View Full Version : Delivery drivers always know

11-11-2013, 04:45 AM
This is one of those "IF you have been delivering in an area for more than a year or two, you know when things get funky or 'out of place'".

We all know our areas good, bad and in between sides. Ask a delivery driver where the nice or no so nice apartments are and they can give you a list as long as their arm from memory.

But onto my story.

For the last 18 months or so one of the hotels in my area as gone "downhill". By this I mean the guests or clientell that frequent this particular establishment have become seedier and skankier (use your imagination) rivaling the 3 getto hotels that we serve. The "regulars" we delivery to seem out of place for this hotel (as in we KNOW you have a local address cause we have delivered too those local addresses so WHY are you staying at a local hotel for a week??). Now this particular hotel is not some run down one-step-above-a-flophouse type hotel. In many ways it is a nice hotel on hotel row.

I was watching the local news last week and the station had a report on how the village is trying to crack down on sex trafficking and prostitution. They describe the influx of people using Craig's List and those adult ads on the back of the local free entertainment guide paper. During the story they show the exterior of a hotel or two and I instantly recognize BOTH places. The story emphasizes that clients are meeting up at these hotels are getting robbed and/or beaten.

HEY village you should have just asked the delivery drivers who serve the area and we could have told you this a LONG time ago.