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Food Lady
03-08-2014, 06:43 AM
I've been back and forth to this place trying to replace my tablet charger, due to some issues with family communication and the fact that it's a knockoff of a knockoff. I guess my point is that at this point I finally had the right specs, was 99% positive they had one, and was on my way to meet friends. I wanted to get in and out.

I walk in to a bunch of customers--no problem; they were there first and I can wait patiently almost anywhere, even the DMV. ;) The staff keeps apologizing, to which I reply that it's no problem; I've been in a bunch of times and it's just been busy this week. A young lady who appears a bit underconfident starts to help me. I assume she may be new. That's ok; she can ask for help if needed. She goes over to the wall o' chargers and asks a woman standing there if she is with me, and she replies she's just looking in the same place I was. So Salesgirl starts looking for a charger for me. She is kind of short and gets a stepstool to see the ones at the top. OK, so far, really no suckage.

At this point the other woman asks Salesgirl if she can see a particular charger up top, as it's hard for the woman, and well, anyone, to see. Then Salesgirl tries to identify what the woman wants and ends up getting snapped at--"I don't know which one fits!" Woman apologizes for interrupting; she just wanted to avail herself of Salesgirl's vantage point at the moment. A small part of me thinks, "If you didn't want to interrupt, why did you?" I just say something like I can't figure out which one is right, either. I let Salesgirl continue to look and walk back to the counter to wait.

Annnd here's the suckage really begins. Salesgirl finds a charger, but is unsure of one of the specs and asks coworker. He tells her it's correct, but to make sure the charger tip will fit my tablet. She takes my tablet over to the display and the woman is leaning over trying to supervise Salesgirl in this endeavor. I am thinking that she had better not touch my tablet.

Finally Salesgirl comes back to me and starts to ring me up. She's asking me all the add-on questions she's supposed to and I'm being polite and nice about it when I realize someone is at my right, slightly behind me, and a bit too far into my space bubble. OK, I'm ignoring that 'cause I'm almost done. Salesgirl's last question is to do with a sale on batteries that ends today. I cheerfully say no thanks, I don't really need any now. And then I hear ia voice and realize it's Salesgirl's shadow when she says, "Well, she's fine now but she'll need 'em later." Um, just no. Don't talk about me while standing behind me. I already said no; why did she have to butt in? So I answer her without looking at her as I'm paying. "Oh, I have rechargeables, so I'll be fine." She backs off. But really, why do I have to justify what I'm not buying? I very gratefully thanked the actual staff and told them they saved my day and left.

03-08-2014, 02:10 PM
"She'll need them later!"
"No thanks, I have a significant other, I don't need a battery-powered friend like that one." :devil:

03-08-2014, 09:45 PM
Aaaaand there goes the thread in to the gutter...

03-09-2014, 04:59 AM
Glad I wasn't the only one who thought that..