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01-01-2014, 02:05 AM
I had forgotten about this one from last month:

MB: Missing Buddy
F1-F3: Fellas 1, 2, and 3
CM: Cool Manager

When at my mobile phone store to buy my new phone, there were a group of three fellas arguing with the CM. Apparently F1 had come in the day before with a buddy that wasn't currently with them. Missing Buddy (MB) had gotten approved for a new phone but decided not to buy one. F1 was now back to buy his friend MB a phone... using MB's credit. This seemed to make perfect sense to F1 since the phone was -- supposedly -- for MB, who couldn't make it into the store because of work.

Yeah, and I've got a bridge for sale.

CM was flat out refusing to put a phone on someone's credit without that person being physically present. Rightly so.

F1 was quite upset by this, raising his voice and getting rather beligerent, so F2 steps up and tries professing to be MB's brother. I think the CM was calling his bluff because she asked for his ID to see if his name matched. Wouldn't ya know it, F2 forgot his wallet at home. Won't she take his word for it?

No, she won't.

F3 jumps in. He's got an ID, so if he shows it to her, will she let them get the phone? Sure, on F3's credit. Cue F3 with cat butt face and blustering about the CM not being fair.

Any bets that F3's ID was fake?

The fellas rehash the same tired arguments for a good thirty minutes (including changing the story from "MB sent me to get this for him" to "It's a surprise for him for Christmas") before finally giving up and leaving. The funny part was that the CM would drop little comments in (like offering to call MB on the number he left on the credit check to get him to authorize it), giving them more rope to hang themselves with and generally screwing with them since it was clear she wasn't going to budge unless MB walked through the door. I asked the manager about it after they left, and she says that they get scammers in all the time trying to get phones on other people's credit and then selling the device before the scam is discovered and the phone deactivated. It was entertaining to watch her toy with the scammers until they got frustrated enough to leave.

Mr Hero
01-01-2014, 03:42 AM
Good job to your manager calling their bluff. Had this been legit, offering to call MB would have been more than adequate.

01-01-2014, 06:08 PM
Kudos to the manager for standing her ground and having fun with the scammers. I'd have called MB after they'd left to give 'em a heads up on what their "friends" were doing behind his back, though. Come to think of it, I would have gone ahead and called 'em while the scammers were there. Might as well let 'em know how screwed they really are..

Ugh, got this entirely too much at the repair center. How? Service contract work, where you paid for the service contract and all work done to the product was covered 100%. So, we'd often see "family" members come in with their products trying to get them covered under the contract. Guess what dingus? All our contracts have the product's model and serial number attached! You can't get YOUR tractor serviced because it doesn't have a matching serial number! No, the excuse they got a new one doesn't fly. Just get out. Now. The officer chatting with the lawn tech will gladly see you off the premises. Yup.

Or better yet, they'd call in wanting a service call for X's product. But umm.. it wasn't at their house at this time. Sorry, company policy states that the product has to be a the address listed on the service contract! So, we'll gladly go out to the proper address to service the product! Just not your address, mkay? Oh you moved? Well, I can easily change the address for the contract! Oh, you don't want me to? Huh... You know, I have some ocean front property here in Little Rock that I'd LOVE to sell you! (I got a weee bit snarky after a bit. Quality Assurance didn't exist at that point.)

01-05-2014, 01:19 PM
What a bunch of dumbasses.:rolleyes:

Just Friday my brother and I had to go to a Blue Ball Wireless store to get the old iPhone activated (which I had turned off when I upgraded in November), which had to be done in person (had to order a new SIM since the old one couldn't be reactivated) so we took the phone, SIM card, invoice for said card and my brother had his picture ID (account is in his name) and we had it activated with no trouble.

We spent more time waiting in line than to get the card put into the phone and turned on (not to mention my brother having to look at ALL the display models on either side of the tiny store.):lol: