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07-24-2006, 06:11 PM
Share your remodeling tales.

We're currently undergoing a remodel (June to November). The construction crew only comes in at night when we're closed. We've already had one major reset and they'll be at least 2 more before November. The result? Nobody has a clue where anything is now and customers are pissed. Oh and when closing we can't lock any of the doors until the construction crew have got all their machines inside (they're often late) so people still keep coming in late.

Irving Patrick Freleigh
07-24-2006, 07:17 PM
My store got a half-assed remodel last fall. My company does two kinds of remodels on its stores: full remodels in which everything is moved around and floor space is reallocated, along with new paint scheme inside and out, new fixtures, new floor tiles and new registers and self checkouts, and then there are relays in which everything is moved around and that's about it. My store got a relay.

It was a ton of work for everyone: moving merchandise around, setting new planograms, trying to remember where everything moved to when stocking trucks, having no place to put anything in the back room because it's full of junk fixtures, new fixtures, and contractors' tools, and having to help all the customers make sense of the new layout.

At the end of the process, the stores that got full remodels had big grand re-openings with a catered breakfast for all the employees, prizes, $50 gift cards for every employee, and visits from local celebrities. My store got jack shit. No breakfast, no gift cards, nothing, even though we worked just as hard as the people at the fully remodeled stores. We were supposed to have a party for all the employees after the relay was done, but that didn't happen.

And the sad thing, my store still looks like crap. The worst floor tiles in the store were pulled and replaced, but we still have a bunch of cracked and broken tiles all around. They touched up the paint in some places but it still looks drab and dreary. And our sales have reportedly gone in the toilet. I guess are concluding that our store is confusing to shop in and doesn't look good enough or have enough help to prevent them from going to Wally World. Supposedly, all the stores that got full remodels are seeing their sales increase, but the stores that got relays are having their sales go down.

07-24-2006, 07:59 PM
My department is currently in 5 different spots. The result is that I am constantly showing people where stuff is. The light bulbs are in two spots, the tools are in three. It is driving me crazy.:hairpull: My department is supposed to be moved this week so the stress hopefully will soon be over.

Then there is the fact that our flooring contractor was caught using illegals and paying them less than half of what Americans would be paid. They where allowed to finish the job, but they had to do a background check on all their workers to show corporate that all their workers where legal. This delayed things by almost two weeks. Now we find out that some of the areas that where done by the illegal workers will have to be torn up and redone because they didn't measure correctly and now the isles don't line up like they should. (We have that fake hardwood in the departments and tile in the isles and it looks really crappy right now with it not lining up.) Tiles are also comming up because they didn't tile correctly.

The evening/weekend crew (Where I work) is also incredibly understaffed. They took about half the evening/weekend crew as well as alot of cashiers and put them on the day remodel crew. This now means that on our busiest days we have nowhere near enough people. I'm the only person in Hardware/Paint for the whole weekend. (Guess what my department looks like Sunday evening.:( ) Management hates it too because THEY have to help fill the holes. Corporate made us do this and nobody is happy.

Please lord let this remodel be done and out of the way.:runaway: