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Little Retail Rabbit
05-27-2015, 10:47 AM
"Oh for god's sake!"

(No spoilers, don't worry, but yes, he does say that).

Suck from other customers and from employees also.

So after a very bad weekend, my boyfriend decided to treat myself and our best friend to seeing Age of Ultron. BF and I had already seen it, but our friend had not, and BF has a Cineworld Unlimited Card- so for a flat rate that he pays monthly, he gets to go to the cinema whenever he likes. As our friend and I were both broke, he very kindly paid for both of our tickets. Ok, so he didn't have to pay for his own, but it did mean he paid the best part of 20.

So we get into our screen, get settled in, and during the last few trailers (which as a real movie buff, BF anticipates almost as much as the film) a group of young men, I would say early 20s, all come in. At least 5 of them I think. They sat on the same row (back row) from us, a few seats along, and are having an extremely noisy conversation (over a bloody Mad Max trailer, to give an idea of their loudness). As they sit down, one of them takes out his phone and makes a call. BF and I exchange looks- oh well, at least its only the trailers right? Some people like to get all their annoying talking out in the trailers...

Any of you who have seen Age of Ultron knows that it gets stuck in straight away, but after a couple of minutes of watching the Avengers being awesome, I realised they had started talking again. Loudly. Not the odd mutter or comment, but a full blown fucking conversation. They clearly had no idea what was going on in the movie because they were laughing over dialogue but not laughing over the hilarious and witty one-liners that got everyone else laughing. Seriously, you'd think they'd sat down in the fucking Wetherspoons down the road instead of a cinema.

I very loudly hissed a SSSSSHH! to which one of them made a mocking "meemeemee!" noise but for a couple of minutes they were quiet. But only for a couple more. I turned to my BF and whispered "I'm giving them 10 more minutes and then I'm going to get someone." Last time I had something like this happen was admittedly in a Vue cinema, not a Cineworld, but I assumed that the procedure Vue told me would still be the same- they told me to come and get them to deal with disruptive patrons.

I didn't even give them 2 more minutes from that because they got even louder. I was very tempted to go over and give them all a solid beating (I was wearing steel-plated boots <.< ) but I cracked my fists, got up, and left the screening.

Enter employee suck.

I step out, and look around. No one. I step out into the lobby, and I see one small, round young woman leaning on a counter. I said "Excuse me, there are some boys in screen 6 who are being disruptive."

"Oh, in what way?"

"Talking very loudly over the film, using their phones, they clearly aren't even paying attention because they're not even laughing at the funny bits. They are just having a full blown conversation, using their phones and being really loud. They're on the back row a couple of seats from us and they are being very rude and disruptive, and I'd like them to be removed."

She started to fob me off straight away. "Oh well I'm going to be doing the rounds in a minute and if they're doing anything I'll sort it out."

"And if I have to come back out again? My boyfriend paid a lot of money for us to watch this film and its being spoiled. I've even asked them to be quiet myself."

"Well, as I say, I'll be doing the rounds, I'll be wearing black so they won't see me. If they're still being a bit noisy I'll do something about it."

She had the demeanour of someone who clearly had NO intention of doing anything. I ended up repeating myself a little, and I hope I didn't seem sucky myself, but I've been told this is what you do when someone is being so disruptive at the cinema. She was small and clearly meek in manner, I had my doubts as to how she would be able to "do something about it" when she seemed very lacking in, um, authority, even if she felt so inclined to try to assert it.

Anyway, I return to my seat where the little fuckwads were still nattering away. BF told me that while I was gone, one of them had dropped something on the floor so he obviously had to take his phone's torch and used it to look for it. The dumpy staff member did indeed turn up, but the little twats clocked why she was there (so much for "they won't see me") and hushed up! Typical!

But then a few minutes later, they dumped their snacks on the floor and just walked out on their own accord!

Nice to know that in this fragile economy, where some of us are really struggling to pay for bills (and my BF is having to help me out because I've just lost my job ) there are some people doing well enough that they can waste so much money eh?:rolleyes:

The rest of the film was completely undisturbed, my friend enjoyed it immensely, but my BF is conflicted...as a massive geek and film-lover, he's not sure whats more offensive; talking through the Avengers, or walking out on the Avengers?:eek::p

But in seriousness, I'm considering complaining to management. I don't believe my complaints were taken seriously, the woman was spotted almost instantly upon her entrance to the screening and I highly doubt she was going to do more than just sit there. To be fair to her as well, she should have had support from other staff as well. And my friend used to work at this same cinema and she said that (according to the policy) upon hearing that the morons were using their phones in the screen, they should have come straight in, in case they were using it to record the film :/

05-27-2015, 02:25 PM
I would definitely report it. Phrase it in such a way that you're assuming how the employee handled it was theater policy and that 'if this is how you handle these problems, I will be spending my money at a theater that has more respect for its patrons and doesn't allow a few bad seeds to spoil everyone else's movie'. Because I certainly wouldn't keep going there...plenty of other places.

