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05-09-2015, 10:45 AM
Crazy neighbor?

So yeah. I have this weird neighbor in my building who always looks shady. Weird smells come out of his apartment, and his car is always filled to the top with trash, I don't know how he drives. We have bins in the laundry room, and his is always filled with junk so that it overflows to the others. He also likes to park with his radio booming, doors open so the whole neighborhood shakes. But I'm not going to talk about that.
He has the parking space next to mine. Now, we all have our own parking spaces, numbered so that everyone has a space. So I get home and what do I see? His car in it.
I wait for an hour, thinking that maybe he's parked there for a few minutes, and he'll leave soon. Nope. So I knock on his door and get no answer. The manager says to call the towing company if this ever happens, so I do. Very reluctantly, they agree to pick it up...in an hour. Oh great -_-

So I'm waiting and waiting and instead of the towing company I see--HIM! He gets in his car annnnd....doesn't move. SO finally I go up to him and knock on his window.
"Excuse me, I think you're in my spot." I say ever so politely.
After a few moments arguement, he looks around and sees that he is indeed. Without even a sorry or bye he speeds off, nearly hitting me in the process! I mean he is probably going 30 in a 15 mph zone! What a piece of work!
So I call off the towing company (they seemed very relieved) and park finally. Everything's good until I leave to go to work the next day, and what do I see?
No, not his car again....TRASH. Piles and piles of trash on my spot, it looked like a few bags had exploded on it. Just old bottles and papers and wrappings.
Now, I have no proof since I wasn't there, and there is no cameras or anything. But I think it's funny in a strange way that this happens right after I tell the messy neighbor to buzz off form my space. And since then (this happened a few months ago) I've been seeing weird dents and trash everywhere beside my car. Really strange.
But at least it's tapered off now. If it was him, what a weirdo!:rant:

05-11-2015, 06:30 PM
:eek:Tell me the management is aware of his behavior.
I had a crazy neighbor who would pound on the wall yelling--mostly the one we shared:rolleyes: at all hours of the night. Her lease was not renewed.