View Full Version : Doings at the DTA

12-20-2013, 01:44 PM
Not really sucky, more amusing.

I had to go down to the EBT office to get a photo card (for once even though they made the appointment for me I was actually able to fit it around the rest of my schedule).

The suck came when nobody informed any of us with appointments that we had to show our letters to the intake person; that revelation came about after we had filled out the little forms and waited for 20 minutes. But there was amusement to be had even so.

The workers did keep the waiting crowd moving and had a sense of humor about the whole thing. One man kept putting his phone number in the space for SSN. The third time he did this, the worker says: "You really want me to have your phone number, don't you? You're cute, but not that cute." *flashes wedding ring*
Man: *theatrical pout*

A few people thought that "photo ID" meant they could use their T pass (the reduced-fare passes have a photo on them; not that anybody ever checks it) :doh: Yes, it is a photo, but it's not actually government issued.

One guy was expounding on the virtues on Youtube to a buddy: "Man, Youtube's great! They got all sorts of stuff! Chick fights, drunk fights, gangsta fights, ghetto fights, crackhead fights..." Half the room was trying not to bust out laughing.

A backpack and manila folder got left at the front by the metal detector; that caused a few moments of chaos until they found the owner outside smoking. I think he ended up going to the back of the line for that.

Time spent to actually issue the card: 3 minutes
Total time spent: 45 minutes. Luckily entertainment was supplied.

Mom was thinking that I might be able to get a pass to do a mockumentary-type thing "A Day at the DTA", but legally I don't think I could get clearance and also I'm not sure my sanity would survive an entire business day there.