View Full Version : A little suck on both sides

Mr Hero
02-14-2015, 01:56 PM
Probably not the most heinous thing a worker could ever do. I'll chalk it up as a communication error.

I got a New 3DS XL yesterday at Yellow Tag. Great system and something I want to keep protected. I forgot a screen protector. Whoops. My brother is with me at the time says he needs to go to Game Cops, so I figure I'll get a screen protector there.

We're waiting in line and finally it's my turn. If they have any screen protectors for my system. He directs me to a wall where they are at, then helps the next person in line. I go over to where he pointed, and just my luck the metal hanger dealie that holds the packages is locked so that only an employee can access them.

I comment to my brother standing next to me how pointless it was that they sent me over this way only for me to have to get back in line to ask for one. If anyone working there heard me, they didn't make a comment about it. I grab my protection, pay, then leave.