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02-20-2014, 04:36 AM
Picture this: Christmas, 2013. My mother has gifted Hubs and me with a gold and red Star Trek: TNG uniform hoodie, respectively (cuz he's engineering/tactical and I'm command :) ). The sleeves on the medium Hubs received are a bit to short, and he'd like to exchange it for a large. Mom gives Hubs order info.

Phone call #1 (late December)
Hubs calls RuminateNerd and explains the situation. Customer Service Primate tells him that RuminateNerd does not do exchanges, only returns for gift certificates. Customer Service Primate will email Hubs a return label, and Hubs must mail the hoodie back to RuminateNerd. Once the hoodie has been received, they will email Hubs a gift certificate. Hubs complies.

(Early January)
Hubs has received a gift certificate from RuminateNerd for $29.99. The large gold hoodie is currently back-ordered, but the ones they do have are selling for $49.99.

Phone call #2 (early February)
The large gold hoodie is back in stock, hooray! The price online is now $59.99. Hubs calls RuminateNerd to see if there has been a mistake with the gift certificate, again explaining that all he wants to do is exchange the medium he received as a gift for a large. Customer Service Primate says that there has been no mistake, mom got a smokin' deal when she ordered the hoodie for Christmas.They aren't giving us back any more than she paid. Hubs is frustrated, hangs up and tells me what happened. I tell him that's not right, and he calls again.

Phone call #3 (that same day)
Hubs again explains that all he wants to do is exchange a gift he received that was the wrong size, but that there is now a $30 difference between the amount on the gift certificate and the price of the hoodie. Customer Service Primate says tough bananas.

Phone call #4 (still the same day)
I am finally sick of this nonsense and decide to see if I can get any better results. I call and immediately ask the CSP for a supervisor. She says she needs to get as much info as possible before transferring me to a higher power, so I sigh and tell her the whole story from the beginning. I'll admit that I am a little bit testy as I explain that it is not right for us to have to pay $30 plus shipping just to correct the size on a gift. She apologizes and explains that while RuminateNerd does not do exchanges for regular purchases, they DO in fact do them for gifts. She says it won't be a problem to get Hubs the correct size hoodie, and that she'll even let us keep the gift certificate as compensation for the hassle. I tell her that's very kind, but she doesn't have to do that. We're not looking to get anything extra, we just want the gold hoodie in a large. She insists it's the least that RuminateNerd can do in light of us having had so much trouble trying to do something that should have been simple. I thank her and she confirms all of the details. She even expedites the order so that we will get it in 2 or 3 days. I thank her profusely and hang up, satisfied. Two or three days later, the large gold hoodie arrives. Hubs is gleeful.

(Last Saturday)
Hubs has compiled a small list of things he would like to purchase with his gift certificate to RuminateNerd. He goes online to make his purchase - and is told that the gift certificate had already been used. Twice. We are sad, but it doesn't sit right with me to call and complain because they didn't follow through on the super nice extra thing they didn't have to do and that I had politely refused in the first place. So we spend our hard-earned currency on the items (Hubs had his heart set on them) and have disappointed feelings about RuminateNerd.

Phone call # 5 (Today)
Mom texts me to tell me that Hubs's hoodie has arrived! And it's red. *facepalm* I apologize and tell her I'll try to get her a return label. I call and tell the Customer Service Primate that we have received an extra hoodie and ask her to email Mom with a return label so she can send it back. After my request is processed, I ask to be transferred to a supervisor. I tell the CSP that I find no fault with her, but that this whole thing has been an ordeal and I see some "training opportunities." She complies and I tell the whole story again to the Higher Power. He listens, apologizes, agrees that he needs to "have a word" with the person who started the whole mess, and reinstates our gift certificate. Or so he says.

We shall see.

~Fin ~

02-20-2014, 06:25 AM
:0! Yeesh! What a palaver! I hope it all turns out well...

02-20-2014, 06:46 AM
Assuming this is the site I ordered some stuff from and you're using synonyms. I've not exactly been happy with them myself. My sister's delorean came with a crack in it. I've had 2/4 shirts shrink and one order was outright missing 2 items I'd ordered but still got billed for.

02-22-2014, 12:05 PM
Wow. I order from Ruminate Nerd at least once a month and have never had any of these problems. I'm sorry you went through that.

02-22-2014, 07:46 PM
If "Ruminate Nerd" is the company I'm guessing it is, I wouldn't be surprised if their mascot handled the OP's exchange.:eek:

02-22-2014, 08:21 PM
If "Ruminate Nerd" is the company I'm guessing it is, I wouldn't be surprised if their mascot handled the OP's exchange.:eek:

I would think the mascot would have handled the exchange a lot better than what has happened instead. Wow . . . I'm not sure I'd have as much patience as you did during that whole escapade - and if it were my Mom, she'd have been letting it rip by the 2nd phone call to the company (she has some patience when it comes to dealing with reps on the phone but if she thinks she's being jerked around - watch out! She becomes your worst nightmare and has no care about what she says or how she says it.:eek:)

Hope you get a satisifactory conclusion soon . . . and then I'd be writing a strongly worded letter to the corporate office to let them know exactly what I thought as a customer.