View Full Version : One Self Sighting...One near miss of slapping...

01-06-2014, 05:03 AM
Near miss of slapping...

In my state every single gas station is self serve. In my town for the past.....8 or 9 YEARS almost every single gas station is now prepay only.

This evening since the temps are supposed to drop down below 0, I decided to make sure my gas tank was full, and pick up a few groceries. While at the gas station I go in and prepay a certain amount on my card, and to buy something else as well. When I get out of my car, another car pulls into the pump behind me, and stands there putting the nozzle into the car and hitting the buttons to get it going....and looking more and more frustrated.

I go in, tell the cashier how much and on what pump, pay and get my things together to walk back out. The "lady" from the car behind me, is behind me in line and says in the SNOTTIEST tone I can never imagine..."Aren't you going to turn on the pump? I'm on that pump (points vaguely in the direction) with the cab company."

The cashier, a no nonsense older woman, says "I'm sorry its prepay only."

SC says, "well I've NEVER had to prepay here! I don't know WHY you won't turn on the pump.....FINE! I want $20 on that pump and I NEED a receipt!"

Cashier tries to explain....gives up, rings everything through and sends her on her way....though I swear she muttered something not pleasant about the woman....but of course I heard nothing! :angel:

One semi-self sighting...

Since my Ipod died, and i have a hard time dealing with crowds espically when sick, I head to walmart VERY late at night (1am I believe). I'm hunting down a few things including an electric mattress pad, can't find one...only can find electric blankets.

Being so late at night I'm not sure I can find someone to help me, but i look around anyway.....and see a woman with a light blue shirt, under a black jacket with her back to me.

I see her start to turn around and say "excuse me....oh good you do work here. I wasn't sure because of your jacket."

She actually DID work there, she was just getting ready to go on her break, I apologized and said I had what I hopped was a quick question...and asked if she knew where the thing was I was looking for, She helped but said that she didn't think they had any and went to hunt them down with me. I of course apologized knowing she'd be wanting to go on break, and sometimes something can be right under my nose and not able to see things.

We ended up not able to find it, she even mentioning that she hadn't seen any out this year at all.

I thanked her for her time and left to finish my shopping.