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05-06-2015, 02:34 AM
This was the weirdest shit ever.

Last week, my family went to Montana's... me, my parents, my two sisters, our in-laws and 3 kids. We arrived early so easy to get a table. Anyhow, my parents had taken my sister's dogs out to try to wear them out a little - Chihuhua/poodle mix puppies, yipes - and they left them in the car.

I would consider the weather that day ideal for leaving a dog in a car. A sweater or jacket was required to walk around in the brisk, cold breeze but it wasn't freezing. And apparently someone agrees but just HAS to point out that it's not always like that. :lol: So they left a note on mom's car saying that while the dogs are okay TODAY, she should know how QUICKLY cars can heat up and dogs can die! And they signed it, 'A Concerned Veterinarian."

I still think we should scan it and post it on Passive Aggressive Notes. We all got a huge laugh out of it, although mom was a little offended. :D She loves dogs and is always very careful with them.

05-06-2015, 02:04 PM
At least they didn't do what happened to my friend. It was a cool day like you described (in March or April I believe), and she rolled down the windows a bit and parked in the shade. She was gone for 10 minutes, maybe 15 tops, and when she got back her dog was gone. She'd rolled down the windows far enough someone reached in, unlocked her car, took her dog, and left a note saying her dog was overheating and that the person was taking it to the humane society. Even though the police agreed that friend's car was a perfectly reasonable temp, she still had to pay a huge fee to bail out her dog.

Locally at least, all the cops have thermometers in their car, so unless I ever see a dog in absolute immediate distress I'd call them let them determine the more questionable calls. That's their job.

I absolutely cannot leave my dog in the car for even five minutes. Even if the car is cool and the outside is cool and I'm literally just running in to grab a pre-ordered pick-up dinner and run out, my dog will climb up in the back window to find that sunny spot, plop out, and happily pant away. He'll be fine, but it looks so bad that I just can't go anywhere with him! He does the same thing in the living room and the backyard, but in the car it looks so much worse omg!

05-06-2015, 02:06 PM
Wouldn't that be theft if the police thought the temp was fine?

05-06-2015, 04:46 PM
Opening up a LOCKED car to remove contents (dogs) is still breaking into a car. Civil and criminal charges still apply.

05-06-2015, 10:03 PM
I'm assuming the humane society didn't get any information from the person dropping-off the animal, or wouldn't release it. Some people are far too righteous.

05-06-2015, 10:18 PM
one year in our travels we stopped to visit my mother in law in Connecticut in very early spring (read: still snow on the ground in some places). it was, unfortunately, a cold wet rainy day, but not like sub-zero or anything... just.. unpleasant. ma-in-law lived in an apartment complex that didn't normally allow dogs, and we were hauling our rig (a 1964 Airstream at the time) so we stopped in the office and explicitly got permission to 1. park the truck and trailer in an unused area of the parking lot, and 2. have our dog on the premises as long as she was not brought into the apartment and we cleaned up any "deposits" she made. Said dog is short-haired, and a total wuss, so she had a doggie jacket on to stay warm. she had a large waterproof bag full of her food open on the seat, and her water bowl on the floor, and every hour (give or take a few minutes) we went out and ran the truck for a few minutes to warm up the interior.

one of the complex residents took it upon themselves to call animal control about our "poor abused pup" and one of the times i walked out to the truck for it's hourly warm up, there was a AC truck and a cop car... and the officers were all clustered around my truck like they were about to do... something...

i come running up with my husband and we're like "what's going on?"
AC officer says: this dog is being abused left in this truck like this, we're taking it
us: WHAT? no. what have we done wrong?
ACO: dog has no food or water.
us: *points to the food and water on the seat and on the floor*
ACO: it's cold
us: that's why she has a coat on, and we've been starting the engine every hour to make sure it doesn't get too cold.
ACO: we've been out here for an hour and we didn't see you
us: well you must have come right after the last time we warmed the truck.
ACO: the door is locked
us: well duh. we don't want anyone messing with our dog *meaningful glare*
ACO: well... dogs aren't allowed in this apartment complex...
us: which is why we got permission first.
police officer: you all were leaving today, right? this is just a visit, correct?
us: yes sir, we shouldn't be much longer
PO: alright. well... just be sure you're out of here tonight. have a nice day.

yeah yeah... have a nice day... f*** you very much.

i know that at first glance just coming up and seeing a dog in a truck like that on a cold day, it looked like typical a$$hole owners, but if they'd bothered to LOOK in the truck instead of immediately calling the cops to come out and slim jim my truck they might have caught a clue that we weren't leaving her out there to starve or freeze. we love our dog (well, dogs plural now, but at the time we only had 1) as family...

Irving Patrick Freleigh
05-07-2015, 09:22 AM
Opening up a LOCKED car to remove contents (dogs) is still breaking into a car. Civil and criminal charges still apply.

Yeah, but how do you find out who actually did the deed?

I'm all for calling the authorities if I think there's an animal in a vehicle in distress, but it take an overdeveloped sense of justice to remove the animal from the vehicle yourself.

05-07-2015, 03:14 PM
I'm all for calling the authorities if I think there's an animal in a vehicle in distress, but it take an overdeveloped sense of justice to remove the animal from the vehicle yourself.

But, but, but on Facebook a couple years ago, I 'liked and shared' a picture saying it was LEGAL to bust into someone's car to rescue an animal as long as you left a note :rolleyes: