargo area are at all times restricted. Empty cargo area can be used with crew clearance since we do not have any cargo in transport at this time. Thank you again for flying with us. If there are any questions feel free to approach any of the crew members in the public areas. I'm sorry I can't take your questions personally at this time but I have to check on the diagnostic scan. So I surrender the floor to my able-bodied First Mate."

After gesturing to her he abruptly makes his way to the crew quarters to confront the absent crew member.

04-09-2014, 07:02 PM
Aidan "Wolf" McCuan -- Bridge

Zhan found Aidan at his console, boots on the tiny counter.

Wolf's tone was calm, cool, and quiet as he puffed on his e-pipe.
"Captain, I understand the Alliance trains its troops in hand-to-hand, and that includes take-away's; however, you snatched three knives out of their sheathes, in plain view of the passengers. If that isn't telling them this crew is divided and easy to overcome, I don't know what is."
Wolf looked over at Zhan, "I'm up here on the Bridge because no one else is; now that you are here, I can retire to my quarters."
Standing, the Celt said quietly, "C'll may wh'n y're teed up and nayd'n rescue bee a sodding Browncoat, Alliance."

With that, Wolf walked away. Over his shoulder, he called, "Oh, and that diagnostic was clear."

((Translation: "Call me when you're tied up and needing rescue by a f'ing Browncoat, Alliance." ))

04-10-2014, 02:14 PM
Tucker et al.- The Galley of the Deucalion

While the Captain makes his introductions Tucker will be doing his best to watch the reactions of the passengers when his own name is given without being too obvious about it.

04-10-2014, 04:33 PM
Lizzie - Deucalion Galley

Lizzie's normal warm smile flickers slightly when the captain introduces her as "Ms." Elizabeth Lock, but she's smiling again before anybody but the captain notices.

Jay 2K Winger
04-10-2014, 05:40 PM
Deucalion - Galley - Everyone, sans Zhan & Wolf

Only the crew would really notice it, but Mando's usual stoic expression flickers with faint disapproval when the captain snatches Aiden's knives away and sends him off. Otherwise, he just stands there, arms folded, as impassive as ever.

The four passengers give their nods to the various crewmembers. "If it helps," Gilchrist the laborer says, "I'd gladly help out with any, y'know, heavy-lifting or any work you need done." This gets him some puzzled looks from Blevins the accountant and Weyland the metalworker, but he shrugs. "I feel useless unless I have something to do with my hands, and there's only so long I can drift on the Cortex before I get bored..."

"Easy for you to say, Nick," Weyland mutters. "I'd normally do some for-the-helluvit metal sculpting, but I can't do that while we're in the black. I'll probably finish out those sketches that Meridian asked for before we're even a third of the way there."

They both glance at Blevins, as if expecting him to interject with something himself. But the accountant just adjusts his glasses and says, "Don't look at me. I have books to read. Got to catch up on the financial laws and wherebys on New Melbourne before I get there."

Then Syman Lerga beams. "Is no problem! I am having much games to play. I love playing the games of cards and bluffing. Also, I am having poker chips. Don't want to go blowing actual credits and specie on gambling, no?" He pats his pockets a few times and then produces no less than three decks of cards. One is clearly a set of round-cards (suitable for Tall Card and Floodfire*), one is a standard set of playing cards from a casino, and the third... actually looks not unlike a Tarot deck. "Games helping with the hours passing, yah?"

* Floodfire is a game not unlike Rummy, which I stole/made-up from a book I read once. I'll post up the rules I've just made up in the OOC thread because what the hell why not.

