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06-11-2015, 12:45 AM
Black Friday Crap
At the first mall I worked at (while attending university), I almost stepped in someone's poop (it was tiny) in a department store's bathroom stall near the toilet on Black Friday. Their bathroom was the closet one to my kiosk. When I finished my business, I informed a male sales associate of "the mess". Judging by his reaction, I didn't have to elaborate.

At the same mall as above (while still attending university), TWC has a kiosk in the vicinity of the public bathrooms and of a store that sells furniture for teen bedrooms. The kiosk has two computers for mall patrons to use and surf the internet. During a break, I go over and use the computer, reading a news article on my university's website. A woman walks by me, taps me on the shoulder, says "[name of store that sells furniture for teen bedroom] there", and continues walking by. One, I was on my university's - not the store's - website. Two, I was looking at a news article, not furniture. Three, my university classes had already started, and the dorm I was living in had furniture provided except for TV's, mini-fridges, and sofas.

06-11-2015, 04:35 PM
I'm gonna add another sighting at the same mall, which had a fountain by the main entrance. I was sitting by the fountain, and a young guy approaches me asking me if I wanted a dime. He was asking if I wanted crack/marijuana not money. He must have had big balls to ask me that in a PUBLIC place. I didn't report him to the police because I'm bad at remembering peoples' faces.