View Full Version : A cool boss, actually..

07-25-2006, 06:18 AM
So my sis works at a burger joint here in our city. They aren't exactly fast food and they certainly aren't a sitdown place.

Anyhow, they are a bit short staffed this week. It's a family owned place and the owner's sister is on vacation this week. She also said someone else quit. I think she said that there were only 3 people working there today, including herself (she takes the orders, gets drinks, and works the fryers). She said that things were very slow today.

My aunt is visiting from out of state and asked her how she dealt with the impatient customers. My sister said that she usually says something along the lines of "This isn't really a fast food joint. If you want fast food, go to McDonald's. If you can't wait, I don't think you should come here anymore".

The best part? The owner (past and present) totally back the workers up when it comes to that crap.