View Full Version : At the bank

03-07-2014, 05:16 PM
Today, I went to the bank. The way the bank is set up, you talk to the person at the desk near the entrance, and if he can help you, he will (I've never seen a woman at the desk, which is why I say "he"). If not, he asks you to wait for one of the bankers.

Which is what happened today. I didn't have to wait long before a banker became available, and she took me over to her desk, where I explained what I needed to do. As she was working on my request, a group of people came in. The guy at the entrance was away from his desk, so my banker greeted the head man.

The head man took this as an invitation to tell her why he was there and what he wanted. She cut him off and told him to wait for the guy at the entrance to return. He began to talk again, and I tell you, the way she blew him off was a thing of beauty. She repeated that he had to wait for the guy at the desk to return, and pointed out, "I only said hello."

Ah, gotta love it. :lol: