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01-04-2014, 04:11 PM
As I might have mentioned I've not worked true customer service for a long time, but I 've had some time on my hands to write up some memorable customers from my customer service days. I'm putting this in sightings because they were not all sucky, some are just cute stories.

Cute Couple
I'm at McDonalds, working cash, during an extreme lull. A couple come in (M man W - woman), I greet them, they tell me they need a minute, and start talking with each other about the menu. I'm not actively eavesdropping, but am sort of listening in while I piddle around behind the counter, and hear about 5 minutes of this
M she's not going to do that
W of course she will, they probably get asked this all the time
M there is no way shes going to make that for you
W why not, I'm going to ask
Then they speak up and tell me they are ready to order

Me *Completely dreading whatever hell that is about to happen*: Absolutely, what can I get for you?
M: I'd like a burger, fries and coke (or whatever he ordered)
Me: Certainly and for you? *to the woman*
W: I'd like a burger, fries coke, and can you make the coke
M *interrupting*: she's not going to do it
W *aside*: she will! *to me* 1/2 regular coke and 1/2 diet coke with 1/2 regular amount of ice
Me 'Thank the freaking deity!': Certainly anything else today?
M *incredulously*: That's it? Just sure and anything else? You are really going to make her that?
W: She probably gets that all the time, don't you. I bet lots of people order it like that!
Me: Nope, never, not even once, but .... sure, anything else?

After they left, I was laughing for a couple of hours about their reactions. If he only knew what kind of crap 'special requests' people made of me on an hourly basis he would have understand my complete and total indifference to that particular request.

No Clue
Still at McDonalds, and I'm about 16 years old. A large group of guys about my age has come in and ordered one at time until it's the last guys turn

Last Guy: I don't have any money but we can make a deal (he said it kind of half way between a statement and a question)
Me: I very much doubt it
LG: If you buy me a Big Mac I'll let you give me a blowjob
Me *looking over his shoulder to the people behind him* Can I help who's next please
(Let's face it, that 'deal' wasn't even worth a response)
All last guys friends are killing themselves laughing and as they go to be seated he's saying 'What? I thought that would work, I'm way better looking than her, I thought she'd be grateful'

Normally I'd call this guy the biggest asshole in the world but his sincerity and general cluelessness makes him a little bit of a sympathetic figure. So I'd just like to say this to him - It's a good thing you're pretty, because you obviously have nothing else to contribute to society.

At least this wasn't a literal sighting
Working the overnight shift at Tim Hortons, and my boss calls me about 3 hours after I get home to find out why there is a sign taped to the wall in the mens washroom :If you must masturbate in the bathroom please finish in the toilet or use some toilet paper. Thank You.

I simply explained that it turns out people don't know this, and while cleaning semen off the bathroom walls at work gets old, I draw the line at standing on the toilet to scrub it off the ceiling (seriously, how did you even accomplish that?) I thought it was time we had some instructions for our customers. She was not that sympethetic to my point of veiw.

You can do better
Overnight at Tim Hortons again, you come in at 2 in the morning, obviously upset, but calm and in control, with about 28 cents on you. So you can afford: a timbit. Great. Order your timbit and proceed to sit (quietly, without bothering anyone) at a table for an hour. Cool. When the bar crowd clears I've got a couple hours to get the place clean before people start packing in for their morning jolt, and still you sit. You asked me if it was ok to stay. You offered to help me clean. You apologized for bothering me, and explained your girlfreind kicked you out of the house and you weren't sure where to go. You seemed genuinely distressed. I bought you a coffee and a donut and you were sincerely grateful.

At 5 the girl in question came in, screamed at you for being such an asshole as to leave, screamed at me for giving you food and started throwing sugar jars around. I called the police, who came and dragged her way, still screaming, and all the while you apologized to me, to the police, to other customers, asked other customers if they were all right, and left your card and offered to pay for the broken sugars. I'll say it again you can do better!

01-04-2014, 09:03 PM
I hope the BJ guy's friends explained to him the basic concept of YOUR benefit vs. HIS benefit. What an idiot.

01-04-2014, 09:41 PM
Yay, a fellow Canadian! Tim Hortons RULES!

01-04-2014, 09:59 PM
Yay, a fellow Canadian! Tim Hortons RULES!

I think they have those in the states now? I am a fellow Canadian though.:wave:

01-05-2014, 12:17 AM
I'm one of those Canadians who gets excited about any mention of Tims as wellhahahha (it's not a coffee shop, it's a LIFESTYLE). Anyway, we have two 24-hour Tims here, and I admit I've wandered to one after the bar on several occasions. My friends and I were polite and just got some bagels (smothered in herb and garlic cream cheese, heck yes!) and waited for cabs. But my crazy Tims story was as a customer.

I've seen people drunk and/or on drugs LOSE THEIR MINDS at every hour of the day at Tims. Once, a few months ago, I was in the drive-thru with my parents. The line seemed a bit slow, and when my parents and I arrived at the window, the drive-thru guy seemed all spacey and out of sorts. My stepdad dad called him on it (well, asked if he was okay and if something was wrong), and the guy proceeded to tell us how there was a youngish guy beating the ever-loving shit out of his girlfriend in the drive-thru a few minutes ahead of us. This was INSIDE OF A CAR, but was so obvious, the woman in front of them parked her car in the way (blocking the drive-thru, but for a good cause) and refused to move until the police arrived. Apparently, he was even hitting/berating/screaming at her while he was ordering his donuts! So the staff already had called the police, they were so shocked.

01-05-2014, 03:27 AM
*sad sigh* No Timmy's here in NH, just Dunkin Donuts and IMHO their coffee tastes like toilet water.

01-05-2014, 05:33 AM
Reading this thread while drinking Timmies 😀

01-05-2014, 02:39 PM
Speaking of weird orders in fast food places... I once had a friend order pancakes in Burger King and ask if he could get bacon with them. I still have a clear image of the look of surprise on that poor server's face.
They did, however provide him with the bacon and when he sat down, all he could say in his defense was "They do say you can have it your way". :rolleyes: