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12-25-2013, 11:56 PM
I've stopped spending my in-between-class time alone, and have found a nice little lounge to hang out in. So now I've started hearing some crazy things.

Story #1: I came back from class to the Alcove (upstairs lounge). There were three campus police officers, and two students. They cornered me and asked if I knew what was going on and I was kinda: 0_0 "I just got back from class."

Most of the people there went to a convention (yumicon, I want to say, and I might not even be spelling that right). I guess they had a huge fight brewing that let loose then. Two girls had a panic attack, and one of them fainted. She was caught and being cared for by a guy I'd found obnoxious up until that point, and he earned a lot of respect for that.

The campus police told us that there was talk of expelling one of us, and that the alcove was always way too loud.

I didn't want to deal with it, so I moved lounges. The people I'm around play a lot of D&D and are very serious about it, but there are no campus police.

2: I'm packing up for my afternoon class, but I have to interrupt the person on the phone next to me so he can move his chair forward so I can unplug my laptop.

He was nice about it, so that wasn't the WTF.

It was the conversation I had to interrupt.

Him: I'm like... I'm like a wild animal. I need to be free.
I'm like a dolphin, y'know?
Except I don't rape people; that's not cool.
And I don't smell.
But my mouth is kinda a blow-hole. I talk a lot of shit.

I had to go, but I so wanted to stay.

3: I went to the bathroom. I was having a bad anxiety day, so even though I was done when another girl came in, I couldn't leave with her there, my anxiety was saying.

While I'm sitting there, realizing that the more time I spend the higher my anxiety levels are and the more I need to stay put, her phone rings.

And she answers it.

I briefly consider if it would be rude to get up--the toilet would automatically flush--while she was on the phone. Anyone else would have, apparently, and if I had been in a stabler mood, I would've too, probably.

As she's saying "hello, hello, hello?"

I'm considering what call could be so important she has to answer it right now, and decide there are plenty of genuine reasons, so I decide not to judge.

She leaves the bathroom stall, and tries to call them back. Then goes "Damn, no cell service."

No cell service in a bathroom? Oh the humanity.

Then, thankfully, she leaves.

Anyone else have some WTF conversations they've listened in on at work or school?