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03-22-2015, 04:51 AM
And I know it's probably been a while since I've had an adventure, but damn, Lupo must have been following me or sent her vibes my way.

Incident the first:

I pull into the parking lot (note this is DaDairyDruid's store, so parking can be hit or miss) and find a decent spot. Decent spot is next to the handicap spots and coming down opposite me is a woman who also looks as if she might be looking for a spot too. I have my signal on intending to take the spot. I'm not sure what the woman is doing, and I start to head towards the spot when she suddenly sharply turns right (her left) into the handicap spot.

She just barely manages to not hit me. I get the spot next to her and get my stuff together (taking the time to bitch to DaDairyDruid via text about the woman). She has no handicap plates, no placard. Nothing to indicate that she does in fact deserve that spot. I'm waiting, bitching to DaDairyDruid to see if she does in fact put anything up.

I get out of my car and go to the cart corral to get a cart when she starts bitching at me. I parked too close to her. Her parking job was abysmal and I told her as such. She counters with I was over the one (nope, I was pretty much center in my spot), and that she's going to call the police. I counter with fine, since she's parking illegally in a handicap spot. She gives me the cat-butt face (TM) and reaches in to get her placard and hangs it up as if she's managed to thwart me.

She then tells me she's going to report me to the store. I told her go right ahead, keeping to myself that half the people there know me and will blow her off. She storms in and last I see her, she's bitching to someone at the customer service counter. Since I wasn't kicked out, I'm pretty sure the people working the counter just ignored her rambling.

Incident the second:

I finally finish my shopping and get into a lane where a woman ahead of me is getting her items on the belt and getting her coupons ready. I later discover this woman is going to commit coupon fraud. The store has a special coupon in this week's ad $10 off $50 or more, or $20 off $100 or more in purchase (excluding milk, alcohol and other items).

The deal is that the special coupon is to be scanned after all other discounts. But this woman insists that this be scanned first. She does not have special coupon. Cashier does. She scans the coupon, then the other coupons. She has a coupon for a buy one get one item free. No problem. A coupon for $2 off when you buy two items. She only has one item and asks if she can just one dollar off. Nope, no can do. So that coupon is ignored.

This continues, the customer arguing and the line getting longer - "But why can't I use that coupon??" until finally those of us in line get tired of the BS and the cashier tells her the total and to go to customer service to fix it. She pays (wasn't even $20 after all was said and done), and leaves.

I get up to the cashier and who should come back but coupon lady, claiming she was overcharged. I look at her and tell her it's my turn, take it to customer service. She calls me a bitch and everyone around her bitches and storms off.

Incident the third:

Once I'm done, the cashier tells me I don't have enough for the coupon. I did, but she was trying to tell me that my food stamp total meant I was under. Even with the milk that was just at $1.67 I was two dollars over the required amount. She tried to tell me that my toilet paper wasn't food. I end up having to go to customer service where they roll their eyes at the cashier's excuse for not using the coupon and give me the $10 in cash for her mistake.

03-23-2015, 05:17 PM
Three sucks in one trip:eek: