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05-25-2015, 08:54 AM
So this is a campus story and i had a hard time trying to decide where to put this so if it should be here or else where i am posting it here because it was about one of my classmates but i decided since we where A) in a basically a coffee shop and B) this was a situation i had to interact with classmates on a face to face bases and couldn't just stand up and walk out, or risk losing my good grade in class it was more of sighting.

So quick background-
I am going back to school to get my bachelors in education after years of realizing i like training/teaching and i like kids and like interacting with people in moderate sized groups. Before i could get into any program i had to fill out my already achieved credits with a few pre-ed classes one of which was a children literature and literacy class. In which we had 19 books we where suppose to have, 1 textbook and 18 children's books with 3 each for 6 different sections of topics. We are talking about poverty, ability and disability, immigration ect. Each one of these topics also was to have a group presentation about the subject, with activities, resources, statistics we as teachers will face and a list of other books we could provide our students besides the ones we had to read for class.

so the story!-

so the first day of class we get the list of topics with their presentation date. I wanted to do poverty but it was within like 6 weeks of class starting and i knew i wouldn't have a lot of time to research books with my work schedule and class load until a bit later in the semester. so i looked down the list and decided my best bet was the topic that i automatically had a list of books we could mine for chooses and i was already hating some... ok only 1 book we had to read for it; gender and sexuality. It was about month after spring break meaning we could not talk until then and still do ok.

So before spring break i wanted to set up a meeting time so we could get it over and done with fast with some time for changes. I was blown off. After spring break we set up a meeting for the next monday so we could do stuff.... and they ditch me/don't show up/forgot. fine what ever. We finally figure out he one time we can meet up and be sure im not the only one there, contemplating writing the whole damn thing myself and just assigning roles is two hours before class 1 week before its due. They can also meet on sunday, when im at work.

So we meet, we talk about what we want to do for our stuff. I suggest a variety activities which all get shot down without any other suggestions to replace them (and that sunday when im not there becomes... the exact activity we already know the teacher is going to do the next class.... i did not hid my displeasure). We can't decide on video we will show because i want to do a quick 4 minute video just doing a basic rundown of how sex, gender, sexuality and sexual expression are all completely different and how they can be expressed, they wanted a 19 minute short that they knew we could not show the whole thing of.(again without me there to have any opinion they went with one of those nauseating what would you do? segments that make me happy i cut the cable) and last but not least we get to the talking about statistics and books.

So as we where trying to decide if we wanted to put in stuff about how to approach subjects one of the girls in my group asks a question.

Girl 1- Should we do something about what to do if we find out one of our students is gay?
Me- I really think that might be a bit to long because it would be subjective to situation. You may find out this because their are being teased or something like that, or it just may come up and no one really cares.
Can't-believe-she-wants-to-teach-kids- Well obviously they would be getting bullied
Me- ......You know not all gay kids get bullied right? Kids are bullied for a lot of things and not only because they are gay and sometimes gay kids are popular.
Seriously-Can't-believe-she-wants-to-teach-kids- I don't believe its possible in this day and age that a kid who identifies as gay isn't being bullied or teased for being gay.
Me- (The Fuck You Said face)
Now people who know anything about me knows im gay. I may not be one of those people who feel the need to carry a sign that says 'yes im gay woohoo' but i also don't care if people know or not and will happily tell people who want to know. Ok... i may sometimes wear a shirt that says []gay []straight [X] Wibbly-woobly sexy-wexy... anyways these people know im gay. If my constant rants about the stupid alex sanchez (may he lose the ability to understand language and never inflict another crappy book on the world) book we had to read weren't enough i would happily tell them.
Me- You know I was never teased or bullied for being gay.
Can't-Believe-she-wants-to-teach-human-children-Well where you out in school
Me- (looks at my very butch self and the fact she knew i was gay without me telling her and glares at her) As out as you can be when you don't care if anyone knows or not. People get bullied for many different things. I had clumsiness, my weight, and a sexual harassment charge on a popular guy to be the focus of bulling.
Obviously-doesn't-want-my-hate-fire-focused-on-her-anymore-and-seriously-human-living-children-you-want-to-teach-them- so.... um... what books where we thinking about presenting.

Yeah...... so at the end of the year we had to present 20ish books in a subject of our choice as a text set we would teach from. Her set? Gender and sexuality. I hope she winds up teaching gerbals or in really heavily gay community so she learns something.

As you can tell this was not a possitive working or education experience.

05-28-2015, 01:59 AM
*gives you cookies* Some folks are impossible. :mad: