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02-21-2014, 08:38 PM
Local gas station on a major highway, has 3 rows of 3 pumps each that work on both sides (so 18 pumps) and the first and last pump on the far left has diesel, the rest have gas. It has a roof over the whole thing, about 12' high, that ends on the pumps at the far left, so trucks have room to go in the far left side. It has signs on the far left in English, French and pictures that point to the left side 'Trucks' and point to right and say 'Passenger Vehicles'.

When we got there the truck side was full (with a large truck at the first two pumps and a Jetta at the last pump) so I went into the gas station and waited in line to get the keys to the washroom. The lady in line in front of me gets to the front
Lady, handing over her credit card: Full, pump 15
Cashier: I'm sorry, I don't understand
Lady: I'm going to fill up at pump 15
Cashier: Okay, you have to put the fuel in first and then come in and pay
Lady: No, you have to pay first, otherwise the pumps won't turn on (BTW the lady was wrong about this, unless you pay with a card at the pump you pump first, then pay)
Cashier: No, you have to pump the fuel first, otherwise how do I know how much to charge you?
Lady: But the pump won't turn on unless I pay first
Cashier: It will, just lift it, press the button and it's on. If you are at 15 though, you have the VW, that is a truck lane.
Lady, getting angry: Well the other diesel pumps were full. Can I just pay and get out of here?
Cashier: No, you have to put the fuel in first, then come pay. You are going to want to move out of the truck lane though

Lady storms out of there, I get the bathroom key, and off I go.

Come back, just mooching around until the truck is full, and the intercom goes off that talks to the pumps, Cashier sighs and turns it on, it is the same lady

Lady: This nozzle doesn't fit!
Cashier: No, it won't, you are in the truck lane, the nozzle on the car lane is smaller and will fit, you will have to move to the car lane
Lady: Well when I got here those diesel pumps were full!
Cashier: Well one is empty now, you should move over there and it will fit
Lady: Well this is ridiculous, I shouldn't have to move my car, you should do something about this!
Cashier: Okay, well for today you will just have to move to the car lane

And.. fast forward, our truck is fueled, I am waiting in line to pay and return the key when the same lady comes in, working up a full head of steam, and gets in the line next to me, sighing, toe tapping, the works. When she gets to the front she starts in again

Lady: It is ridiculous that the nozzle won't fit, you should do something about that! And having to come in twice to pay is stupid!
Cashier: Well there are signs on the pumps showing which are for trucks and which pumps are for cars, and you really only have to pay the once, after you pump the gas.
Lady: But the car ones were full!!!! It is just stupid to have pumps that don't work!
Cashier: They do work, the pumps in the truck lane are sized for trucks, it is a truck lane. The pumps on the other side are sized for cars, it is a lane for cars.
Lady: Absolutely ridiculous!!! You need a sign for that!! (See above regarding signs, English, French and PICTURES) And having to come in again and pay is just a huge waste of time. Everyone knows you pay first and then pump, you need to make it clearer (If you didn't pick up on the truck lane sign, I don't think they are going to be able to make it clear enough for you. Also the first time I ever saw a gas station where you had to pay first was in Toronto, a few years ago. Everyone doesn't know that)Is there a number I can call about this?!?!
Cashier gives her a card and the lady goes to leave, but gets her parting shot in:
Cashier mumbles under her breath: It's self service bitch - then looks at me like 'Oh shit, did I just say that out loud' as I crack up. :lol:

02-21-2014, 11:33 PM
Did it occur to anyone that the station DELIBERATELY put high-flow (i.e. larger diameter than car diesel) nozzles on the truck lane so that:

1) Trucks could fill up faster (pair of 150 gallon tanks is common)?
2) It WOULDN'T FIT a car, so cars wouldn't block the only lane that trucks could use?

I hope that bitch takes a trip to New Jersey, and the station attendant doesn't realize she has a TDI.:devil:

02-22-2014, 04:04 PM
Wolfie, that requires common sense and logic. You know that stuff is kryptonite to SCs!

And I'd say she got the exact level of service that she deserved, because she gave it all to herself!

02-22-2014, 05:49 PM
Did it occur to anyone ....

My guess it that, yes, it has occurred to everyone except her. But it probably also occurs to most people driving a Jetta that their car doesn't exactly fit the designation of 'Truck' either. Also that the cashier can't spontaneously change the size of the nozzle on the pump no matter how much she gets yelled at over the intercom. No matter how much the customer doesn't want to move her car.

I really think it was her plan to go get gas and get angry about something, anything, there is no other reasonable explanation. I'm a little surprised she didn't yell about the prices while she was at it.

02-22-2014, 07:06 PM
... can't spontaneously change the size of the nozzle on the pump no matter how much they get yelled at...
Who else is extremely grateful not to be "Lady's" boyfriend?

02-22-2014, 07:47 PM
I really think it was her plan to go get gas and get angry about something,

As I mentioned earlier, I'd want her to get GAS.:devil: She'd definitely have something to get angry about.

02-22-2014, 09:05 PM
Who else is extremely grateful not to be "Lady's" boyfriend?

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