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Sapphire Silk
12-19-2013, 03:21 AM
A very quick sighting of a Sucky Customer:

I'm on my way home to North Carolina after spending time with the family in Maryland. My train is delayed for 5 hours due to mechanical problems up the line. That's not the suck. Most people were pretty good about the whole thing, until the very end.

The train finally pulled into the station from Philly around 2:45pm. I've traveled this line many times, and knew that they'd have to change engines from an electric to diesel for the rest of the trip, before we could board. I told quite a few people this who were thinking we'd get to board right away.

Another train that'd be using the same set of tracks was also running late (for a similar reason I think), but they were only behind 10 minutes. They got to board first, and leave the gate first. The rest of us stood quietly in line at the gate for about 20 minutes when!

Bam. Yellow Jacket Man Strikes!

Dude in a bright yellow jacket starts banging on the door at the train folks on the other side (including the armed train police officer with the DOG :eek:) and making a fuss, complete with the usual SC profanity. He was trying to get other folks whipped up too, and get something going. Seems he wanted on the train, and he wanted on the train NOW.

Amazingly, none of the other passengers bought into his ranting. Everyone kept it cool, and there were more than a few, "Oh no, don't go there dude," comments from other people.

The train folks were actually trying to board the priority seating folks (which included me, so I got a front row view of the row).

Finally, a supervisor got right in his face and calmly told him, "Don't even go there. If you don't settle down, you are not getting on this train and that's a fact."


YJM: yeah, well, we just want to get on the train

AM: Everyone does. Now go stand over there while priority seating boards.


I really love Amtrak. Can't you tell :D

12-19-2013, 03:57 AM
Amtrak is awesome. One of the times I was heading back from my long trips and I was in Chicago. They were doing random checks with the bomb paper. I got picked...no problem. The lady behind me got picked...problem. She kept arguing and the Amtrak cop said, "Do you want to keep arguing or do you want to get on my train?". I think something finally clicked. I mean it wasn't even that bad...they swiped the bag with the paper and ran it through a detector...