04-12-2014, 06:41 PM
Aidan -- His personal quarters
"Aidan, me boy, ye be a man t'dee, an' so ye be larnin tae shoot. Nary o th' fam'ly be a coward. Cowards canna nay shoot; ye'll larn or ye ain' none o' th' family." His grandfather, James Kilpatrick, had said the day Aidan "the Wolf" McCuan had turned 8. And so, Aidan had learned how to shoot Grampa Jim's heavy Callahan Single-Action Diamondback revolver.
Aidan had learned to knock free the wedge with a knife pommel, then clamp the wedge in his teeth and rotate the barrel/rammer assembly counterclockwise 90 degrees. Opening the loading gate and giving six pumps of the rammer emptied the cylinder. The barrel was then rotated 90 degrees clockwise and the wedge replaced. Another hard whack with a knife pommel secured the wedge into place and the weapon was ready to be reloaded. As Aidan had grown, he learned to hold two rounds in the knuckles of his left hand to help speed reloading. Over the years, Aidan had improved his speed greatly; what had once taken him fifteen minutes as a child now took less than 17 seconds.
Fancy tricks had also been tried, but Grampa Jim had very quickly proven their futility. One trick the older man had praised, however, was the Road Agent Twist. When done properly, the Twist allowed a pistol being surrendered to be brought into lethal action before the confiscator could take possession, and Aidan had honed the move to startling speed over the years.
Aidan also learned to use rifles, like his Uncle Reuben's Sharps Quigley, Grandfather Charbonneau's Lee Enfield SMLE Mk III, Aunt Eustace's AR-15 and the M1 Garand owned by Aidan's own father. Even though Aidan was a fine rifleman, and a marksman pistolero, Grampa Jim's most important lesson had been to NEVER use any firearm unless the situation was so dire there was no alternative.
And it's why I'm the best knife-fighter in the entire McCuan family, Aidan grinned as he played with his tablet computer in quarters. Well, that, and he had learned the craft in the back alleys and pubs of New Highland after Aunt Mavis told him, "Knives never run out of bullets."

04-12-2014, 09:18 PM
((full explanation in OOC....extremely sorry for the delay))

Sama -- various places
Evening before:

She wakes in time to cook dinner for the crew, and leaves the clean up to one of the boys.

Day of Departure:
After preparing the morning meal and leaving the clean up for a less hectic time (also hoping someone else will clean them), she heads to the engine room doing last minute checks working with Tucker on the bridge for a clean, hassle free take off.

By the time the captain calls the meeting of passengers she heads up with her hair in disarray, a smudge of something on her cheek, and barefooted as normal for being shipboard.

When the captain makes the introductions she smiles and gives a cheery wave when her name is mentioned, and had arrived to late to notice the confrontation between Zhan and Wolf.

Having little to do till an emergency rears its head, and hearing the mention of card games, she sidles over to Lerga, with the most innocent expression on her young face. "I can play cards....but I'm not that good....but friendly wagers with me are harmless enough right?"

She puts on her most endearing smile and holds out her hand to shake, "Sama Alborne, chief mechanic...and amateur poker player!"

04-13-2014, 12:58 PM
Rowan- Deucalion, morning of departure

Rowan gets up early to exercise, as is her habit. After working out, she freshens up a bit and heads to the kitchen to enjoy Sama's cooking. As she has a bit of extra time, she goes ahead and cleans up the dishes before going on with her day.

At crew introduction

Rowan is surprised when the Captain admonishes Wolf, but keeps quiet. Wolf certainly wasn't being very welcoming to their passengers, but that was only to be expected...

When introduced as "Mrs. Rowan Li", she quirks an ironic smile. The captain was forever mixing up titles, and she found it quite amusing.

Overhearing Weyland, Rowan interjects, "Would you be interested in learning a space-safe way to play with metal? My grandparents owned a jewelry store- made some of their own pieces. They taught me some of their techniques."

Addressing the rest of the passengers, "If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask! I should be available most of the time, but in the event that I'm not, another crew member will be happy to help." She turns to Gilchrist and continues, "The labor intensive tasks are pretty well taken care of, but we'll keep that in mind. We do have a small space you can use to work out in, if you so desire."

04-14-2014, 04:47 AM
Tucker and others - Deucalion, the Galley

"I'm up for cards." Tucker says, "So long as you don't mind me taking a break now and then to make sure we're still on course and not about to crash into anything." He gives a slight smile as if he has made some private joke.

10-05-2014, 01:55 PM
*Generally about the ship*
They had been underway long enough for the ship's routine to settle down. Aidan "Wolf" McCuan knocked on Lizzie's door.
"May I borrow your copy of 'And Then There Were None' Lizzie?"
He held out the copy of "The Definitive Collection of Sherlock Holmes" he had borrowed the trip previous.