View Full Version : partially homeless for the next week or so...

06-12-2014, 10:37 PM
**NOT to make light of homelessness of course**

So, my tenants are moving out :(. Good folks, paid rent on time, hardly heard them (side by side duplex with shared common wall straight down the middle), we basically kept the same hours so we had little disruption.

Well, parents decided that its time to paint....my side included.

After going back and forth over a color for the apartments, having countless people tramp through giving estimates, and arguing with mother over the color of my bedroom....and the stress of finding a new tenant...

Tuesday things finally came around to a head.

-painters are coming on Tuesday to start painting
-new tenant saw the place and wanted it on the spot (will be moving in in late june/early july), and has the rent and deposit all ready to hand over and sign a lease.
-All the paint bought for the apartments and my bedroom.

Now for the homelessness part....remember that thing about the painting of the house?

Everything I own has to come down from the walls, and piled in the middle of the rooms. (since we're only painting walls, trim and ceilings are in good shape.)

So I decided its a good time to do that deep spring clean that I've put off for 6 years >.>

6 bags of trash (and counting) and a poor confused furchild later.....the house is for the most part packed or at least condensed. Breakables are carefully packed in boxes and put in places that are 99.9% unlikely to get broken. I finally went through about 6 years of paperwork and old bills and either filed, shredded, paid, or just plain threw away.

Attached are pictures of the 4 rooms of the house (5 rooms total in the house, the last is the bathroom). these are the before putting back into place, and old wall colors.

Now i get to couch surf with a friend until the painting is done and dry enough for me to move back in.