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03-27-2015, 06:51 PM
Hubby first met his BFF at a former manufacturing employer years ago. When he got a job with Hubby's employer a couple years ago, it was just meant to be that they worked together. Hubby's BFF was actually promoted to field supervisor before Hubby was even though Hubs had worked for the firm longer, so they seemed to really like him.

He Quit...

A few weeks ago, BFF got a confusing email. A particular client wanted digital copies of the activity logs for the security guards, however the guards at that site did not have phones or other devices to record their logs in digital form, so the supervisors were asked to call the guards so the guards could read their paper logs over the phone and the supervisors could enter it digitally to send to the client (because giving the guards actual devices to do their jobs would make too much sense). As simply as I just explained that, apparently the email was more archaic, because BFF (who is reasonably intelligent and literate) could not understand it.

BFF was actually in the office with the company president/owner (who he is fairly friendly with) and showed him the email, and the company president could not understand the email or explain the task to BFF.

So the next day the Regional Director tried to write up BFF for not doing the task properly. BFF refused to sign the write-up because the instructions he was given were unclear and when he asked for clarification from the company president, the task was still unclear.

So Quality Control Director (immediate supervisor to the field supervisors, aka Hubs and BFF) wanted BFF fired. Ultimately, BFF took a demotion instead to field patrol, but was obviously bitter about the experience.

Since this wasn't the first time the company's shit has stunk, BFF quickly found a position with another firm and gave notice. He posted a nice ranty FB status about it and everything.

Hubs was sad, as he really likes working with BFF.

So he was super confused the other day when he got a text from BFF calling a meeting of the field supervisors.

....and then promoted

As it turned out, Quality Control Director was being investigated for complaints of harassment. This was not the first time he'd been investigated, and previous claims ended up being settled out-of-court, whereupon he was presumably told that harassment was not okay.

He didn't get the memo. The complaint was investigated and the firm was tired of the Director's shit, so upon conclusion of the investigation he was very promptly canned.

Remember how I mentioned that BFF was fairly friendly friendly with the company president? The Director's swift canning meant a swift replacement was needed as they were suddenly short-staffed for that position.

So BFF got a phone call from the company president essentially begging him to come back and actually take over the Quality Control Director's job. BFF thought it over and decided the promotion would look better on his resume than the new job he had taken (which was fairly menial as far as security jobs go), so he came back to the firm.

And that's the story of how Hubby's BFF quit, and then got promoted to be his boss.

03-29-2015, 12:44 AM
That was ... weird. Great, but weird.

03-29-2015, 02:35 AM
Hey, on the plus side, there'll be an intelligent human being in a position of power that can actually *GASP* THINK ABOUT HOW A NEW POLICY WILL WORK IN THE REAL WORLD! Congrats to your hubby's BFF!