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03-29-2014, 03:19 PM
This past fall, my mother had some bushes and a cross tie fence removed from her front yard. She had a lawn service that one of her friends had recommended to plant grass to replace the bushes. When the grass finally grew, the entire patch was covered in purple nettle. That's considered a weed in the US. When she contacted the lawn service to fix their mistake, they wanted to charge her $200. :eek:

She's going to contact another lawn service instead.

03-29-2014, 10:49 PM

Could be worse, though. A few years ago the old bat next door to me had someone come and remove the top layer of her lawn so she could reseed. They managed to jostle the gas pipe that was sticking just the slightest bit out of the ground, and caused a huge gas leak. The gas company had to come, shut down her gas, shut down mine, rip up her entire lawn AND my driveway, to find and fix the link.

I hope your mom finds a company that does better work AND has a decent guarantee.

04-03-2014, 12:10 AM
That is why we're required to call 811 when we're about to dig something. I'm surprised her lawn service didn't do that or ask the neighbor to do that.

04-03-2014, 12:55 AM
Wait a minute...isn't one of the basic steps before planting grass, "apply weed preventative spray/pellets" ...? o_O;

04-05-2014, 06:06 PM
When I read "purple nettle", I thought about this link (http://firstways.com/2011/02/17/purple-dead-nettle-a-weed-good-to-eat/).

Has your mother considered cooking those weeds, instead of just disposing of them?