View Full Version : I've got the warm fuzzies right now...

04-18-2007, 03:44 AM
I've been complimented a lot lately on my writing and attention to detail, but the compliments were mostly from my dad and my uncle, in regards to a letter I wrote to my alma mater, thanking the boss of two guys with the athletic association for all they've done for us (and trying to make them look good ;)).

Tonight I got a similar compliment from a tech. :D He called in a few minutes ago, obviously tired, having been called out to look at something that turned out to be nothing at night, but still in a pretty good mood. We were discussing the fact that he and I both like to be thorough with our notes, as they can come in useful later on. He said "You know, I've worked with you recently, and I remember going back and really being grateful that you helped me with my notes. You helped me figure out what I was trying to say, and it came in real handy later on. So thank you."

Yay me. I'm feeling all happy right now, and I love when techs are sweet, especially given the night I've been having.