View Full Version : Late night TTC shenanigans (warning: LONG!)

02-16-2014, 05:17 PM
<background>My friends and I visited another friend who had just gotten out of rehab after breaking his hip. We didn't spend enough time with him, unfortunately, because he lived in assisted housing where he only had a room (which is like a small hotel suite), instead of an apartment; thus there was no space for all of us to sit and eat our chips and drink our drinks.

After that, we decided to grab a bite to eat at an Asian fusion restaurant. I had a cheese omelet with home fries and toast, with a big bowl of ice cream for dessert!

Two of my female friends decided that they had to leave early. Our policy is that we never let me use public transit alone when going home at night. So the two girls and the boyfriend of one of them waited until I finished using the loo to take me to the subway station with them.

We left the boyfriend at a streetcar stop since that is how he was going home, while we headed to our bus stop. All of a sudden, we saw our bus, but we had a dilemma!

What was the dilemma?

We were facing a RED LIGHT! DO NOT CROSS and get to the bus if you value your lives!

But it was FREEZING out there, and buses take FOREVER to come at night, even in the best of conditions!

So what did we do? Let common sense rule and risk freezing to death while waiting for the next bus, or throw it out the window and risk being crushed to death while running the red light to get to the bus?

Well, I wouldn't be writing this if we chose the first option! :D

So here I was, ice cream in my hand (I didn't get to finish it in the restaurant), running the red light, and hoping I don't fall down and/or get hit/run over by a car, just to get to the waiting bus!

To top it all off, the bus driver took one look at my ice cream and said: "You're making me feel cold with that ice cream!" :lol:

But wait! That's not all!

As we came to the station, I noticed that the way the signs were placed confused me. Where were the westbound trains that were supposed to take me home? However, my friends seemingly found the eastbound trains correctly and were going down the stairs. After more searching, I finally found the stairs to the westbound platform, and what did I find down there?

That's right. My friends!

I called out to them: "You guys are going the wrong way! Eastbound is THIS WAY!" pointing out the stairs to the correct platform!

They saw the "westbound" sign on the platform and laughed their butts off on the way up to the correct platform! :roll:

What about you? Did you have any shenanigans related to public transit?

02-17-2014, 06:30 AM
Not that I remember, and possibly not until I get to LA where I'm unfamiliar with the system.

02-17-2014, 08:42 PM
I also have a "bus rerouting" story. Back in high school, it took me 3 buses to get home. I soon found out that if, instead of going to my regular bus stop on a north-south street, I walked south to a bus stop on an east-west street, all the buses coming out of the garage (for increased rush hour service) would go past me - and the route one of those buses took on the way to its assignment went right past home. About half the time, the driver would warn me that the bus wasn't following its regular route, since it was just going into service, and I'd reply that I knew that - and that's why I was catching it.

02-18-2014, 12:13 AM
Nothing major, but I definitely had a lot of problems when I first started having to ride the bus.......my sister's then-boyfriend gave me the basics on paying fare,...etc., but that was it......I didn't understand bus routes/numbers/schedules. (for example, I sometimes got on the wrong bus to go home from college because I didn't know to look for route numbers on the bus)