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10-27-2013, 12:11 PM
So there is a rule at uni regarding field placements for teachers. That is, you CANNOT contact a school for a placement unless you know someone at the school already (ie a teacher or an SSO etc). We are allowed to request specific schools that we would like to go to (for convenience for example) but that does not mean we will get those specific schools.

Apparently however, a few students missed the message.

On the "teaching prac" section of our student database, there are 2 messages relating to students trying to organise their placements. In one case, a student approached a school directly (and has now damaged the working relationship between the school and the uni) and in the other case, students were cold calling schools directly.

I suspect that the students were doing the contacting because of the time it takes to place students into schools, but also because of the fact that some students have been placed in less-than-desirable environments in the past.