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05-07-2015, 04:06 PM
Aria's thread about leaving animals in the car reminded me of this story. I'm not sure what category it fits best in so I'm going to just leave it here. *sets thread down gingerly and runs off*

I'm actually chatting with the friend this is about (I'll call her J) now on Facebook to make sure I get the details right, so it should be good.

BG: J works at a chain pet store in Florida, in a not-very-nice area of her city. The shopping center parking lot is often used to park cars that the owners are selling, and they have their own row in one of the (otherwise) unused corners of the lot.

As J was leaving on one rather cold January evening, she had to walk past the "used car lot" to get to her car. There was a green car sitting there that had been there for about a week, but since the lot usually wasn't so full that she had to park over by the cars for sale, she hadn't paid much attention to it.

J got in her car, started the engine, and as she passed the green car, she saw a furry little head pop up in the side window. She drove back over to her store (faster than walking, you know) and got her large-tattooed-man-who-loves-fluffy-things manager. He wrapped his arm in his jacket and busted the window while J called the police.

It turned out that someone had left a pregnant momma dog in the car when they left it, and she had had her puppies sometime while she was stuck in the car. The person who left the car had been "kind" enough to leave a giant bag of dog food in the backseat, along with a now-empty water dish. From J's account, the car smelled worse than some of the animals she had encountered (she had volunteered at a rescue for a while and helped bathe animals rescued from hoarders, and she says they tend to absorb the smell of the home they lived in).

J and the manager were inside, trying to get the poor critters warm and giving Momma Dog food and water when two officers showed up. J and her manager walked out to the car with the officers to give their statements, leaving the critters in the care of a coworker.

You guys aren't going to believe this, the story gets better.

THE OWNER OF THE CAR SHOWED UP. ... 3" nails did up all nice, skinny jeans with enough slits cut in them that there's more material missing than actually there, and the obligatory leopard print, sparkly tube top (not even kidding, J says it's the only reason she can remember what she looked like so well). She went off on J (who is short and round, which makes her look as far from intimidating as possible), screaming, "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE YOU LITTLE PUNK A-- B---- BREAKING MY G--D--- WINDOW? I'LL SUE YOU FOR-"

Then she noticed the two police officers and Manager. She tried to negotiate her way out of the situation, saying it wasn't her car, it was her brother's, it was stolen from her yard, no wait she was shopping at Walmart and it was taken from the parking lot. Eventually, she was arrested, and J knows she served some time but not how much or even if she's out.

J adopted one of the puppies (there were four total), and Momma Dog and another of the puppies were adopted by Manager. The other two puppies were adopted out and J still sees them from time to time, when the owners bring them into the store. Happy endings all around (except for ghetto lady,of course).

05-07-2015, 04:23 PM
I'm glad there's a happy ending here!:D