05-27-2015, 02:40 PM
I'd say to give yourself a day or so to calm down and worry about other things (after all, you already have the facts of the matter recorded here). Then, write up a letter to Management (or whatever) in a polite, calm manner -- after all, being the rational party makes you more believable. I would scan in your ticket stubs (if you still have them) and attach them to the email or snailmail in order to establish an undeniable location and time, as I have no doubt that they will be able to ID the usher to have a chat, if need be.

As for the "invisible usher" -- Doesn't matter if your *clothes* are all black, your head/hands/hair are still a dead giveaway...

05-28-2015, 09:08 AM
well, definitely say something. But if she is the one who has to clean the theatres in between showings, at least them dumping the snacks would be a funny bit of karma over it.

Android Kaeli
05-29-2015, 10:03 PM
I would say something as well.

A few movies or so ago, I think it was Jupiter Ascending, there was a group of five or so women that sat behind me and one of them had brought her young child (the kid couldn't have been older then 2). Most of the movies I go to are loud, this was no exception in some parts -- the kid was crying five minutes into the movie and the women were talking rather loudly as well.

I was not the only person who told them to shut up and please take the kid out, nothing happened. After a few more minutes I turned to them and not so politely (and not so quietly, either) told them to take their [bleep]ing kid out and please shut the [bleep] up so I could watch the [bleep]ing movie in peace. One woman gave me a nasty look while another took the kid out, didn't see the kid come back in nor did the other four women talk for the rest of the movie.

05-30-2015, 12:18 AM
"Oh for god's sake!"

(No spoilers, don't worry, but yes, he does say that).

Completely off-topic...
I haven't seen "Ultron" yet, but is it wrong that I was immediately rooting for Ultron simply because it's James Spader in the role? And I can totally hear him saying that line in my head.

05-30-2015, 06:04 PM
... the women were talking rather loudly as well.
:no: I just don't understand that mindset. You're paying $10 or so each to go to a movie, then you spend the time ignoring the movie so you can talk to your friends?! Go to a public park, they're free, you can talk all you want and you won't have anyone shushing you! :rolleyes:

Monterey Jack
05-31-2015, 02:18 AM
Saw Age Of Ultron again tonight...the two women next to be were my least-favorite kind of people to sit next to in a theater, The Overreacters. You know, those people who have clearly NEVER SEEN A MOVIE BEFORE, so anything even remotely amusing, startling or emotional must be met by a flurry of giggles, gasps, and "Awww!"s. :mad: One of the women actually started punching the air during the Iron Man/Hulk fight, and I was thinking, "What are you, six?!" I can understand getting swept up by a great movie, but seriously...keep it to yourself.

05-31-2015, 08:55 AM
my gf can't keep quiet when watching TV, will always ask me questions like, "Why did that happen?" as if I know more - and she gets pissed off when I point to the TV and say, "Watch and find out"

But at the cinemas she's even quieter than I am, it's common sense really.

05-31-2015, 02:12 PM
They probably didn't pay for tickets.

But then, even when me and a friend did some epic theater-hopping (seeing something like five movies in one day) we didn't talk during the movie. Not even the three or four times we popped in on Guilty as Sin right at the end.

05-31-2015, 03:15 PM
But then, even when me and a friend did some epic theater-hopping (seeing something like five movies in one day) we didn't talk during the movie.

From context, I assume "theater-hopping" means buying a ticket for one movie, then when it ends going to other theaters in the multiplex to watch other movies without buying tickets.

If so, you and your friend were smart - talking during the movie would be a way to attract the attention of theater staff when you didn't have a ticket for that movie.

With the economics of theater operation nowadays, I wouldn't be surprised if management turned a blind eye to "hoppers" who bought fresh snacks at the concession stand before going to each of their "hopped" movies - the theater makes virtually nothing from the box office (almost all goes to the distribution company) and gets their profits from concessions.

06-01-2015, 01:40 AM
...the two women next to be were my least-favorite kind of people to sit next to in a theater, The Overreacters. You know, those people who have clearly NEVER SEEN A MOVIE BEFORE, so anything even remotely amusing, startling or emotional must be met by a flurry of giggles, gasps, and "Awww!"s. :mad:
Sounds like the Pepperpots (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhnJru5HZlU) from John Cleese's How to Irritate People.

06-01-2015, 03:50 AM
Al and I don't go to movie theaters. We actually like to talk about the movie while it is playing...so we don't go, we wait until we can see the movie in the privacy of our own home, so we can chat all we like and not bother anyone.