View Full Version : Terrible Takeaway

Golden Phoenix
05-03-2015, 04:16 PM
Dh and I went out last night to a Karaoke, and on getting home we decided to get a Takeaway rather than cooking. We had a deal where 5 would get you 10 worth of food but not at our usual place, so we tried a new one. Never again.

BG: I'm on Weight Watchers so I'm careful about what I order.

DH choses a huge kebab with 4 different kinds of meat, salad and sauce in a naan bread. I chose a grilled chicken kebab in a pitta with loads of salad but no sauce (I use my own so I can count the points)

So that's one (name) kebab with garlic mayo and salad, and one grilled chicken kebab in a pitta with salad. Not hard right? Right?

Attempt 1:

I collect. Dh's kebab is fine. He proclaims it rather good.
Mine is a lamb kebab...er no.
I go back, they re-make.

Attempt 2:
I get it home (less than 1 minute's walk)
It is now a chicken tikka kebab.
I go back.

Attempt 3:
I check it at the store.
Right chicken, salad, in a naan.

Attempt 4:
Right chicken, right bread, no salad
Ask for salad

Attempt 5:
I have salad now, but they've added a *ton* of garlic mayo.

Attempt 6:
It's right! Praise the deities.

I go home, DH thinks I got lost. Add my own sauce and enjoy.

Total time: An hour and 50 minutes. It's well after midnight.

It wasn't even that nice. :(