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12-04-2013, 07:05 AM
When all of the assholes were clamoring for attention.

Sighting the first-

Our car broke down last Monday the ignition locked up so until tonight I have been relegated to the dread transit system here :eek:

As I am waiting for the lovely call to say hey your car is ready I am sitting at Applebee's having a lovely drink with my dinner. I get sat next to this couple with a 3 yro I love kids don't have any of my own other than the four legged furry type but this child was a little hellion. No sooner had I been sat down than he looks at me and says hi I told him hi back next thing I know he is yelling at the top of his lugs "Hey you" I just smiled. and he continued to yell at me with his grandparents sitting right there going "Chance sweetie stop" did he listen of course not. Then their food comes out and they complain about every single thing on the plates the poor waitress looked like she was dead on her feet but keep smiling and offered to fix everything which they declined.

As the grandparents are sitting there eating darling little Chance gets out of his seat and starts running around the restaurant with more calm little "Chance please come sit down" Chance stop running" Chance come back here." When I saw there plates were empty I was thanking the heavens above that meant maybe they would be leaving soon but no not at all they ordered dessert which of course was to placate little Chance who is now screaming he wants cherries then gets up and starts running again almost tripping the pregnant waitress. At this point I was feeling like this :chipper:

The waitress smiling brings the little darling his cherries which he proceeds to thrown at me and the grandparents now ask for the manager who comes to the table and the then bitch whine moan and complain about how their food was wrong Blah blah blah blah blah the managers offers to comp their food which had me seeing red I got up walked right over to the manager and explained loud enough for the complaining customers to hear how great the waitress had been and how she had offered multiple times to fix the wrong food that was brought which they ate every single bit of the manager thanked me for letting him know and I also let him know that I didn't want the waitress to get into any trouble over the couples nasty attitude and he let me know she wouldn't be in any trouble. I paid my bill left a nice 30% tip and left.

Sighting the second-

Car is finally ready at 730 my mom for who read the post had a very bad stroke back in August has been asking for pizza so now that pay day is past and I had a little money left over I went to the red roof pizza place to get her pizza as I am standing there waiting.

*Ring Ring*

Cashier- Its a great night at your local red roof pizza place this is Denise (Not her real name of course) How can I help you?

At this point she had to pull the phone away from her ear and I hear.

EVBH- Where the **** if my ******* pizza I ordered it almost two hours ago.

Cashier bringing phone back to her ear now that custy isnt trying to make her ears bleed- Ma'am may I have your name? Thank you. Ma'am you ordered your pizza at 19:19

EVBH- What the **** is 19:19

(Time is currently 8:09pm so of course EVBH is working on Customer standard time)

Cashier: Sorry ma'am that would be 7:30. Our delivery time is sitting at an hour right now.

EVBH- I was not ******* told it was an hour wait time nobody ******* told me it was an hour to get my pizza. I want to talk to your manager now nobody told me it would be a GD hour.

Cashier- She is busy with other customers right now if you don't mind holding.

EVBH- I ain't holding I want my pizzas and I want them now and free *CLICK*

I looked at the cashier and said I am so sorry.

Wow that got long.

12-04-2013, 11:33 PM
Karma would have Red Roof do the following:

- Check what the SC had ordered.
- Check if it was all accounted for in orders by subsequent customers which had not yet hit the "make line".
- If this condition was met, call back the SC (wanting a physically impossible delivery time and free food? Not a customer you want to keep) to let them know their order had been cancelled, and they were now on the "do not serve" list.
- Other customers get their food early.

BTW, 19:19 would be (with rounding) 7:20 PM, not 7:30 PM.

12-05-2013, 05:15 AM
BTW, 19:19 would be (with rounding) 7:20 PM, not 7:30 PM.

Ugh I can't believe i messed that up Thanks for pointing it out. :ashamed: