View Full Version : Customer and staff at odds in this one

12-18-2013, 11:27 PM
Went over the local chinese to order take out. Whilst I'm in there a guy stomps in and obviously isn't happy that he's been sent to get the take out. ;)

G: Guy.
CO: Chinese Owner (Note: relevant factors are her thick accent and slight issue with anyone who speaks English fast or slighly undefined. I've had issues with it before and remind myself to speak slightly slower and clearer in the future. She is also quite terse anyway so if you are already in a bad mood you kinda have to remind yourself not to read too much into it).

G: 11A *grumpy, not making eye contact and kinda muttery)
CO: 7A.... ok, one Beef fried rice
G: No 11A.
CO: which one? The Beef fried rice
G: No, 11A!
CO: (something I don't hear, probably something like "umm what do you want?")
G: Will you listen?? I said 11A three times.. the Prawn fried rice!
CO: (snarly ish by now, slightly understandable) ok, thats 15.90
G: (goes to pay and then tries to peer over desk at POS screen) How can that be?
CO: 3 times 11A... 5.30 each...
G: No, (mutter mutter) I wanted ONE 11A! (mutter, mutter about how stupid...)
CO: No, you said 3 11A's... ok, sorted that, 5.30 please...
G: (still muttering under breath but hands over money).

I didn't get to see when he actually got his order as mine came out just then.

However definitely wasn't either of their best moments in communication!