View Full Version : A parade of sauces,but no waitress...

11-09-2013, 11:05 PM
Well,that was an...interesting meal. The restaurant is across the road from the local supermarket.And right from the start-there is a trolley parked across the steps to get onto the path.I understand that trolleys wander from their usual home,but this one is very inconvenient-and none of the waiters coming out to the folk eating outside have noticed it.I move it to the edge of the road-it's now in the way of drivers,but the alternative is climbing up the shrubbery.

The drinks take a good 10 minutes to arrive.There are precisely 3 customers in there.It is not busy.And a drink is quick and easy-open bottle,pour into glass,send out.

The steak arrives.Without its barbeque sauce.The waitress is nowhere to be seen.Eventually,I have to alert the other waiter,who is busy serving his table,but he's the only one actually there.He ends up having not only to deal with his table,but shuttle back and forth as sauce-carrier.Having waited with my rapidly-cooling steak,I decide to tuck in and hope that the sauce arrives whilst I still have something left to put it on.

We then begin the parade of the sauces.
Sauce #1-peppercorn.Wrong,and I am allergic to it.Back it goes.
Sauce #2-ginger.Wrong,and am I allergic to it.Back it goes.
Sauce #3-unspecified-I want to know the ingredients to make sure it's not going to kill me off,so waiter is despatched to kitchen to find out what it is.
It turns out to be mushroom and was actually rather tasty with the last bit of steak that was still hanging on for it.

And the side of buttered potatoes-well,we are in new potato season.Good ones are not hard to find.These are not only unbuttered,but are rather hard and fibrous-the sort that you get in the 20p bargain can made by some Hungarian company you've never heard of.

To be fair,the manager did come over and say that it looked like I'd had some problems during the meal.It turns out the waitress was ill,so she'd been sent home(it would have been nice for someone to come over and mention it,so I didn't think she'd disappeared into the Twilight Zone),and the steak is always served with the same sauce,so there shouldn't have been an issue.I did get comped for the steak.But the trolley was still in its place at the bottom of the stairs....