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01-17-2015, 11:45 AM
Not quite sure where this goes. But after some thought, I think it fits here.

A few weeks ago, while working, I bumped into an old colleague from my previous job at Land of Quid. We got chatting and I found out about some sweet, sweet justice. You're gonna love it.

In the town where I used to work, we had just one Land of Quid. Then, a couple of years after I'd been working there, they opened a bigger, better one. They employed new staff there, but also took some of our staff over there too, so we pretty much all got split up.

I befriended a colleague some time before. We were so close and I can honestly say that she was one of the most loveliest, friendliest people I have ever known. She had a heart of pure gold. But she was also vulnerable. She saw people differently, a bit like me. Like, she didn't see the bad in people, only the good. She was positive and bubbly and everyone loved her.

Anyway, she moved to the bigger store. One of the new supervisors over there turned out to be a horrible bully. Some of the stories I heard about her... well. You might know where this is going. Yeah, she targeted my friend. Relentless bullying, every single day. She'd yell at her in front of colleagues, call her names, everything. My friend cried nearly every day. She hated her job. And I couldn't believe that someone could be this mean to her.

My friend ended up complaining to HR and upper management over at the head office. She had the full support of everyone. Nothing happened about it, and suddenly, this supervisor was worse than ever. She found out that my friend complained. And then, she decided to get her own back on my friend and make up lies and complain that SHE was actually the one bullying HER! The bare-faced liar! I know my friend, and she would NEVER do that.

Anyway, my friend got an instant disciplinary and was also told that bullying and lying was very wrong, and that if she put ONE foot out of line, she'd be out that door. I just couldn't believe what was happening. So, everyone complains about the bully, nothing happens. The bully makes a false complaint about my friend and suddenly my friend is in trouble.

Everyone started a small protest. It did NOT go down too well. There were more disciplinaries, a few got suspended. The supervisor? Oh, she got a promotion. Yep. A few months passed, and things did not get any better. She was STILL going round bullying my friend, but now doing it to almost ALL the staff. She was pretending to be the victim.

They didn't fire her, even though everyone was complaining left right and centre. Instead, they transferred her to the shop I used to work in. Thankfully I'd left long ago, so didn't have to deal with her. And she started bullying again. More complaints ensued and FINALLY someone higher up realised what had been going on, that SHE was a liar and the bully, no one else. She got a disciplinary. Still didn't get fired though!

One day, while the boss was away, she ended up leaving the shop unsupervised, to go and get a spray tan. Yep. Honest truth. She was gone for a long time. When she came back, not only was she nice and bronzed, but had loads of bags with her, so she'd been shopping too. Guess what happened next! Some head honcho from head office was visiting with some other men in suits. The other workers had already told them what she'd done, so they were just waiting for her to come back. She got caught red-handed and fired INSTANTLY.

And that, my friends, is justice. And also, my friend and everyone else who'd got disclipinaries and suspensions, had everything overturned. Told you it had a happy ending! :)

Sapphire Silk
01-17-2015, 02:04 PM
Wow :eek: You found a unicorn!

01-17-2015, 05:18 PM
Professional Darwinism and sweet karma all rolled up in one package!

It's a pity it took this long and something like this to get rid of this jackass. Now is the time for the rank and file to start talking about filing grievances for allowing this to go on as long as it did...

Irving Patrick Freleigh
01-17-2015, 07:37 PM
I am glad she got what was coming to her, but sad that once again, using the HR hotline does not work.

Had she not been so rock-chewingly stupid, she could've continued this act forever, getting other people wrongly disciplined or fired, and just getting slaps on the wrist or transfers when she accumulated enough complaints.

I'll bet the manager of the place was an ineffectual moron too if he/she couldn't get this she-beast in line.