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11-21-2013, 09:44 PM
The CSR was kind of a pain, but really the suck here is with the credit card company in general.

A little over a month ago, I requested a new credit card be sent out. I received a card - with a new number - dated as valid from 10/15/13 to 01/2015. New card received & activated, I proceed to go about using it. Yay, I can haz stuff!

Tonight, I tried to buy a Humble Bundle with my card only to have payment refused because the card had expired. I figured it was a typo and my silly fingers typed 2013 as the expiration date. So I did it again, making sure to type the correct date. Still declined due to expired card. I haz confuse.

I called my credit card management company, which is Elan Financial Services, to make sure there was no problem with my card. I still thought it was due to a glitch. I can haz stupid.

But no. That was not the case. No, you see on 10/18/13 (3 days after my new card was issued) they issued a NEW new card! With rewards, just for me! And an extended expiration date! YAY!!!!!!

Except for on small problem: I never received that new card. Nor the 'prior notice' that was supposedly mailed to tell me all about the new card with new rewards. But, hey, the 'old' new card was still valid for 30 days. So, it wasn't until tonight that I discovered there has been a valid & activated credit card in my name floating about somewhere that I didn't know about. That card has been active since 10/21/13. Good to know. Now, I can haz ANGRY!

Despite the urge to go HULK SMASH on my phone, I knew the phone did nothing wrong. The Elan CSR kept repeatedly cutting me off mid-complaint to tell me that I had 100% fraud protection (on the card I never got that I didn't ask for and didn't know was coming) so everything would be just fine. Uh huh. I can haz disbelief.

So, now I have a NEW new new card (with rewards!) that is being rush delivered to me. With yet another new number that has to be updated with all of my recurring vendors. If they issue a NEW new new new card 3 days later, I will never do business with them again. I'm considering closing the account anyway over this little debacle, despite that it is fee free, with a reasonable interest rate, and 3x higher credit limit that my other cards. It's a good plan on paper. The execution leaves a bit to be desired.

I'm also going to go to Greylock Federal Credit Union and express my lividness at the situation and extreme dismay over the fact that Elan Financial Services is the company they have chosen to manage their credit card program.

Given the choice, I recommend never getting a credit card that is managed by Elan. You can do better. You deserve better.

11-22-2013, 05:21 AM
I haz sympathy. I haz handing you biggggg cathammer!

11-22-2013, 03:17 PM
As a former rep for that company you have my deepest sympathy. Seems like they've gone downhill since I left (got fired, what have you).

11-22-2013, 08:00 PM
It turns out the bank for which my wife works actually dropped Elan as their credit card plan processor due to customer complaints.

11-22-2013, 09:31 PM
God, sounds as bad as Citi (who I never actually opened an account with and never would have or will willingly, it is only because HSBC exited the North American market and sold their accounts to them that I have to deal with them). When I got married I had my last name changed. I called in to ask for a new card with my new name be issued, sure no problem... a week later I get a new card... with my old name on it. Call again, oh the notes indicated that the CSR thought I had changed it online and was calling to request the card be sent... two problems with that, first, she should have been able to look at the account history to see if a change had already been made and second she shouldn't of had to because the instructions on the website explicitly state that name changes can only be handled by calling customer service. So, go through this whole thing again, wait a week, this time I get two cards, one with the old name one with the new. I call again to see what is going on, CSR explains that the rep had accidentally submitted an order for a new card before completing the name change which couldn't be cancelled and then submitted an order again after completing the name change, so I could disregard the card with the wrong name. Okay, we all make mistakes, and that one is more understandable than the first. A week later, I check the mail and there are three new credit cards that have been sent to me with my new name (all the same card number) for no apparent reason. :wtf:
Compare this to Capital One, the benchmark for bad service according to most, who got it right the first time.