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01-21-2015, 01:13 AM
I don't have many sightings, but here a few in the past couple of years.

One of them happened a couple of weeks ago at the bank. Some guy came in ranting at two female employees about how the bank always screws up or some bullshit. One of the employees said "I don't have to deal with this" and went into the back while another employee took over. And from there.... things actually went like a normal transaction. It was weird, he just started talking about his family and car while they took care of what ever problem he had. What the hell happened?

Another one was at a gas station (I kind of know the owners). I was behind some old biddy came in ranting about how she didn't get her reward points when she paid via credit or something. All the owner could do was tell her to call the corporate number (I think they're a franchise). But she wasn't having it.

Biddy: They will probably just tell me to wait a couple of days while they sort it out.
Owner: Yes, and they will sort it out and you will get your points.
Biddy: So you're saying the only way I can get my points is by calling a number and waiting because of *your* screwup?
Owner: Yes and I'm sorry, but like I said, you'l get your points.
Biddy: Well this is real fucking great! BULLSHIT! (stomps out of the store to her car).

(I'm not even sure it was the equipment that screwed up. It could have very well been her mistake, but seeing a grown woman throw a fit like a 5 year old was something else.)

Those owners get a lot of other strange customers. Several regulars have to purchase 40-50 bucks in lotto tickets a day, taking up to 10 minutes for one transaction. To make it worse, some of them do it over the phone (how that works I don't know). And then there was the guy who came in talking about how Obama wants to blame Ebola on "You" (the owner's Middle Eastern so you can tell where this was going).

And those are just the ones I've seen...