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04-14-2007, 09:37 AM
I'm not entirely sure if this guy has ever actually been a customer with us, but I wanted to spread the word of his kindness anyway :D

5 mins into my shift on friday, a woman and three young boys with her get some movies out.
About an hour later, a teen boy comes into the store with a confused/concerned sort of look on his face. He hands over a store DVD case and tells me he just found it out in the middle of the intersection, but unfortunately there's no DVD in it!
I say thanks, and start looking up the movie info to find what account it's hired on to get in touch with them (it turned out to be the woman I mentioned before obviously). Just as I'm writing down all the contact info, the same kid comes in again with the DVD in his hand! "Hey I found this out in the street too!"
:eek: "Thanks so much!!!"
I'm guessing the young boys each got to hold onto their own movie and the little one opened his up and dropped it all =S
It had obviously been stood on or run over or something, it had dents in it and was too damaged to rehire, but wow! Such a nice, honest young boy! :yourock: